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LW is an ISO certified company in China that deals with production and delivery of extruded aluminum tubing. We deal with various sizes and shapes of aluminum tubes on low cost. The LW team is highly qualified in manufacture, finishing and processing of aluminum tubing according to the requirements of their clients.

The LW also offers services of various surface finishing and processing. The aluminum tubing is manufactured by our professional team, which makes it sure to maintain their quality during and after production. With fast delivery, we have enhanced the quality of our services by providing free samples and low MOQ.

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Types of Aluminum Tubing

Aluminum Capillary Tube
Aluminum Capillary Tube

These are small diameter tubes made of aluminum. Diameter ranges from 0.3mm to 9.8 mm.

Alloy grades used to manufacture these tubes are 1050, 1070, 6061, 6063, 7075 etc. They are available in variety of shapes like flat, hollow, round, square etc. Capillary tubes are used in furniture, architecture, electronics, tent pole etc.

These are cylindrical shaped extruded aluminum tubing. They are made with 6063 aluminum alloy grade. These are lightweight tubes in different shape. They are usually used in food packaging, printing, machine equipment, automotive industries etc.

These are type of aluminum tubing. Telescopic tubes are used to expand one tube inside another tube. They are good for making poles, tripods, carts, racks etc. They are available in square, rectangular and round shape. Their applications include aerospace, robotics, medical equipment, musical instruments, pneumatics etc.


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Pros of LW Aluminum Tubing Manufacturers and Suppliers

24/7 Customer care services

LW team cares for their clients. We are globally recognized for our best customer services. We are available for the customers 24/7. From providing information to booking the orders, all of the services are managed day and night.

Processing of products

LW also provide in house processing services. We can provide various processing services on our customer’s requests. You can choose from milling, punching, assembling, welding, tapping, cutting etc. Our anodized aluminum tubing are extensively used by our clients.

Quality Control

We guarantee the quality of our products. LW has an expert Quality Control department that monitors the manufacturing and delivery processes so that the quality of the products is maintained. Our products have reliable quality even after their delivery

Availability of Surface treatments

The LW team has resolved the issue of treating your purchased aluminum products. Our clients can buy already treated products or can order one of their choice. Our range include anodizing, sand blasting, wood effect, powder coating etc.

Processing of products

LW also provide in house processing services. We can provide various processing services on our customer’s requests. You can choose from milling, punching, assembling, welding, tapping, cutting etc. Our anodized aluminum tubing are extensively used by our clients.

Aluminum Tubing

Your Aluminum Tubing Expert

Aluminum tubing are extruded aluminum profiles that are manufactured in the shape of tubes. Though a typical tube comes in round shape but the metal industries manufacture them in various other shapes too. Aluminum tubing is mostly used for constructing buildings, marine vessels and aircrafts due to its high tensile strength.

  • Alloy grade: 

It is commonly made of 6061 and 6063 grade aluminum alloys but some other grades are also used like 5000 series and 7000 series

  • A Range of Colors :

 Aluminum Tubing can be manufactured into different colors like White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc.

  • Different types of Shapes :

The other shapes of aluminum tubing include rectangular, square, oval etc. It is also classified according to its thickness into thick walled aluminum tubing and thin walled aluminum tubing.

Applications of Aluminum Tubing

Aluminum Tubing for automotive industries
Automotive industry
Aluminum Tubing for Marine Bodies
Marine bodies
Aluminum Tubing for Solar Panel
Solar panels
Windows and doors
Aluminum Tubing for Buildings
Aluminum Tubing for Furniture
Aluminum Tubing for Decoration
Aluminum tubing for tent pole
Tent pole
Aluminum Tubing for home appliances
Home appliances

International Manufacturers and Suppliers of Aluminum Tubing

LW has an experience of 15 years. We are internationally recognized as an Aluminum products dealing company for providing high quality aluminum tubing with quality services. Our team makes it sure to manufacture the best quality products, customize them by R& D department and deliver them safely to the customers.

We are known for our fast delivery services. LW deals with various other aluminum products like aluminum flat bar, aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum profile door etc. We are a one-stop company that is able to provide with all the requirements of the clients.

