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LW Aluminium Ute Canopy Manufacturing Company

LW is the brand supplier of Aluminum Ute Canopies throughout the world. We have been dealing with unique designs of aluminum products for over 15 years. They are having a good strength to weight ratio and a lifetime warranty. 

Our aluminum Ute canopies are tailored in any design suitable for any vehicle. We also provide ODM and OEM to our customers on their demand. Our designs are loved by our customers and are convenient to use. You can also get aluminum Ute canopies with or without locking system.

LW is serving as a platform to meet all your requirements under one roof. We provide the best quality aluminum be it for any product like aluminum Ute canopies. Our products provides great protection against extreme weathers and are applicable for almost every use. 

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Classification of Aluminum Ute Canopies

Single Cab Aluminum Ute Canopies

Single Cab Aluminum Ute Canopies

The single cab Aluminum Ute canopies are the vehicles having single cabins. The aluminum canopy is installed behind the cab. These are suitable for storage applications and having extra space for your Ute.

Double Cab Aluminum Ute Canopies

The double cab aluminum Ute canopies are more functional. They get extra drawers and shelves to carry different items. The Double cabins are have more space and are more convenient to use. 

2. Double Cab Aluminum Ute Canopies
Extra Cab Aluminum Ute Canopies

Extra Cab Aluminum Ute Canopies

The Extra cab aluminum Ute canopies are installed in super-cabs which are the mixture of single cab and double cab. They have an extra space behind the first cab which can either be used as a cab or a storage space. 

Aluminum Ute Canopy with Dog Box

These aluminum Ute canopies are manufactured with an extra compartment to carry pets. Ideal for transporting animals or to take your pets along with you for your trips. 

4. Aluminum Ute Canopies with Dog Box


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Why LW Aluminum Ute Canopies are Most Preferred?

Fast Shipping throughout the World

LW has the best cargo service that delivers your order at your doorstep. We have a large team working day and night to provide your orders in least team. You can get aluminum Ute canopies anytime.

Quality Guaranteed and Long Lasting Products

LW Aluminum Ute canopies have guaranteed quality as they are strictly supervised by our Quality Control team. They are thoroughly checked before and after their manufacture so that their quality is maintained. This helps the products last longer.

A Good Communicating Team

LW team is efficient in communicating with the customers. We are available for the customers 24/7. You can contact us anytime and from anywhere you want. Get your aluminum Ute canopies by contacting us today.

An Expert Engineering Team

LW has the advanced team that works on innovating techniques to manufacture unique designs of aluminum Ute canopies. The canopies are tailored according to your demand for different kind of vehicles.

ODM and OEM Provision

Our company has advanced machinery that manufactures products through innovative techniques. We provide ODM and OEM to our customers on high demand. This enables small platforms to develop into superior and progressive manufacturing platform.

You can also Get Free Samples

LW offers the free samples to their customers as well as low MOQ. This helps us gain the trust of our customers and help them choose the product of their choice

LW provides Aluminium Boxes for Utes

LW provides aluminum made boxes for the manufacture of Aluminum Ute canopies. They are used for making extra storage space on your Utes or pickups while travelling. They help protect different items from harsh weather and theft. 

  • Designs According to your Choice:

The variety of designs include, part tray aluminum Ute canopies, Jack off aluminum Ute canopies, single, double and extra cab aluminum Ute canopies etc. 

  • Get Customized Colors:

Our team tailor them in various colors of your choice and standard colors like black.

Applications of Aluminum Ute Canopies

Aluminum Ute Canopies for Pickup
Pick up
Aluminum Ute Canopies for Hilux
Ford ranger
Aluminum Ute Canopies for Land Cruiser
Land cruiser

LW A Worldwide Trader of Aluminum Ute Canopies

LW is one of the leading lightweight aluminum supplier company in China. We have the best selling products that are widely used by large number of customers. Our crew is highly professional in tailoring of the aluminum Ute canopies in different designs. 

We trade with almost every country throughout the world. Our range includes many different items made of aluminum like aluminum channels, aluminum ramps, aluminum pergolas and many other aluminum products. 

We have a good number of fabrication services available for you. You can get many other services at a time like processing and customization of products. You design and we create. 

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