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Aluminum trusses for docks enable the construction of an ideal observation deck without the need for costly support columns.

We provide the strongest and most lasting aluminum trusses in the industry, in addition to a broad range of applications.

Our aluminum trusses may be used as overhead roofing systems or even as walls to provide solidity to your dock’s design.

Metal trusses are constructed from high-quality aluminum and are very durable. They provide additional strength and stability for dock construction.

The improved heat conductivity of aluminum trusses makes them an excellent alternative for year-round usage.

Additionally, they are resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal option for long-term investments. Aluminum trusses are the ideal option for constructing docks due to their unrivaled design, strength, and longevity.

We provide a wide variety of aluminum truss forms, sizes, and styles, so you’re sure to get what you need! Explore our collection on the web now!

Aluminum Trusses for Docks

Aluminum trusses are a popular material for waterfront houses due to their durability and enduring beauty. They are aesthetically pleasant, resistant to corrosion, and available in a number of attractive finishes.

Look for the best quality items available to guarantee that your dock will continue to serve you well over time.

When creating your dock, custom aluminum trusses are an excellent choice. Aluminum is the industry standard for maritime building, and it is one of the most durable docking materials available.

Aluminum trusses use a staged approach so you don’t spend time or money developing a full platform by hand if it’s not necessary.

By using this tiered strategy, you will know precisely which components of your platform need to be developed depending on your current number.

After constructing and securing all of your solid trusses, you may add bracing and any other ornamental elements to complete the structure.

Aluminum Trusses for Docks


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LW: Aluminum Trusses for Docks

Top-of-the-line Materials

Discover why our aluminum trusses for docks are the best in the industry. We use top-of-the-line materials and employ only the best skilled workers to ensure that you receive premium quality aluminum trusses for docks that fit your specifications.

Longevity Guaranteed

We make Aluminum Trusses for Docks to last, so you get the most value and quality for your money. Plus, we do the job right the first time. Our aluminum trusses are designed for a variety of applications—large or small and all kinds of weather conditions. We offer a wide range of options to meet your needs in any environment.

Top Customer Service and Fast Lead Times

With years of industry experience, our team of experts has the skills needed to build the best aluminum trusses for docks. You can rely on us for top customer service, fast lead times and competitive pricing that fits your budget. Shop with us today to get started on your dock project!

Consistently Meeting Customer Expectations

At LW, we’re here to make your dreams come true. Whether you want a custom aluminum truss for docks that are resistant to the elements or high-quality standard aluminum trusses for docks, we can design and manufacture a piece that will cater to your needs. We’re committed to creating products that are consistent with our customers’ expectations. Our industry-certified, dedicated team of designers and engineers will work tirelessly until they know you are 100% satisfied.

Aluminum Trusses for Docks

Why You Must Utilize Aluminum Trusses for Docks

Ensure your structural integrity.

Aluminum trusses for docks are the perfect way to create an extra strong and sturdy structure, ensuring that your dock does not fall down. They also ensure that there are no weak spots in your dock and make it possible to use heavy objects without fear that they may break through the dock floor and sink into the water.

Add strength and durability.

Aluminum Trusses, if constructed properly and cautiously, can add strength and durability to any structure. Whether you need to create a new roof or upgrade an existing one, aluminum trusses are your best bet.

Common Aluminum Trusses for Docks Applications

Aluminum Trusses for Docks
Aluminum Trusses for Docks for Ports
Aluminum Trusses for Docks for Lighthouses

LW: Aluminum Trusses for Docks Experts

We build aluminum trusses of superior quality for docks. Our product is weatherproof, resilient, and able to sustain substantial loads. 

Our items are transported abroad, however due to their size, they cannot be shipped through air freight.

These trusses are simple to build into any arrangement and are available in white, black, and brown, among other colors.

Our aluminum trusses for docks were built utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-grade aluminum to assure the strength, durability, and lightweight construction you need for your next project. 

Our trusses are sturdy enough to span over huge bodies of water without the extra weight of steel that might cause damage to your docks or boat lifts due to corrosion resistance.