For more information about our products and services, visit our website today and get your product booked.

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Buy Aluminum Tube From Professional Manufacturer In China

Are you looking to integrate aluminum tubing in conductive heat capabilities in aerospace and automobile applications?

Or are you bothering about getting a better alternative to steel and heavier metals?

If so, aluminum tubing is going to be the best solution!

After detailed research, we have added commonly asked questions about aluminum tubing in the guide below.

So, let’s start reading without wasting further time.

Aluminum Tubing – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How To Bend Aluminum Tubing?

You can follow the given steps to bend the aluminum tubing.

  • Use a Manual Pipe Bender

The first step in bending aluminum tubing is to gather a bending instrument. It can be either a manual pipe bender or any hydraulic bender.

It will make it easier for you to bend the aluminum tubing according to the bending angle you want.

  • Fill Pipe with Sand

The next step in bending the aluminum tubing is to fill the pipe with sand or other solid material.

When you’re done with filling the pipe with sand, make sure to close the ends of the aluminum tubing with the help of a double hose clamp.

  • Manually Bend the Aluminum Tubing

After closing the tubing ends, start bending it with your hands. Make sure to bend it evenly from both sides.

Try not to deform the structure of aluminum tubing when bending it.

  • Use a Pipe Bender

If the aluminum tubing is rigid, you can even bend it with any pipe bender you have. You can also use clamps to bend the pipe evenly.

  • Use Building Dies

Another way to bend aluminum tubing is to machine your bending dies so that you can change the shape of aluminum tubing in no time.

Bend Aluminum Tubing

Bend Aluminum Tubing

How To Cut Aluminum Tubing?

You can follow the given steps to cut aluminum tubing in no time:

  • Apply Cutting Oil

The first step in cutting the aluminum tubing is to apply the cutting oil to cut it smoothly. You can find the highest quality of cutting oils at different DIY stores.

The cutting application will lubricate the portion of aluminum tubing that you need to cut. The absence of cutting oil will leave some scratches on the aluminum tubing.

  • Use the Hacksaw

When cutting the aluminum tubing, there are many chances that you can damage or injure your hands or eyes. So, when you are all set to cut the aluminum tubing, make sure to place the hacksaw blade on the pipe.

Furthermore, keep the hacksaw blade towards your side. In this way, you can prevent all injuries while cutting aluminum tubing.

  • Use High-quality Pipe Cutter

It is also an efficient method for cutting the sturdy aluminum tubing. Apply cutting oil and start cutting aluminum tubing by placing the pipe cutter.

If you cannot cut the aluminum tubing or pipe, tighten the jaws while creating revolutions around the line. It will slowly cut the aluminum tubing.

Cut Aluminum Tubing

Cut Aluminum Tubing

How To Solder Aluminum Tubing?

Make sure to follow the given tips for soldering the Alu tube in the best way:

  • Try to remove any dirt or paint from the upper surface of the tubing
  • You can use any solvent or a rag to remove the unwanted materials
  • Now, make sure to apply the required amount of flux to the areas which you want to solder
  • Place the tubing at rest so that they remain in touch and solder doesn’t fill in the gaps
  • It’s time to touch the desired surface with the solder touch and heat it
  • Try to touch the solder with the aluminum joint
  • The torch should not melt the solder because the joint will not be strong in this way.
  • So, try to melt the solder with the hot surface of the Alu tube
  • Give some for the solder to melt
  • The solder will flow into the gaps of the aluminum tube

Solder Aluminum Tubing

 Solder Aluminum Tubing

How Strong Is Aluminum Tubing?

Almost all types of aluminum tubes are sturdy enough to bear heavyweights. They are available with a tensile strength ranging from 10,000psi to 75,000psi.

Thus, it is visible that every inch of the aluminum tubing can bear 10,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds before breaking.

Due to this high strength, it is mainly used in heavy appliances where it has to bear weight.

But, one thing to note here is that the strength of aluminum tubes is still three times less than steel tubing.

