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Aluminum Working platforms can be described as a group of mechanical devices creating temporary or elevated working space. LW Manufactures is a leading name in the manufacturing of these Platforms. Our platforms are manufactured with 6000 series Aluminum to maximize corrosion resistance and durability.

These aluminium Working platforms are used in many industries as efficient and time-saving tools. They are easily mobile. Just move it to the work location, jump onto the working platform and you are good to go.

We understand the Art of Work and our unique types and designs create a feasible and safe working environment for you and those around you. We have an extensive range of these working platforms for almost every industrial and construction work type.

Range of LW Aluminum Working Platform

Are you wondering about which one is most suitable for you? Let’s find out.
Double Step Aluminum Working Platform
45 Degree Aluminum Working Platform
45 Degree Aluminum Working Platform
Stairway Catwalks Aluminum Working Platform
Stairway Catwalks Aluminum Working Platform
Aluminum Working Platform
Wide Aluminum Working Platform
Large Industrial Aluminum Working Platform
Large Industrial Aluminum Working Platform
Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles for Load-Bearing Applications
Loading and Unloading Working Platform


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Working Platform

Lightweight and Safe

LW manufactures aluminum working platforms that are light weighted and safe at the same time as they have non-slip mats. They are easy to assemble. Even being lightweight, the weight-bearing capacity of these platforms exceeds expectations.

Good Corrosion Resistance

The additional quality of corrosion resistance of aluminum working platform has made it the top choice in the industrial and construction sector with extreme moist and heat conditions. It is far more preferred than the steel platforms.

Long Service Life

Aluminum is counted among the metals with extended service life. LW aluminum working platforms are the one-time investment that will work for you for a long period. They are durable and serve you with the same reliability for years after purchase.

Low Maintenance

These aluminum working platforms do not require any specific maintenance. You just need to clean them with a detergent and water or just pressure wash them.no periodic maintenance is required.


LW aluminium working platforms have legs that fold to move them from one place to other. Some are equipped with roller wheels to move them easily.

Multiple Height Options

The aluminum working platforms are height-adjustable, either by the electric system or hydraulic system. There is likely an option suitable for your required height.

Aluminum Working Platform

Custom LW Aluminum Working Platform In Bulk

We manufacture platforms of different types, design, and sizes for various aluminum working platforms.

  • Customization Facility

We are here to facilitate our esteemed customers, and hence we manufacture what they need. We are readily available to customize the aluminum working platform as per their needs and work nature.

  • One-Stop Solution

Aluminum working platforms are a one-stop safety solution for the industrial and contrition sector. no matter what height you want, we have it.

  • Load Capacity

You can opt from the load capacity ranging from 400 lbs. to 1500 lbs.

Usage of LW Aluminum Working Platform

Working Platform for Construction Industry
Construction Industry
Power Industries
Working Platform for Telecommunication
Working Platform for Production Industries
Production Industries
Electric Line work
Working Platform for Orchards and Farms
Orchards and Farms
Working Platform for Maintenance and Cleaning Work
Maintenance and Cleaning Work

LW Manufacturers and Suppliers_ Internationally Recognized Company

By virtue of the consistent hard work and quality control, LW Manufacturers and Suppliers is acknowledged widely in the field of Aluminum manufacturing. We offer you highly compatible platforms at the best possible rates.

You can always rely on us for the most reliable and quality-oriented platforms. Our expert team is always at you service to provide you with each detail you need to know.

 Don’t hesitate to contact us and clear your mind of any doubts about the quality and customization.

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Aluminum Working Platform – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Aluminum working platform is a requirement that may be needed in different businesses small as well as big.

If you are also looking to have hands-on aluminum working platforms in bulk, this is a great idea.

Do you need some really nice aluminum working platforms to install at your client’s business, you should then follow this FAQ guide and get all the details regarding the queries you may have in mind.

Aluminum Working Platform – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is the purpose of an aluminum working platform?

An aluminum working platform offers a workspace to everyone who would want to gain access to their tasks easily on the platform.

Aluminum working platforms these days are ideal and offer a light in weight and adjustable experience for everyone who would want to work using a support.

 Purpose of Aluminum Working Platform

Purpose of Aluminum Working Platform

What are the safety precautions needed for using an aluminum working platform?

