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With years of on-field experience in the aluminum-based materials making market, LW has become a well-known manufacturing brand.

We provide you with the most delicate quality aluminum window frames, which you can use in homes and industrial places, offices, and manufacturing sites.

In short, we make our best-selling products available at your services for both commercial and home-based requirements. 

When designing your aluminum window frames, we are very precise and keep your demands our utmost priority.

Not only this, but we also provide you with the low minimum order quantity (MOQ) so that you can invest with us at the ease of your pocket!

Feel free to contact our customer services team and book your customized order right now!

LW Aluminum Window Frames

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Casement Aluminum Window Frames
Casement Aluminum Window Frames

They come in two perfectly reliable cases for a garden, pool, and basement aesthetics.

Alloy Aluminum Window Frames
Alloy Aluminum Window Frames

It has a magnetic screen and blocks unwanted UV rays. The window frame consists of aluminum with other metals: that’s why called aluminum alloy.

Grill Design Aluminum Window Frames
Grill Design Aluminum Window Frames

These windows can be used as big doors and have a rotatable window. These windows are perfect for a house with kids. 

Sliding Aluminum Window Frames
Sliding Aluminum Window Frames

It is manufactured with High-quality aluminum and has a sliding effect, making it perfect for the rooms.

Double Glass Sliding Aluminum Window Frames
Double Glass Sliding Aluminum Window Frames

These windows are ideal for use in the inner and outer entrance shopping centers because of their double sliding ways.

Aluminum WIndow Frames with Mosquito Net
Aluminum WIndow Frames with Mosquito Net

These windows are a perfect choice for keeping the mosquitoes aside in the summer.

Breezeway Aluminum Window Frames
Breezeway Aluminum Window Frames

Considering the benefits of natural air, this window is designed to keep a healthy air passage to maintain oxygen. 


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LW Aluminum Window Frames – Advantages


The aluminum windows manufactured at LW not only enhance the beauty of your rooms but also creates balanced ventilation of the air.

Block Radiations

We all know how harmful the sun radiations are so, the radiation-blocking capability of our aluminum window frames keeps you healthy.

Source of Light

Natural light always strengthens eyesight and is 100 percent better than artificial ones. LW makes windows that are a huge light source, thus, decreasing the monthly budget.

Durable Frames

Our aluminum has a high temper rate, making our aluminum window frames durable and bear extreme conditions.

Avoids Contamination

There are a lot of dust particles in the air that may contaminate household things or furniture. LW makes windows with no space to let the dirt in and, thus, is contamination-free.

Environmental Resistance

Our high-quality aluminum does not corrode or rust. We provide long-lasting and polished aluminum window frames so that they resist rain, acidic exposure, and other damage-causing conditions.

A Premium Aluminum Window Frames Maker

 Except for these qualities, our window frames have some other set of specifications which are:

  • Shutter Handle Size 

The shutter handle size of aluminum window frames is customizable, but we prefer a standard size of 35 x 65 mm. 

  • Sutter Size 

The shutter size is kept into a square shape of 1200 x 1200mm. However, we can mold it as per your preference.

  • Reduce Noise

LW makes sound-proof aluminum window frames that are best for a peaceful environment.

  • Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the best feature installed in our windows for keeping the room temperature balanced.

Numerous Applications of Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum Window Frames for Commercial Areas
Commercial Areas
Aluminum Window Frames for Shopping Centers
Shopping Centers
Aluminum WIndow Frames for Day-Care Centers
Day-Care Centers
Aluminum Window Frames for Business Enterprises
Business Enterprises
ALuminum Window Frames for Hospitals and Pharmacies
Hospitals and Pharmacies
Aluminum Window Frames for Retails and Local Buildings
Retails and Local Buildings
Aluminum Window Frames for Houses
Aluminum Window Frames with Pet Areas
Pet Areas

Personalized Aluminum Window Frames

Maintaining the best reputation as the best aluminum window frame manufacturer, LW provides you with sterilized equipment. 

We care about you and your business. That’s why we hire experts to design your aluminum window frames. We help our business analysts to assist you in business growth projects by using our products. You can get aluminum in several colors, coated and polished with the finest material.