How Is Thick 16 Gauge Aluminum Tubing?

The thickness of 16-gauge aluminum tubing ranges up to 0.065″ 1.65mm.

Its thickness is mainly measured by noting down the outer pipe diameter estimated to ¾” 19mm.

The variability in the thickness of 16-gauge aluminum tubing distinguishes it from other options to use in different appliances.

Thick 16 Gauge Aluminum Tubing

 Thick 16 Gauge Aluminum Tubing

How To Bend Aluminum Tubing Without Kinking?

It is pretty challenging to bend aluminum tubing without kinking. But, don’t worry! You can turn the aluminum tube without kinking by following the given methods.

  1. Bend the Tube without Pipe Bender

It’s unnecessary to use a pipe bender when you want to bend the aluminum tube. Follow the given steps to turn it without using a pipe bender:

  • Try to fully pack the aluminum tube
  • You can use the plug to block one end of the pipe
  • Start bending the line slowly
  • Continue bending unless you achieve the required angle and cut the deformed part of the tube.
  1. Bend the Tube by Making a Right Angle
  • Make a right or 90-angle by using a test pipe
  • Now find the perfect place at the pipe where it starts bending
  • You can mark the ends with permanent markers
  • Measure the length of each side of the pipe by keeping it against the square
  1. Bend the Tube by Using Tube Bender

For bending the pipe by using a pipe bender, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Purchase the highest quality of a pipe bender
  • Read all instructions mentioned on its manual
  • Now, select the right size of the die for bending the tube
  • After this, place aluminum tubing into the bender
  • Make sure to measure the right angle in the bender
  • Start bending the pipe with the help of a bender
  • You can also practice scrap tubing for doing so

Bend Aluminum Tubing Without Kinking

Bend Aluminum Tubing Without Kinking

How To Straighten Bent Aluminum Tubing?

It gets pretty inconvenient when the aluminum tube bends. But, don’t worry, you can straighten the bent aluminum tubing by following the given steps:

  • Straighten It with Your Hands

The first step in straightening the bent aluminum tube is to bend it against any hard object with your hands.

However, the extent of straightness in this manner depends on the thickness of the aluminum tube.

  • Use Heat to Bend the Tube

When you are done trying to straighten the tube with your hands, it’s time to use heat. For doing so, place the tube on the hard floor like concrete.

Now use a heat gun to warm the tube area you want to straighten.

  • Keep Heating and Bend

When the tube starts getting warm, begin bending the tube against the sturdy surface. Continue turning the tube unless it gets rid of the bend.

  • Use a Rubber Mallet

Finally, you can use the highest quality rubber mallet to remove the remaining bent in the tube.

Straighten Bent Aluminum Tubing

Straighten Bent Aluminum Tubing

How To Bend Aluminum Tubing Into A Circle?

It’s not hard to bend aluminum tubing into a circular shape. All you need is to make a pipe bender or use a bending machine to change the tubing shape.

When you are done making the pipe bender, try to insert the tubing in between the clamps and start bending it from the end.

Continue bending the aluminum tube unless it forms a circle. Once a circle is formed from the aluminum tube, you have to join the two ends by soldering.

Try to solder the ends unless they get attached and turn into a proper circle.

Bend Aluminum Tubing Into A Circle

 Bend Aluminum Tubing Into A Circle

How To Double Flare Aluminum Tubing?

Making a double flare on the Alu tube demands excellent time and effort. However, you have to follow the given steps to make double flares on the aluminum tube:

  • Start cutting the tube from one end.
  • The end that you are thinking to cut must be clean and smooth
  • There are many aluminum cutters that you can use to cut the tube
  • However, a blade can also be used
  • Ensure the fitting before putting the aluminum tube into the flaring machine.
  • Fitting can’t be changed once the tube is put into the flaring machine
  • Now put the aluminum tubing into the flaring machine to create flares on the tube
  • You can use different dies to match with the lines on flaring
  • You can also adjust the depth of the flaring
  • Ensure that the wing-nuts are perfectly tightened when putting the tubing in the flaring machine.
  • Once you are done making single-sided flares, try to turn the side of the tube.
  • Now repeat the process to produce double flares on an aluminum tube

    Double Flare Aluminum Tubing

    Double Flare Aluminum Tubing

Where To Buy Aluminum Tubing?

