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LW Aluminum Unistrut Manufacturer Company In China

LW is considered a trustworthy name in the aluminum industry. LW has completed 15 years in the aluminum production field and aims to continue providing its services with better intentions and continuous progress.

We have won International Organization for Standardization certification for our progressive services.LW manufactures all aluminum based products and sells them on the international level.

Our premium quality aluminum unistrut is one of them. Our aluminum unistrut is counted in our best-selling products category. They are widely used in the nuclear, construction, and electrical industries.

We manufacture high quality aluminum products. Our aluminum unistrut is made from 6063-T6 aluminum which adds immense strength to it. Aluminum unistrut is high in demand and is used to get a weld-less connection. 

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LW Aluminum Unistrut Products Classification

1- Aluminum solid unistrut

Aluminum Solid Unistrut

It has no holes predrilled and can carry loads. They could be used for enclosures, ceiling grids, duct support, machine framing, shelving, and other related products.

Aluminum Punched Unistrut

The aluminum punched unistrut has round holes, large enough for 5/8 inch threaded rods, punched in the top of the channel at a regular 48 mm.

Aluminum punched unistrut
Aluminum slotted unistrut

Aluminum Slotted Unistrut

It contains longer slots on 100 mm centers. It is used for heavy-duty supports and can hold heavyweight fixtures. It also provides support for wiring.

Aluminum Half-Slotted Unistrut

It has short, rounded end rectangular slots punched out on 50 mm centers. It is used for framing, mounting, and other purposes.

Aluminum half-slotted unistrut


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Reasons Why To Choose LW Aluminum Unistrut

Full service

LW is a leading company and has a comprehensive store available to serve better our customers. You could visit us and have a better analysis of our services.

Affordable prices

LW has gained popularity because of its quality products and affordable prices. You could get your desired products at very affordable rates from here.

Quality Assurance

Our expert engineers maintain the quality of the products adequately. We have particular departments for the quality assurance of our products.

Customization service

LW provides customization service to you which is designed to understand your interests and preferences and designed the products in your desired form.

Customer care service

LW customer service is quick, personalized, and empathetic. Our team makes sure to answer your queries within 24 hours.

LW Aluminum Unistrut Expertise

LW possesses a highly rich profile and is always willing to meet your requirements and preferences.

  • Sizes and designs

Our highly rich profile of aluminum unistrut includes a diversity of sizes and designs. The vast majority of aluminum unistrut comes in 10′ and 20′ feet lengths. Aluminum unistrut with punched holes is a hot product because of its effortless installation.  

  • Colors and finishes

Our aluminum unistrut comes in a variety of customized colors and finishes like black, silver, gold, black and white, and so on. The finish coating on the aluminum unistrut gives superior resistance to it.

Applications Of Aluminum Unistrut

Solar Racking
Aluminum unistrut for mechanical rooftop support system
Mechanical Rooftop Support Systems
Aluminum unistrut for laboratory support
Laboratory Supports
Pipe Supports
Air conditioner support structure
LED Light support
Duct Supports
Aluminum unistrut for fire truck and emergency vehicles OEMs
Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles OEMs
Aluminum unistrut for shelving
Aluminum unistrut for multi-rack keyboard stand
Multi-rack keyboard stand
Aluminum unistrit for wire grid mounting
Wire grid mounting

LW, A Trusted Company For Aluminum Unistrut

LW is a well established aluminum company located in China. Aluminum products are highly in demand all over the world.

In this regard, we aim to provide the best quality aluminum products to our customers. We have highly established employment areas where our quality checking departments assure the quality of the products before handover to the customers. 

LW has an experience of 15 years in aluminum manufacturing and supplying the market. Our aluminum products including aluminum unistrut are highly effective.

Moreover, we give a warranty on the quality of our products. You could get the products in your desired sizes, designs, and colors by contacting our customization service. Customers contentment is our top priority.

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