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LW Aluminum U Channel Manufacturing and Supplying Platform

LW is known for being one of the most preferred aluminum U channel manufacturing and supplying companies in China. It has the best and durable quality aluminum that is used to manufacture its products like aluminum u channel.

The products are further fabricated on the demand of the customers.LW aluminum u channel is manufactured in different shapes like equal and unequal and are customized into different sizes and colors.

The aluminum used for their manufacture is of different series depending upon their application. We supply our products in minimum time at your doorstep.

LW team is highly experienced and professional that is serving our customers for almost 15 years. This has helped us become one of the leading brand in China for providing quality aluminum u channels.  We have many other aluminum made items also available for your use. 

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Classification of Aluminum U Profile

Equal Aluminum U Channel

Equal aluminum u channels have equal projections on both sides making a u shaped channel. It is manufactured by a good quality aluminum making it prone to many applications. Made with good quality aluminum makes it able to meet different requirements like making protective edges, tracks, rims etc.

Unequal Aluminum U Channel
Unequal Aluminum U Channel

The unequal aluminum u channels have unequal projections on both sides. It is specified for other applications. It has the good corrosion resistance, machinability and durability making  it easier to be used for applications like window frames, door frames, buildings, railings, ramps and much more.

6061 Aluminum U Channel
6061 Aluminum U Channel

This type of aluminum u channel is manufactured by 6063 aluminum alloy. It has good strength. It can also be treated with heat making it useful for the processes requiring heat. It is used in the manufacture of transport, furniture, wires, pipelines etc.

6063 Aluminum U Channel
6063 Aluminum U Channel

The 6063 aluminum is used to manufacture this aluminum u channel.  It has good strength than 6061 aluminum. It is mostly preferred for welding. It has a very good corrosion resistance so can be used in extreme weathers and outdoors. It is used for architectural purpose, frames, windows, doors, roofs and others.


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Advantages of LW Aluminum U Channel Manufacturers and Suppliers

Quality Assured Through Quality Control

LW has the highly skilled and advanced team that takes good care of the quality of our products. We supervise our products like aluminum u channels before and after their manufacture. This makes them durable and long lasting.

24/7 Service Availability

We have a good and promising team that works hard to be available for the customers throughout the day and all night. This provides a good and on time service to our customers helping them out with any kind of difficulty.

Fabrications Processes

The LW team is able to provide the services of fabrication to our customers. On customer’s demand, we provide many different techniques to fabricate our products. The aluminum u channel is fabricated through anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis, welding, bending, tapping, milling, punching etc.

Customization Processes

We also are able to provide customization services to the customers. The aluminum U channel is manufactured in various sizes and colors. You can get any according to your need.

Aluminum U Channel Specifications

  • You can Choose from a range of colors:

We at LW have a broad range of colors of aluminum u channels. The different color choices help customers get the product according to their requirement. It also helps in decorative purposes.

  • Different Sizes according to customer’s demand:

The size of an aluminum U channel depends on its use. There are different sizes for every purpose making it easy for the customers to use. The size is measured in thickness and in diameter.

Applications of Aluminum U Channel

Aluminum U Channel for Windows
Aluminum U Channel for Truck Bodies
Truck Bodies

Aluminum U Channel Providers around the World

The LW services that are extended to different countries around the world has made us a go to platform for aluminum products. 

We work hard to provide exceptional services to our customers no matter what. We have made a good relationship by communicating with you anytime you want. 

We have been providing our services for more than 15 years being one of the greatly experienced companies in China. 

We have many different products along with aluminum U channels that can help you with fulfilling different needs. We have the ability to provide ODM & OEM to many different companies. 

Our company due to its skills and experience has passed the ISO certification making us able to connect with countries throughout the world. 

We provide low MOQ as well as free samples to our customers to satisfy their doubts. 

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