You can purchase the highest quality aluminum tubing in China. It holds an important place in the global market to produce premium quality aluminum tubes.

LW as one of most professional aluminum tubing suppliers in China, LW is always specializing in making the cutting-edge quality of Alu tubes in less than the expected time interval.

In addition to this, LW offers a wide range of customization options to industries in the whole world.

Thus, you don’t have to spend your time finding the right aluminum tubing supplier. You can visit our website and select the one that reaches your standards.

How Much Weight Can Aluminum Square Tubing Hold?

The average estimated weight that aluminum square tubing can hold ranges from 10,000 to 75,000 pounds.

However, the weight holding capacity of aluminum square tubing depends on the average length. If the aluminum tube is supported at both ends, the total weight will lie at the center of the span.

Different series of aluminum square tubing are available with various weight holding capacities.

If we talk about the weight holding capacity of 6061 aluminum, it will range up to 35,000 pounds.

The outer diameter of aluminum tubes also changes the weight holding capacity. Thus, you can apply different weights on aluminum tubes depending on their thickness.

How To Expand Aluminum Tubing?

Two different methods are commonly used to expand aluminum tubing in well-defined ways. These methods are given as under:

  • Ram Forming Expansion

The first method employed in expanding Alu tubes is ram forming expansion. It includes the usage of a tapered die.

This tapered die acts as a mold. Extreme pressure or force is applied to the mold. Thus, it will make the tube’s end embedded into the die.

In this way, the application of high-pressure forces on the aluminum tube molds expands its surface area.

  • Hydraulic Expansion Die

Besides the ram forming expansion, hydraulic expansion is another method for expanding aluminum tubing in no time. In this method, a wide variety of finger-size fragments are used.

These fragments can easily open and close rapidly. Thus, upon opening, they put pressure on aluminum tubing with the help of a hammer.

So, applying pressure through the hammer will cause the aluminum tubing to expand.

The expanding ability of the Alu tube depends on its range and size. Thus, you can adjust the pressure depending on the size or thickness of the aluminum tube.

Expand Aluminum Tubing

Expand Aluminum Tubing

How To Solder Copper To Aluminum Tubing?

The simple steps to solder copper to aluminum tubing are given as under:

  • You can use the highest quality of a propane torch to solder even a small piece of copper to aluminum tubing
  • You can begin soldering copper to the aluminum tube by preparing the copper metal
  • Use the premium quality of an abrasive to remove the oxidation layers from the upper surface of copper and aluminum
  • It is essential to clean the oxidation layers since they can cause improper soldering
  • Preheat both copper and aluminum at a gently flame or low temperature
  • Focus the heat more on the aluminum tube that is to be soldered
  • Now immerse the copper rod into the flux and apply solder between copper and aluminum
  • Continue immersing the rod into the tubing unless the temperature reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It’s time to use the solder at the point of junction between copper and aluminum
  • Let the bonded aluminum and copper parts cool down naturally
  • Make sure to remove all the unnecessary flux from the tubing by using warm water and a wire brush

    Solder Copper To Aluminum Tubing

     Solder Copper To Aluminum Tubing

How To Bend Aluminum Tubing Without A Bender?

Bending an aluminum pipe with the help of a bender is pretty straightforward. But if you don’t have any pipe bender, you can also bend it.

However, some common yet easy steps that you have to follow for bending aluminum tubing without a bender are given as under:

  • Pack the Aluminum Tubing

The first step in bending the aluminum tube without using any bender is to pack it up. All you need to do is to plug one end of the tubing. You can even use a small carriage bolt that can easily fit in the end.

Furthermore, you can use sand to fill the inner area of the aluminum tube

  • Bend the Pipe or Tube

Now that you have added a sufficient amount of sand inside the aluminum tube clamp the pipe on one end. You can also use a wire barrel to clamp the tubing.