The corrosion-resistant and anti-damaging properties of the aluminum window frames make them famous among retailers.

Moreover, their lightweight properties increase their demand in the market.

The window frame size is adjustable, so there is no fixed size. We evaluate the target area and then ask your preferences to design and manufacture your aluminum window frames.

LW is a one-place shop for everything you need. We provide valuable services to our customers. 

Contact our customer services representative to solve your queries further. 

Wholesale Aluminum Window Frames

Are you planning to install aluminum window frames in a building project or do you want to upgrade the existing house with aluminum window frames?

Alternatively, if you wish to get rid of the wooden window frames, and need a good alternative.

Well, aluminum window frames are the best option to grab!

After thorough consideration, we have created this FAQ guide for you to answer all the queries you might be having in mind.

So, let’s start reading it quickly with no more time wasted.

Understanding aluminum profiles requires technical knowledge and terminologies that may be difficult for you. But fear not.

We have studied aluminum profiles, so you don’t have to.

This guide will answer all the commonly asked questions about aluminum profiles. So keep reading.

Aluminum Window Frames – Ultimate FAQs Guide

How To Replace Window Glass In Aluminum Frame?

Replacing window glass in an aluminum frame is a very easy job, you can follow the below given steps and replace the glass.

  • You must first remove the window frame from window assembly; this makes your task a bit easier. Once you have removed it you can now start with the task.
  • First of all, look for the screws that hold the frame together and remove them, be very careful with this process because the glass is in between the two frames and you need to be very careful as you loosen the screws.
  • Please find thea rubber gasket around the glass of aluminum frame, please remove it very gently , because you will still need to use it again.
  • Clean the previous glass installed area, to remove any dirt or pieces of glass if broken.
  • Now put the new glass to install into the aluminum frame with the rubber gasket. You might need a little bit of silicon too in order to fix the edges in the frame properly.
  • Adjust this glass lined with rubber gasket in the frame and hold the frame back with its screws.
  • Make sure to wear thick gloves while you carry out this entire task in order to keep your hands safe.

Replacing Glass in Aluminum Window Frame 

Replacing Glass in Aluminum Window Frame

How To Make Aluminum Window Frames?

You can follow the below given steps for making aluminum window frames.

  • Take the Measurements

The very first thing you should have is the measure of the window area where you need to install the aluminum frame, also keep in mind the design.

  • Cutting the Aluminum Frame

According to the measurement you need to cut down the frame panels according to your required design, this is done with a heavy-duty cutting machine.

  • Drill the Holes

You need to drill the holes as well in the brackets for windows as well as these panels and have to fit in the brackets in the frame.

  • Assembling Frame

The aluminum window frame would be in different parts and you need to bring it together with the help of screws so that it holds with each other and forms a frame pane structure.

Making Aluminum Window Frame

 Making Aluminum Window Frame

How To Restore Aluminum Window Frames?

You can restore aluminum window frames easily, sometimes these may be faded and sometimes they might have a hole but restoration is possible

How To Restore Faded Aluminum Window Frames?

Faded aluminum frames can be restored easily by re-polishing and painting. You can clean the surface using a scrubber and then apply a coat of paint that will remove the faded look.

How To Restore Hole In Aluminum Window Frames?

You can use a propane torch over the hole; it will melt the metal patch and will fill in the hole in the aluminum window frame. This is how you can easily restore the hole in your aluminum window frame.

 Restoring Aluminum Window Frame

Restoring Aluminum Window Frame

Can You Repaint Aluminum Window Frames?

 Yes, repainting aluminum window frames is absolutely possible. By repainting aluminum window frames, you can make them crisp and clean in no time.

It is a cheaper way to refurbish your window frame. Aluminum window frames can be repaired using oil paint, powdered paint and spray paint as well.

Repainting Aluminum Window Frame

Repainting Aluminum Window Frame

How To Prevent Condensation On Aluminum Window Frame?

 It is suggested to use Dehumidifiers and also make sure to keep the space well ventilated. Storm windows if installed may also be of much help to prevent aluminum window frames from condensation.

