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LW Aluminum Trim Production Company

LW is lightweight aluminum supplier that deals with tailoring and delivery of various aluminum made items like aluminum trims.

We are trusted suppliers of aluminum that has an experience of more than a decade. Our quality products are manufactured under strict observation to ensure our customers to get high quality products.

We are one of the top aluminum trim suppliers that are easy to assemble, can be used for longer period and are usable for almost all purposes.

We prioritize the needs of our customers and provide all of their requirements in minimum time possible. LW has spread its services to almost all over the world.

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Product Categories

Classification of LW Aluminum Trims

U Shaped Aluminum Trim
U Shaped Aluminum Trim

This type of trim is called U shaped as its edges are protruded outward in equal size that gives it the shape of letter U. This type of trims are commonly used for tiles and edges to provide protection and provide pleasing appearance.

T Shaped Aluminum Trim

T shaped aluminum trims are aluminum moldings that are used for many different purposes. They are preferred for architectural purposes as well as tile flooring etc. They are also used in elevators and chairs.

L shaped Aluminum trim
L Shaped Aluminum Trim

They are called L-shaped due to their resemblance with the letter L. They are widely used for residential as well as commercial purposes. They can help decorate walls. They are also used on floors.

J shaped aluminum trim
J Shaped Aluminum Trim

Aluminum J shape trims are applied in sign boards, mirrors, wall panels etc. They are called j shaped due to their resemblance with letter J.

Aluminum Z molding is Z-shaped aluminum trim. They are commonly used in cabinets, furniture, ridge caps etc. These irregular-shaped trims can also be used to prevent leakage.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Trim Suppliers

Get Your Products with Surface Finishing

Even though our LW aluminum trims are made with good quality aluminum, which is durable and have great corrosion resistant. We can also treat them with various techniques to make them even more long lasting and pleasing to eyes. You can get the anodized, powder coated, sand blasted, PVDF coated etc.

No Compromise on Quality

Quality has always been our motto. The LW Quality Control department fulfils all the requirements to produce the best quality products. Our Aluminum trims are no doubt made under strict supervision of experts.

A team of Experts

Our LW team is one of the best professional and highly skilled teams. We can manage all the manufacturing processes and their dealing. We have an expertise in making aluminum trims in different designs that can meet all of your requirements.

Our services can save your time

We are experienced enough in delivering our products in minimum time. Our team makes sure to save your time by our fast delivery services. We also are available for our customers all the time. You can contact as anytime you want and get your quote easily.

Get ODM & OEM from LW

If you want to start your own aluminum business or to grow the one you already have. We can help you by providing ODM & OEM. Our high class equipment and unique design can help you manufacture the best quality aluminum trims.

Processing Services are also available

Our LW experts are skilled enough to get your products processed. You can choose from various different processing techniques like punching, milling, cutting, bending, welding, assembling, tapping etc.

LW Aluminum Trim Experts

Aluminum trims has been a great choice for protecting tile edges and prevent tiles from chipping. You are welcomed to get your products customized in any design, color and size you want. Go through our wide range of catalogue and select anything of your choice.

  • Eye-catching colors:

Aluminum trims can be ideal for decoration. Colors add beauty to their appearance. We can customize our products in different colors like black, silver, white, golden, Bronze, grey, champagne and others.

  • Get any Shape:

You can find aluminum trims in any shape you want here. We deal with u shaped, t shaped, l shaped and any other shape of your choice.

Applications of Aluminum Trim

Aluminum trim for trailers
Aluminum trim for tiles
Aluminum trim for window
Aluminum trim for door
Book Shelf
Aluminum trim for wall
Plant Stand

LW Customized Aluminum Trim Dealers

LW Aluminum Trims are made of high quality aluminum extrusions. They are lightweight, easy to install, have great resistance against weather.

They are durable so can be customized into any shape. We can tailor them into variety of colors and sizes on your demand.

We deal with different customers worldwide. We provide low MOQ. You can also get free samples. Visit our website today to get any information about the products.

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Professional Aluminum Trim Manufacturer And Supplier

Aluminum trim may be a need for all kinds of decorative and constructive works; do you need it for your clients?

Are you looking forward to ordering them in bulk?

You should have a look at this guide that has answers to all your questions and will guide you well for aluminum trim and associated queries.

Aluminum Trim- Ultimate FAQ Guide

How To Get Scratches Out Of Aluminum Trim?

Using a scouring pad, you can remove scratches out of an aluminum trim. Rub the pad in a direction back and forth and on the area that has scratches and repeat until the marks are removed.

Your aluminum trims will this way get rid of all the scratches that it may have.

Removing Scratches from Aluminum Trim

Removing Scratches from Aluminum Trim

How To Remove Anodizing From Aluminum Trim?

If you want to remove anodizing from an aluminum trim, you can use any of these below suggested ways and remove anodizing from your aluminum trims.

  • Using Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide also known as caustic soda when mixed with water may offer you a good solution to anodize your aluminum trim. You can keep the trim in the solution for a while and rinse it after that.