Make use of some leverage and start bending the pipe in your direction.

  • Continue Bending

Try to bend the tube till you attain the required shape. When you are done bending the pipe, you have to remove the deformed part. Use the highest quality of string for removing rag from the tubing.

Bend Aluminum Tubing Without A Bender

Bend Aluminum Tubing Without A Bender

How To Brush Aluminum Tubing?

You don’t have to follow a hefty process for brushing the highest quality aluminum tubing. Simply follow the given instructions to brush aluminum.

  • Try to remove or clear all types of objects present on the pipe
  • By cleaning the dirt from the pipe, you’ll have to access the overall area of the tubing
  • Use a reliable wire brush for brushing the aluminum tube
  • It will scrape away every sludge or contaminant present on the upper surface of the aluminum tube
  • Now rub the wire brush for brushing all sides of aluminum tubes
  • In the end, you’ll have to use hot and soapy water to further clean up the surface of the tube

Brush Aluminum Tubing

Brush Aluminum Tubing

How To Clean Aluminum Tubing?

The best way to clean aluminum tubing is to use a rag and soapy water. It will wipe away all the scars or scratches present on the upper surface of aluminum tubes.

Many users also use the highest-quality dish soap to remove any grease or sludge on the Alu tube.

Other than this, if we talk about DIY tricks, you can use the kitchen vinegar to remove dust, dirt, or contaminants present on aluminum tubing.

For doing so, you’ll have to mix one part of vinegar into one part of water to reduce its acidity factor.

One thing to keep in mind here, one thing is to rinse aluminum tubing after washing it with soap.

Let the pipe dry for 20-30 minutes before using it in any application.

How To Shrink Aluminum Tubing?

You can quickly shrink aluminum tubing to reduce its overall size or surface area. So, the best way to shrink aluminum is to heat its surface.

However, you can also follow the given steps to shrink aluminum handily:

  • Don’t forget to wear reliable quality leather work gloves and safety glasses.
  • Also, use a dust mark to prevent your skin from burning
  • After taking all precautionary measures, place the aluminum tubing on the work surface
  • Start igniting the torch that you have to use for shrinking aluminum tubes
  • Continue heating the torch for up to 30 seconds and turn it off
  • Try to touch the tip of extremely hot 550-degree crayon to the tube surface at 45 degrees
  • This touch of crayon with the surface of aluminum tubing will cause it to shrink
  • Continue doing this process unless you achieve the desired size of the aluminum tube

Shrink Aluminum Tubing

 Shrink Aluminum Tubing

How Is Aluminum Tubing Made?

Common steps for making aluminum tubing are described as under:

  • The manufacturing process of aluminum tubing begins with the highest quality of slug or blank
  • The manufacturers fed the slug or blank into the different sets of tools that are used to extrude them
  • The extrusion tools are then used to press the rough aluminum structures into a compact tube form
  • After the extrusion process, the next step is trimming
  • Trimming machines are used to cut the extra parts of aluminum tubes to a specified length on both ends
  • Threading is the next step after trimming
  • It is done at about 460 degrees centigrade
  • After threading, the spray is applied on aluminum tubes to provide them with extra shine

How To Anneal Aluminum Tubing?

The annealing of aluminum tubing starts by heating the tubes at about 775 degrees Fahrenheit and is followed by a cooling process.

This cooling process is done for about 2-3 hours. These tubes are cooled at 500 degrees Fahrenheit with a rate of 50 F per hour.

No doubt, it is pretty hard to deal with aluminum tubes at this temperature, but many manufacturers use fabricated tools.

Other than this, the basic principle to anneal almost every size of aluminum tube is to heat it close to its melting point and allow them to cool down slowly.

So, the primary purpose of annealing aluminum tubes is to make them more malleable by softening their crystalline structures.

How To Connect Aluminum Square Tubing Without Welding?

The best way to connect aluminum square tubing without welding is to use a reliable propane torch and even aluminum brazing rods.

They are the quickest ways to connect aluminum square tubing and bond it without using a welder.

In addition to this, you will need a little practice using a propane torch to get speedy results.

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