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With over 10 years of brilliant supply of our Aluminum products, we are a brand well-recognized for our brilliant productions.

We make high-quality Aluminum Threaded Pipes that you can use at your home for sewage pipes, at the office for air compressed systems, at the industries for shelving, and at the manufacturing places for plumbing.

Generally, we manufacture top-selling Aluminum products at your order for the use of household and merchandise purposes. 

We prepare Aluminum Threaded Pipes by following your directions and preferences.

Furthermore, we give a Minimum Quantity Benefits with your orders so that you can invest in our products at discounted prices.

Feel free to utilize the opportunity of customized orders.

Classification of Aluminum Threaded Pipe

.Standard-wall Threaded Aluminum Pipe.

Standard-Wall Aluminum Threaded Pipe

These Aluminum Threaded Pipes are made with a smooth inner surface for a non-resistant flow. Despite their thinner texture, they have huge strength for holding maximum pressure.

Thick-wall Aluminum Threaded Pipe

This type of Aluminum Threaded Pipe has extra thick walls that is used for high-pressure applications. Furthermore, it has a smooth inner side for an irresistant flow.

Thick-wall Aluminum Threaded Pipe.
3.Axial Aluminum Threaded Pipe.

Axial Aluminum Threaded Pipe

The tapered design of this Aluminum Threaded Pipe improves its stuffiness. The link on both ends is called the replacement steering link and the rear lower link.


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LW Aluminum Threaded Pipes- Advantages

Low installation costs

Aluminum is a lightweight metal and therefore of low costs too. An Aluminum Threaded Pipe is easily installed in a setting. Less force is required to join the parts together so, there is less labor involved.

Minimize system leaks

The Aluminum Threaded fittings on the internal surface lock with the other pipes which saves the Aluminum Threaded Pipe from leakage.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is molded under pressure which gives it a smooth outer surface that is strong and corrosion-free in marine, urban and industrial settings.


It is comparatively a lightweight metal used in Aluminum Threaded Pipes. It is a preferred metal for plumbing purposes.

Improved Air Quality

The durability and long-lasting quality of Aluminum Threaded Pipes add to the environmental aesthetics.

Water Distribution

The different outlets of the Aluminum Threaded Tube transport water using gravity. Therefore, the water quality is preserved.

Aluminum Threaded Pipe

A Premium Aluminum Threaded Pipes Maker

Some other specifications of our Aluminum Threaded Pipes are the following:

  • Good binding in Fully Threaded Aluminum Pipes

Aluminum to Aluminum Threaded Pipe fittings binds together permanently forming a secure and leakage-free system for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be used in plumbing, railings, and compressed air systems. 

  • Threaded on both ends 

The Aluminum Threaded Pipes with fittings on both ends can be connected to different outlets for a vast transport of water such as in gardening pipes.

  • Adaptors in variety

The Threaded Aluminum Pipe adaptors are used for binding two pipes. The seal formed as a result is leakage free.

  • Nipples

The small threaded Aluminum pipes called Nipples are small joints for connecting two passages for water distribution or connecting the ends of racks and railings.

Numerous Applications of Aluminum Threaded Pipes

Effective Water Distribution.
Effective Water Distribution
Temperature and Pressure Resistant
Uninterrupted compressed Air Delivery
Thermostat Housing
Hydraulic Hose Fitting
Machining Parts For Mechanical Products.
Machining Parts for Mechanical Products
Adaptor for Plumbing
Aluminum Threaded Pipe manifold fittings for plumbing
Aluminum Threaded Pipe Nipple for Plumbing.
Aluminum Threaded Pipe Nipples for Plumbing
Aluminum Threaed Pipes In Railings.
Aluminum Threaded Pipes in railings
Industrial shelves.
Industrial shelves

Customized Aluminum Threaded Pipes

Our products including Aluminum Threaded Pipes are manufactured in disinfected surroundings because we care about our customers’ health.

The lightweight and corrosion-free properties of our purely manufactured Aluminum Threaded pipes call for its popularity among retailers.

The variety of pipes for different purposes calls the attention of the market.

We consider your needs of shelving water and air for indoor and outdoor requirements. Therefore, we hire top-notch engineers to work on your Aluminum Threaded Pipes. We help you in your business projects with the aid of our business entrepreneurs when you invest in our products.

As professional Aluminum Suppliers, we recommend after-sale service to your business.

Aluminum tubing is easily adjusted in difficult-to-install settings. This faster connection redeems low acquisition costs.

You would be able to find our Aluminum in various sizes, shapes, and colors. 

The shapes and sizes are customized in diversity. Therefore, our R & D department customize our products according to your preferences. 

We are a one-stop shop for offering designs for your Aluminum equipment and fulfilling your Aluminum requirements. 

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