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Aluminum is the lightest material and easiest to take care of. Choose your roof rack with a traditional roof rack, but only carries up to a certain weight capacity, can be expensive.

However, aluminum tire racks are cost-efficient and long lasting. With it’s high-grade design and intricate details, they rival their competitors in durability and performance.

You can count on us to achieve all your custom specifications as we believe that each and every one of our clients have unique needs that we are destined to take and handle.

The aluminum tire-rack supports short or long radius tires with no problem. They are also compatible with most vehicle manufacturers; it doesn’t matter if you want to install them on sports cars or minivans

Aluminum Tire Rack

Aluminum tire racks are an excellent way to protect your expensive wheels and tires from being damaged when you’re traveling.

Aluminum tire racks provide added protection for your bike, plus it is lightweight and easy to carry. Aluminum Tire Rack is a great way to keep your bike secure when loading and unloading it from the vehicle.

The aluminum tire rack lets you quickly and easily secure your bike with a strong, sturdy design that will help protect your vehicle’s paint, finish and tire brand.

The durable tubular aluminum construction and reinforced mounting brackets give this rack its strength so it can support even the heaviest of bikes.

Aluminum Tire Rack


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Rolling Aluminum Tire Rack
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Flip Up Aluminum Tire Rack
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Bunkerwall Aluminum Tire Rack

LW: Aluminum Tire Rack Expert

We are a reliable aluminum tire rack company.

We are a reliable aluminum tire rack company that can provide the best products at affordable prices. We help you to achieve all your aluminum tire rack needs by offering personalized and customizable options for your aluminum tire racks that you purchase from us. If you need something more than what the standard aluminum tire racks can offer typically in the market.

Our aluminum tire racks are the most cost effective in the market.

Our Aluminum tire racks are the most cost effective, lightweight and durable way to get your tires on display. These 5-piece racks come in pairs, mounted to an 18 x 25 inch frame, which you can assemble yourself using our fully illustrated instructions or purchase pre-assembled.

Premium quality materials only.

Our Aluminum Tire Racks are lightweight, and incredibly strong. They are durable, and can support heavy loads of up to 700lbs. With ease of installation and minimal maintenance required, they are the perfect option for any truck rack application. Moreover, our aluminum tire racks are made from high-quality materials that ensure nothing but longevity for your aluminum tire racks you won’t even have to worry about daily maintenance!

We make sure to be Earth-friendly!

Aluminum is the most-recycled material in the world, which means we find ourselves with an abundant supply of recycled aluminum. We are committed to using this material responsibly and efficiently, which includes producing a durable aluminum tire rack that our customers can rely on as they do their own maintenance.

Aluminum Tire Rack

Why You Should Utilize An Aluminum Tire Rack

Ensured maximum strength and durability all the while minimizing weight.

Aluminum tire racks are constructed from all-aluminum, ensuring maximum strength and durability while minimizing weight. These racks are extremely resistant to corrosion and rust, making them ideal for outdoor use. Safely hold your tire and be well at ease knowing that your aluminum tire rack won’t go through much trouble or damage even when used outside!

Less cost but better quality and durability.

An aluminum rack doesn’t cost as much as a wooden one, weighs less, and is made from aluminum which means it isn’t going to splinter like wood. Aluminum also doesn’t rust or rot in odd weather conditions. At the end of the day, aluminum racks are likely safer for you and your vehicle or trailer than metal or wood racks!

Common Aluminum Tire Rack Applications

Aluminum Tire Rack for SUVs
Aluminum Tire Rack for Trucks
Aluminum Van Cabinets for On The Go Kitchens
Aluminum Tire Rack for RVs
Aluminum Tire Rack for Bikes

LW: Aluminum Tire Rack Expert

Aluminum is a very sturdy material that can withstand the elements.

It is lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant. Aluminum Tire racks are also aesthetically pleasing because they are generally made from aluminum, which is a more visible color than black or gloss black.

Better performance from your vehicle with Aluminum Tire Rack. Increase traction and handling, keep your wheels clean.

Aluminum Tire Racks are crafted from durable, lightweight aluminum that’s punched, drilled and formed into the necessary shapes for mounting bikes and tires.

Easy to install and dismount due to its sturdy construction. Great for mountain biking, road biking, touring bikes or any other regular “bicycle”-type bike you can think of!

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