  • Using Caustic Potash

You can make a solution of caustic potash and sulphuric acid and let your aluminum trim sit in it; this will help you anodize your aluminum trim.

  • Using Deoxidizer

Using a deoxidizer will also result in helping to remove anodizing from the aluminum trim fast.

  • Sanding Away Anodized Aluminum Trim

If you do not wish to use any kind of chemicals you can use sandpaper and by way of sanding the aluminum trim, you may easily your aluminum trim anodized.

Removing Anodizing from Aluminum Trims

Removing Anodizing from Aluminum Trim

How To Clean Aluminum Trim On A Car?

Here we have suggested a few steps that may help you clean the aluminum trim on the car.

  • Unscrew the trim on the car externally as well as internally removing all the wires.
  • Now use a citrus base cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean the aluminum trim on the car.
  • The dipped brush in the cleaner will be rubbed against the trim and all the dirt will eventually be removed.
  • Use a sealant, apply a layer with the help of a piece of cloth, and fix the trim back.
  • For the trims that may not be removed, you can apply the same process as it is without removing them.

 Cleaning aluminum Trim of a Car

Cleaning Aluminum Trim of a Car

How Do I Choose The Best Aluminum Trim For Tiles?

Choosing an aluminum trim for tiles requires you to have a look at the purpose you need to fulfill and along with that, the kind of tile you have to incorporate your trim with.

  • Finishing Edges of Tile

Once you are done with the installation of tiles, you need to finish the edges as well. In order to finish the edges you should invest in an aluminum trim so that your tile gets a finished look.

Moreover, it helps protect against any kind of cuts and injuries that the edges of tile may contain to offer if not finished properly.

  • Design the Tiles

If you wish to add a classy touch to your tiles, you may do that using aluminum trims. Different designs of aluminum trims with cuts, design and circular holes are offered and these may be installed with tiles to add beauty to the different places of your interior as well as exterior.

  • Trims for Shower Area

Your shower area will have several bottles of shampoo and other stuff that need to be kept separated from one another and people do install these trims to achieve that purpose.

This allows you to have a rust free choice of aluminum trim that will not wear out in the water.

  • Trims for Backsplash

The edges of the backsplash may also need to be finished and to do so you may use aluminum trims and hence the backsplash this way appears to be more exciting in terms of its appearance.

Aluminum Trims for Tiles

Aluminum Trims for Tiles

How Do You Wrap Wood With Aluminum Trims?

In order to wrap wood with aluminum trims you will need to perform the process of aluminum capping, for this you can follow the below suggested steps and it would be totally up to the mark capping.

  • First of all gather the material that you will be needing, this will include aluminum capping trim, adhesive glue, trim nails, measurement tape, a marker, a drill machine, a screwdriver and cutter for trim.
  • Now measure the wooden pieces that are required to cover individually and mark on the aluminum trims with the same measurements, cut the aluminum trims accordingly.
  • Drill the holes in the aluminum capping trim using the drill machine.
  • Now apply some adhesive glue on the wood part, place the aluminum capping on each part, and secure it with the help of trim nails using screws.

How To Refinish Aluminum Trim?

In order to refinish the aluminum trim you will need to use a good quality aluminum trim polish, this polish will allow you to refinish your aluminum trim.

How To Shine Aluminum Trim?

In order to make your aluminum trim shine you can see the below suggested tips:

  • Use a piece of clean cloth and clean your aluminum trims with it properly so that any residue if present may be cleaned.
  • Now take some polish and with the help of that cloth rub polish on the aluminum trim.
  • Let it sit and dry for a while and then again take a clean piece of cloth and rub the trim cleaning it up.

    Polishing Aluminum Trims

     Polishing Aluminum Trims

Can Aluminum Trim Be Chrome Plated?

Yes, aluminum trim may be chrome plated and this chrome plating may prove to be a beneficial thing for the aluminum trims.

Can You Use Aluminum Trim On Pole Barns?

Yes, you can use a J-trim on the pole barns, aluminum trims are also offered in the J-trim style that are very much suitable for this purpose.

Aluminum Trims for Pole Barns

Aluminum Trim for Pole Barns

Can You Use Aluminum Trim With Steel Trim?

If you combine stainless steel with aluminum trim, you can use it but pure steel must be avoided since it may be rusted and its rust might end up damaging the aluminum trim.

Do I Need To Sand Aluminum Trim Before Painting?

Yes, make sure to sand the aluminum trim before you paint it. This way you will get a little smooth surface and your paint will appear to be a better one.

Does Trim Aluminum Have Lead In It?

Not all of the aluminum trims have lead in them, this depends upon its manufacture and you can inquire about it beforehand.

How Much Does Aluminum Trim Expand In Heat?

Aluminum trims may expand because of heat for about 20 to 24 micrometers.

How To Bend Aluminum Trim Without A Break?

You can invest in a good bending brake to bend aluminum trim without a break.

This very easy and quick way ensures your trim bends well and doesn’t even break.


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