A few of the most important precautions that must be taken into consideration when using an aluminum working platform may include the following:

Make sure to check the working platform thoroughly before starting to work so that any loose ends may be fixed beforehand.

Always get the aluminum working platform installed by a professional.

Ensure that appropriate support is offered to the aluminum working platform.

While working on the aluminum platform, make sure that nobody is standing or sitting under it.

Do not put and use any such machinery that has a very heavy weight in comparison to the aluminum working platform.

Ensure that the ends of the aluminum working platform are properly scrapped and finished so that no cuts and injuries may be caused while working.

Do not install an aluminum working platform at an unusual height.

Make sure someone is there standing downside while you climb the platform in order to support and hold the moveable working platform.

Always use a handrail when climbing the ladder of the aluminum working platform.

Safety Precautions for Aluminum Working Platform

Safety Precautions for Aluminum Working Platform

Is an aluminum working platform safe to use while working?

Aluminum working platform is safe to use in all aspects provided that you have taken all the necessary precautions while using it.

In addition, the installation must be done properly, if your aluminum working platform is installed properly, it won’t cause any trouble while working in terms of safety.

Is an aluminum working platform durable?

Yes, an aluminum working platform is much more durable as compared to the other opinions of a working platform. Aluminum itself is a very light in weight material hence installing it is a safe task.

Moreover, aluminum is a kind of material that neither rusts nor corrodes and it doesn’t even rot, so if you are using it for work purposes you can be rest assured that it is going to last for years and years with no wear and tear.

Secondly, aluminum is a weather-resistant material too, hence if you even have outdoor work and you install it outdoors you won’t be facing any worn-out issues with the aluminum working platform.

Durability of an Aluminum Working Platform

Durability of Aluminum Working Platform

What is the life expectancy of an aluminum working platform?

Aluminum working platforms may easily be used for a span of more than 20 years. This is because this material requires very less maintenance and if you take care of it well you can use it easily for years.

Moreover, when it comes to the installation part of these aluminum platforms you just need to ensure proper installation and your working platform is going to stay in a usable state for a long time.

How to store aluminum working platforms?

The process of storing the aluminum working platform may depend upon which kind of aluminum working platform you have.

If you have a foldable one you can fold it back when not in use and get a cover made for it, by covering it you will be protecting it against dust and dirt.

On the other hand, if you have an aluminum working platform that is not foldable but clamped to your wall you can easily cover the platform part with a cover made for the same dimensions and keep it safe.

Storing Aluminum Working Platforms

Storing Aluminum Working Platforms

How to assemble an aluminum working platform?

The process of assembling an aluminum working platform is highly dependent on the kind of aluminum working platform you buy.

If you choose to have the basic aluminum platform clamped in the wall you can easily just drill the brackets in the wall and then make your platform intact to those brackets with the help of screws.

Secondly, if you have a movable and tower style aluminum working platform, you will need to first make a frame by joining all the pieces. Some of the aluminum platforms have sufficient slots for fixing pieces.

Whereas, some won’t have those slots and will require you to drill holes in the parts and secure them with a screwdriver.

It is always suggested to get the aluminum working platforms assembled by trained professionals so that one may always have a sense of security.

Assembling Aluminum Working Platform

Assembling Aluminum Working Platform

How to dismantle aluminum working platforms?

In order to dismantle the aluminum working platform you can easily unscrew the joined parts back one by one and separate them.

In case your aluminum working platform was held together using the slots provided in the frames, you would have to pull the pieces and parts back from the slots in order to dismantle it.

Are aluminum working platforms equipped with ladders?

Not all aluminum working platforms will be equipped with a ladder. However, certain aluminum platforms that have a height and require climbing up will be equipped with a ladder.

You can also customize your aluminum working platform by getting it installed with a ladder as well if your work requirements demand this from you.

Aluminum Working Platforms with Ladders

Aluminum Working Platforms with Ladder

Can aluminum working platforms be customized?

Yes, aluminum working platforms are totally customizable. You can have your choice of height, width, and thickness of the platform.

Whether you need a foldable platform or a fixed platform. Whether you need it to be a moveable one or the one that is clamped to a wall.

Apart from this the working space length can also be determined by you and if you need, you can also add a ladder to your working platforms.

Depending upon the needs of different factories, aluminum working platforms may be made with a proper walkway as well.