Prevention of Condensation on Aluminum Window Frame

Prevention of Condensation on Aluminum Window Frame

How To Get Paint Off Aluminum Window Frame?

Following suggested steps may be used in order to get paint off aluminum window frames.

  • Dip a paintbrush thinner and apply it on the painted area.
  • Scrub off the area where you have brushed thinner, you can do this using a metal scrubber.
  • Rinse the treated area with water and repeat the process if needed.

Getting Paint Off From Aluminum Window Frame

Getting Paint Off From Aluminum Window Frame

How To Clean Aluminum Window Frames?

In general, you should clean aluminum window frames based on different production process of aluminum window frames.

How To Clean Painted Aluminum Window Frames?

 Please use the water and detergent make a solution, then use one soft brush to clean the aluminum window frames gently.

Once finish this process, please use one piece of cloth to dry up the frame.  To make sure whole frame ends are dry.

How To Clean Corroded Aluminum Window Frames?

  Firstly, you need to use a brush to clean the debris and dirt from the window frame.

  Pour an equal quantity of vinegar and water in a bowl, apply this mixture on your scrubber, and gently scrub the windows. Rinse the window with clean water and dry it with a rag.

How To Clean Mold From Aluminum Window Frames?

Cleaning mold from aluminum window frames is very easy. You could use one towel put in a solution which with water and bleach, then use it to clean the aluminum frames.  

After cleaning with bleach, rinse the window frames and let them dry properly to avoid moisture; it is moisture that causes mold.

How To Remove Oxidation From Aluminum Window Frames?

The spots of oxidation may be removed with the application of a mixture of white vinegar and water. You need to rub that mixture with the help of a brush or scrubbing pad.

White vinegar helps remove the built-up minerals in the form of white spots.

How to clean Aluminum Window frames

Cleaning Aluminum Window Frame

How To Remove Stains From Aluminum Window Frames?

To clean the stains you can either invest in a good aluminum cleaner or use a detergent mixed with water rubbed against the stains with a scrubber and rinse the frame with water.

How To Remove Glue From Aluminum Window Frames?

Use a piece of rag and dip it in spirit, clean the glue stains with this dipped rag and you will see glue coming out of the aluminum window frame. Wash the window frame in order to remove any residue.

How To Remove Water Based Paint From Aluminum Window Frames?

Using paint thinner is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the water based paint stains; you can dip a paintbrush in thinner and carefully apply it on the affected area.

What Paint To Use On Aluminum Window Frames?

There are two choices of paint that may be used on aluminum window frame:

  • Acrylic latex paint is a very good option, it does not chip off quickly nor it ends up bubbling the surface, hence is a durable choice.
  • You can also use spray paint for aluminum window frames as well.

Paint to Be Used for Aluminum Window Frame

Paint to Use on Aluminum Window Frame

How To Insulate Aluminum Window Frames?

Different things can be used to insulate the aluminum window frames, a few of these options are discussed below that you may choose:

  • Plastic Film Insulation

If you are looking for a cheaper way to insulate your aluminum window frames, choose a plastic film. It is easily available and you can fix it with an adhesive tape that will insulate your aluminum window frame in no time.

  • Sealing with Insulation Drape

To seal the openings in the aluminum window frame, insulation drape may also be used.

It is believed that the weight of drape causes the openings to seal, whereas it is the tightness of drape that helps keep the air inside the room rather than circulating around the window.

  • Covering with Weather Stripping

In order to seal the openings of the aluminum window frames, weather stripping may also be used. In this process, materials like foam, vinyl and metal may be used in order to seal the openings.

It helps in preventing leakage of air through windows, however, it is a permanent sealing which stays the same at all times, you cannot remove it.

 Insulation of Aluminum Window Frame

 Insulation of Aluminum Window Frame

How To Paint Aluminum Window Frames?

You can easily paint aluminum window frames using a variety of different techniques and choose any of the below suggested options.

Can I Paint My Aluminum Window Frames?

It is always great to paint your aluminum window frame as this way your window frame will look new. That one coat of paint will bring it to look clean and crisp and it is far much cheaper than totally replacing it. 

