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LW Aluminum toolbox Production Company

Our company manufactures these amazing Aluminum tool boxes for different storage purposes. Theses Aluminum tool boxes can be used for a very long period of time as aluminum is a very light weight natural metal yet a strong one.

Aluminum chest boxes are best use for storage of different tools in any truck or bus, can be used as a CD player box and most commonly as jewelry storage boxes also .

The size of these tool box usually comes in 24 inches specially designed as truck tool storage boxes. When it comes to size you will also find 24x24x60 Aluminum tool boxes for truck bed, it is also use for the storage in truck. You will also find our 60 inches single cover Aluminum toolbox.

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Classification of Aluminum toolbox

crossover aluminum tool box

Crossover Aluminum toolbox

The very first type of our Aluminum toolbox is crossover tool box or chest box. It is specially designed for truck bed and can store different tools .you can store as many things as you want in these chest boxes.


Aluminum Diamond plate tool box

Our amazing diamond plate tool box which is also known as diamond plate aluminum chest tool box is well known for its portable quality. It is light in weight like other tool boxes but yet a strong one. This chest box can easily be carry from one to another place. It is mostly used in truck bed .due to its folding up door you can easily open the door whenever you need anything from it.

dee zee aluminum tool box

Dee Zee Aluminum toolbox

Dee zee Aluminum toolbox is best use for carry light weight tools in your it Is very light in weight so it cannot carry heavy weight tools. This tool box can save your space due to its very narrow design.

Weather Guard aluminum saddle tool box

t is a very unique type of tool box . We manufactured it with 16-guage aluminum diamond plate. As it is made with the top quality material it is very strong, heavy product which means you can store anything no matter how heavy it is. It keeps the tools rust free.

weather guard aluminum saddle tool box


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Reasons Why LW is one of the Best Aluminum toolbox Suppliers

LW integrate Product seller

We are using strong aluminum alloy of 7075. It is a very powerful material for Aluminum toolbox as it is light in weight but strong and durable for long term uses.

LW the different collection of tool box

LW is providing its client with a large kind of Aluminum toolbox. We are giving different shape and size of chest box and aluminum chest tool box

LW and fast shipment

Our company values its client’s time hence we deliver our products in a very little time.

LW the opportunity to design your product

Our adept team is letting you design your product in way you want it. You can select the desire color and size of tool box .

LW a Professional Dealer of Aluminum toolbox

We made Aluminum toolbox for our clients with the latest technology. We are offering different size of these tool boxes and colors as well.

  • Size of Aluminum toolbox:

The Aluminum toolbox we are manufacturing comes in different size , for example 24 inches Aluminum toolbox is a light weight truck bed tool box. The next size is 24x24x60 Aluminum toolbox  which can be used in mid-size gears and our 60 inch Aluminum toolbox is an ideal size tool box which can store heavy weight tools also.

  • Colors of Aluminum toolbox:

We use decent colors for our Aluminum tool boxes. For example our aluminum utility box comes in a color white and silver also. We are also providing black and grey color for our Aluminum toolbox.

Applications of Aluminum toolbox

aluminum tool box for home
aluminum tool box for workshops

LW the Superior Quality Aluminum toolbox

 Our company is manufacturing Aluminum toolbox for the convenience of our valuable clients.

We are giving almost every size of these aluminum chest tool .our aluminum chest tool boxes is best to store your tools securely.

LW is making aluminum utility box for truck bed and can easily be place from one place to another.

Aluminum 7075 is the strong alloy we use for our tool box. You can customize your chest box from us in any shape, size and color.

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