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LW high-quality Aluminum Z channel

LW is a Chinese company that deals with the manufacturing and supplying of all aluminum products. Our exceptional services make us a leading company in the world. We own up-to-date machinery and are well aware of modern requirements.

LW step into the aluminum production industry 15 years ago and now has established into a well-known company all over the world.

We use premium quality aluminum 6061 for the manufacture of aluminum z channel that adds an effective strength to it and gives it high stability.

Customers prefer the aluminum z channel as it possesses considerable strength, lightweight, and corrosion resistance capacity to the steel and copper z channels.

Our aluminum z channels are sold on a large level because of their quality and extensive range of applications.

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LW Aluminum Z Channel product Classification

1- Aluminum z sharp corner channel

Aluminum z sharp corner channel

It is the most commonly used form and has sharp corners. The majority of aluminum z channel is manufactured in this form. It is used on a commercial scale

Aluminum z hanging channel

This form of aluminum z channel has a plane z-shaped channel. It is used for heavy-duty and light-duty hanging purposes, generally for the hanging of mirrors and pictures.

2- Aluminum z hanging channel
Aluminum z architectural shadow trim channel

Aluminum z architectural shadow trim channel

This form of aluminum z channel contains slots in it. It is mainly used in homes and offices as structural components. You could easily add more slots to it according to your requirement.

Aluminum z diamond plead channel

This form of aluminum z channel has a diamond-shaped content on it. It gives an aesthetic look and is used for decoration on a domestic scale.

Aluminum z diamond plead channel


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Reasons why to choose LW Aluminum Z Channel?

One-stop service

LW provides a one-stop service that offers a multitude of services to our customers, saving them considerable time and effort.

Affordable rates

LW provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy the purchase of good-quality aluminum products at affordable rates.

Quality supervision

LW manufactures quality aluminum products. We have certain departments for checking the quality of the products before they sell out.

Customization service

LW allows its customers to customize the product to their liking. It offers you to select the features like color, size, design, and other options to make a more unique item.

Fabrication of products

Our engineers are skilled in performing the fabrication methods such as anodizing, sandblasting, plating and give a polished shine to our products.

Friendly service

LW offers 24/7 customer care services by listening to our customers very carefully. Our staff is knowledgeable about the products and provide all the best to you.

LW your Aluminum Z Channel Manufacturer Expert

LW manufactures and supplies all the aluminum products and aluminum z channel that are light in weight and highly durable with a wide range of sizes and colors. 

  • Multiple sizes

Aluminum channels have diverse range of applications so are manufactured in different range of sizes for particular applications. Aluminum z channel is 

  • Various Designs

Every product has a particular design to fit a certain application. LW is reserved with the availability of all the designs of the specific aluminum product. You can enjoy diverse range of product designs here.

Applications of Aluminum Z channel

Aluminum z channel for fencing system
Fencing system
Aluminum z channel for heavy duty picture or mirror hanger
Heavy-duty picture or frame hanging
Wall mounting display
Aluminum z channel for constructional work
Constructional work
Aluminum z channel for carpet edging decoration
Carpet edging decoration
Tile transition
Support structure

LW, a highly established aluminum manufacturer company

LW is one of the best leading aluminum companies in the world. LW has been providing you with its services for fifteen years.

The premium quality of our aluminum products validates our highly professional services. The prime quality of our products is the key to our achievements at international level.

We have specific departments to check out the manufacturing process, check the quality of the products, secure packaging of the products, and timely delivery.

In this regard, we are blessed for having a highly responsible team in every department. We keep an eye on every step from manufacturing to the delivery of the products.

LW has highly professional and skilled engineers and custom staff to deal with the customers.

We have a very friendly environment with customers. Our team members make sure to fully satisfy our customers. We have won the trust of millions of customers all over the world.

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