How To Spray Paint Aluminum Window Frames?

Spray painting aluminum window frames is the safest technique, you can easily do that by way of purchasing a spray paint can and following the below-suggested steps.

  • First of all, clean the frame that you are planning to paint and remove the dust pollens so that the paint texture appears smooth.
  • Secondly, you should seal the areas around the edges of the frame that you will not wish to be painted so that they stay protected.
  • Next, keep your spray paint can at about a distance of 10 to 15 cm and start spraying it while moving it in a steady motion.
  • Keeping the can moving is very important or else you will end up over coating the area that will look uneven.
  • Let it dry for at least 24 hours and you will witness a clean, shining and new looking window frame.

Painting Aluminum Window Frame

Painting Aluminum Window Frame

How To Paint Anodized Aluminum Window Frames?

  Anodized aluminum window frames can be painted but they pose a little lengthy process.

  • Clean the window frame to be painted and use sandpaper to sand out the surface first.
  • Apply a coat of primer after sanding the surface and leave it to rest for at least 2 hours.
  • Sand the surface again, to remove any kind of uneven texture and apply a coat of oil-based paint over the frame, leaving it to dry.

How To Paint Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames?

Powder coat is fairly easy and a cheaper technique to paint your aluminum window frames. Following a few steps, you can make your aluminum window frames look new.

  • Cleaning should be your prime approach whenever you plan to paint your aluminum window frames, make sure there is no dirt, dust or corrosion that might hinder your process of painting.
  • Rub the surface of the window frame with sandpaper and remove the unevenness present in the surface.
  • Mask all those areas around that you would not want to paint along with the frame.
  • Apply a coat of primer at first and let it dry.
  • After being primed, your surface is ready for powder coating; you can choose any color of your choice and start painting the aluminum window frame.

How To Remove Window Pane From Aluminum Frame?

You can easily remove the window pane from the aluminum frame using the following steps.

  • Make sure to secure your hands using a glove first because the removal may be associated with the broken glass and hence you should be careful.
  • You must first prepare yourself to remove the older glaze; this may be done using a heat gun and a knife. The heat gun will melt the glaze and you will be able to remove the worn out easily with a knife.
  • Clean the area for replacing the new pane and you can do that with the help of sandpaper.
  • You must be planning to fit in a new glass to make the window pane and for this make sure you have taken the correct measurements, check if your glass fits inside the frame.
  • You will need a caulk to seal the glass perfectly.
  • After you have fitted the glass and fixed it with a caulk, you need to glaze it back.
  • Make sure you have smoothed the edges and removed the excess glaze.
  • If you want, you can paint the border of the window so that it looks new.

How To Remove a Double Pane Window From an Aluminum Frame?

Double pane windows in an aluminum frame may require removal for a couple of reasons like removal of glass, broken glass etc.

Here you will find a way out to remove the double pane window from the aluminum frame and replace the glass easily.

  • In case if your window has molding present within it, make sure to remove it first and keep aside.
  • Remove all the glazing that might be there with the help of a putty knife.
  • Get rid of the sealing that is present between the window and its border, holding both together.
  • You will be needing a suction cup with a nice grip to remove the crystal sheet on the edges of the window.
  • Apply some silicon on the edges and with the help of a suction cup place the stand-in glass and make sure you have positioned it correctly.

 11 Removing Window Pane from Aluminum Frame

Removing Window Pane from Aluminum Frame

How To Take Apart Aluminum Window Frame?

If you need to take your aluminum window frame apart, you can easily do that in a few steps:

  • At first, you need to remove any of the storm windows from the outer side of your house if you have them.
  • Now, from the inside use a reciprocating saw and remove the aluminum window stop.
  • When you have removed the stop, you can now easily remove the frame using a screwdriver after loosening the screws of the frame.

Taking Apart Aluminum Window Frame

Taking Apart Aluminum Window Frame

How To Cut Aluminum Window Frame?

If you need to cut an aluminum window frame, you can invest in a good power miter saw. It helps cut down the frame in no time and that too very neatly.