Is the height of the aluminum working platform adjustable?

If you tend to choose a working platform that has ladders installed within them you can easily adjust the height.

The aluminum platforms that are equipped with a ladder usually come up with the adjustable height choice so that the user may either increase or decrease the height of the platform as needed.

Whereas, when it comes to the aluminum platform that is installed with the wall with a clamp it won’t have an adjustable height. Therefore, you can choose the kind that is needed as per the requirement of your work.

Adjustable Aluminum Working Platform

 Adjustable Aluminum Working Platform

How to remove paint from an aluminum working platform?

In order to remove the stains of paint from an aluminum working platform you can use any of the two ways suggested below:

  • You can make a solution of vinegar and baking soda and dally it to the part from where you have to remove the paint. Let it sit for a while and scrub with a piece of cloth, later you can rinse that area.
  • If the above method doesn’t work, you can use a paint remover and apply it to the designated area from where you want to remove the paint using a piece of cloth and then rinse that area.

How is aluminum working platform used in industries?

The aluminum working platform serves a lot of purposes in the industries and some of these may include the following:

In the aviation industry to allow the passengers to climb to the airplane, or to transport their luggage in the plane. In addition, to fix any kind of damage or refuel the airplane these may be used.

In the construction industry to transport materials and to carry out construction related tasks.

In the manufacturing concerns to keep the raw materials and to reach to the storage areas.

Aluminum working platforms may be used in the cleaning industry as well to clean the outdoors of different companies and also paint the outdoor areas.

Installation of HVAC may be done using these aluminum working platforms.

Apart from all this, aluminum working platforms may be used to carry out the different processes of manufacturing in the industries.

How to install a handrail on an aluminum working platform?

In order to install a handrail in your working platform you will be required to follow these below-suggested steps:

At first, you will have to mark the points where you are going to install the handrail.

Measure the length of the handrail needed and mark it on the handrail bar using a measuring tape.

Now, cut down the handrail of the desired length using a circular or miter saw.

Now, take the brackets to hold the rain and mark points over which these will be fixed.

Drill the holes for the brackets on the aluminum working platform and also on the handrail.

Now with the help of screws, fix the brackets on the aluminum working platform.

Set your handrail on the brackets and screw the handrail with the help of a screwdriver.

This will allow you to install the handrail on the aluminum working platform making it easier to climb and work.

Handrail on Aluminum Working Platform

Installing Handrail on Aluminum Working Platform

How to install a suspended aluminum platform?

To install a suspended aluminum platform you will need the following steps to be followed:

Create a framework fit over which the support will be given, this will be done using the aluminum bars.

First of all take the pole bars and fix them properly by adjusting their heights on the floor.

Now take the horizontal bars and lay them on the poles for a support of the aluminum working platform.

You will now need to clamp the rope with the rope sheaves and adjust the height required with the help of the sheaves for the rope.

Make sure the rope is properly clamped and now place this rope sheave on the standing poles of aluminum and fix them properly with the aluminum pole bars.

Just ensure that the rope is tightly clamped with the right clamps used and the fixing of the rope sheave with the aluminum bar pole should be tight enough to ensure safety.

Susended Aluminum Working Platform

Suspended Aluminum Working Platform

What are the benefits of an aerial aluminum working platform?

Following are the benefits of the aerial working platforms:

Aerial working platforms made from aluminum are much safer than any other kind of a platform.

They allow easy moving over the platform without the risk of falling.

These are much more stable than the suspended ones and hence safer to work with.

They are suitable for reaching to heights because they are stable enough and hence support the team working very well.

The hassle of balancing oneself while working is eliminated when an aerial working platform is used.

Since there is no risk involved, teams are able to work faster and more efficiently as compared to the suspended working platforms.

These are supportive when you have to reach the areas that are at height and difficult to reach while repairing and cleaning tasks, even when you need to carry out painting of high-rise towers.

Aerial Aluminum Working Platform

 Aerial Aluminum Working Platform

What is an adjustable aluminum working platform?

An adjustable aluminum working platform is a kind of working platform that has a height that may be adjusted according to the needs.

For instance, if you have to work at a heightened place you can increase the height by adjusting its bars accordingly.

When you are required to work on a lower height you can lower the height through its adjusting panels. Such aluminum working platforms are always a blessing as you can use the same platform for multiple tasks.

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