Measure the frame according to your requirement and mark the points of cutting. This tool will help you achieve proper cuts with neat edges in no time.

Cuttung Aluminum Window Frame

Cutting Aluminum Window Frame

How To Install Aluminum Window Frames?

The process of installation of aluminum window frames is given below; by following gradually, you can successfully install it.

  • The very first thing that you will need is the measurement of the area of the window frame on the wall. Take the measurements so that you can accordingly cut the frame as well as window glass.
  • Try to fit your aluminum window in that open slot present in the wall, make sure to level the window properly in the wall and to check if it’s leveled or not push it inside out and vice versa.
  • Drill the holes on the borders of the wall where the frame will be fitted and start fixing the frame one each side of the wall with the help of a screwdriver.


    Installing Aluminum Window Frame 

    Installing Aluminum Window Frame

How To Polish Aluminum Window Frames?

  • Water Spray Application

At first, you should clean the window frame by spraying water all over it, that will remove the dust and debris which might be present in the window frame.

  • Scrubbing of Frame

You can invest in good quality aluminum cleaner or make a solution of soap and water, scrub the frame with any of these and rinse with water.

  • Application of Polish

After you have cleaned and dried out the frame, you can start applying polish with the help of a brush over your aluminum frame and leave it to dry for some time.

 Polishing Aluminum Window Frame

Polishing Aluminum Window Frame

How To Seal Aluminum Window Frames?

To seal the aluminum window frames you can follow the below suggested steps.

  • First of all, clean the frames properly using a solution of soap and water and get rid of all the dirt and residue if present.
  • Once your window frame is clean and tidy, you can squeeze in some silicon in the caulk gun and apply a smaller fraction of silicon with the help of this gun at the cracks and opening.
  • Make sure to hold a craft spoon or a silicon spoon while carrying out this task to smooth the silicon layer so that it does not look messy.

Let it dry for a while and your open ends would be properly sealed in no time.Sealing Aluminum Window Frame

Sealing Aluminum Window Frame

How To Make Aluminum Window Frames Look Better?

Aluminum frames on their own are very appealing and classy; the best part is that they do not wear out easily, no matter what weather conditions you live in.

The life of an aluminum window frame would always be a longer one. However, still if you wish to bring a change and transformation in your aluminum frame you can choose to paint them differently, here some steps to do the task are provided:

  • Clean the Area

Cleaning the aluminum window frames is something you should be doing at all times, but specifically when you are about to paint them make sure to do a thorough cleaning job.

  • Prepare the Area

You need to mask the ends where you would not want to paint, do that with the help of a tape. Make sure to keep sheets to protect the floor from paint.

Also, cover the glass of the window with the help of a newspaper so that it remains protected from the paint stains.

  • Application of Primer

Application of primer should be the very first step of painting; it will give the paint a long lasting shine and durability that is very important. In addition, it helps make the surface look smooth.

  • Painting the frames

Once you have done the primer application and have let it dry you need to start painting the aluminum window frames.

You can go for spray paint, oil paint or powder paint. Usually spray paint offers the cheapest and the quickest painting whereas you can also apply oil paint too with the help of a brush.

Make sure to not apply so many thick coats at once, let them dry first and then apply another coat to ensure evenness.

  • Cleaning Up

Once you are done with painting and the paint has dried up too, remove the tapes and newspapers that have been taped earlier and clean the residue of paints with a thinner to give a neat look.

 Making Aluminum Window Frame Look Better

Making Aluminum Window Frame Look Better

Why Is Aluminum Used For Window Frames?

Aluminum has become one of the most popular kinds of material these days and is commonly used for window frames as compared to other materials like wood for several reasons:

  • It is lighter in weight, it becomes easier to be done with the repairs and replacements much faster due to its lightweight and also it does not add much pressure on your walls.
  • It is easy to maintain and does not corrode easily, you do not have to worry about its durability during the rainy and moist weather because it will not wear off with water.
  • It is a very strong kind of material that does not break or chip off easily, so you are at peace that you will not be needing frequent repairs and replacements with aluminum.
  • It is a totally recyclable material; hence, if you care for the environment your investment in aluminum window frames would be worth it.

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