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Why to choose LW Aluminum Z Clips Manufacturer

LW offers you a diverse range of z clips in a wide variety of sizes that all are supportive, maintain aesthetic look of your house and are durable.

Our all z clips are made of high quality aluminum, they could make sure to meet all your unique needs and specifications.

Our sales team and technical team could help you decide what will be best suitable for your different projects. Aluminum z clips help you to maintain clean look of your home or office by fulfilling your hanging purposes efficiently.

 They are made up of aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 accessible in diverse colors, thickness, size and length that perfectly meet your requirement.

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Product Categories

Classification of LW Aluminum Z Clips

1/4 Aluminum Z clip
1/4 Aluminum Z Clips

LW 1/ 4 Aluminum Z clip permits for quick mounting and evacuation. We make sure to facilitate your desires.

Interlocking Aluminum Z clip
Interlocking Aluminum Z clips

It came in diverse number of styles and strength so that it can perfectly fit on your demand. They are durable and long-lasting.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Z clip
Heavy Duty Aluminum Z clips

They are most suitable for displaying or hanging large format projects. Heavy duty aluminum clips wedge together in order to lock your panels in place.

5/8 Aluminum Z Clips
5/8 Aluminum Z Clips

LW 5/8 Aluminum Z clip are generally used for all installations whether exterior or interior. They are mostly suitable for places where large engagements are required.

Aluminum Gap Skirting
French Cleat Aluminum Z Clips

It is one of the most popular product and a modern choice that consist of two aluminum cleats one to mount on wall and other flipped and attach with the item which you are going to hang and thus provide secure point for hanging .

Benefits of LW Aluminum Z Clips:


Aluminum z clips are highly cost-effective. They are helpful in savings as you have to just spend money for once and can enjoy for long period of time due to its permanence and no need of maintenance. Moreover they are cheaper than steel z clips.

Easy to install and remove

Z clips are very simple to install. You don’t need any special skill to install them. Besides being easy to install you can also remove them easily without damaging the wall or any other spot where you have install it.


As aluminum is not easily affected by weather, doesn’t corrode and a sturdy material so it run over a long period of time. No doubt it is the most economical and wise choice.

Aesthetic look

It meet all your hanging purposes whether of home or industry and it do it in such a way that the beauty of your place enhances and permit installer to have a wrapped up panel without having any confront nailing or screws.

LW Aluminum Z Clips Marked Profile

LW offers you z clips that are weightless, supportive and tough with wide range of size and style.

  • Size:

LW is at your service to help you get the exact z clip according to your need. Our z clips are present in variety of size 3/8” to 5/8” lift off, 1- 1/ 4” tall, 1-1/2”, 2 to 3” wide or can be costumed according to your need.

  • Load:

Aluminum z clips are highly strong and sturdy they can hold heavy loads easily so are getting so much popularity. Most probably 1.5” clip can endure vertical load up to 421lbs while in case of lateral load it can hold 105lbs.

Application of Aluminum Z Clips

Aluminum Z clip for wall panel
Wall Panel
Aluminum Z clip for cabinets
Aluminum Z clip for projecting sign
Projecting Sign
Aluminum Z clip for Window Frame
Window Frame
Aluminum Z clip for Acoustic panel
Acoustic Panel
Aluminum Z clip for Display
Aluminum Z clip for hanging
Aluminum Z clip for Shelving

LW Aluminum Z Clips Entrepreneur- Internationally recognized company

LW aluminum z clips manufacturers are not new in this field. We are providing you with services from over past fifteen years.  Our customers are satisfied with us.

They trust the durability and quality of our products. Our technical team is well trained and providing you with other than available services customized ones.

We are equipped with modern machinery and the facility of CAD system. Our z clips are used in number of industries like architectural companies, wall panel companies, by builders, commercial architects etc.

We provide you with excellent customer service, same day shipping and fabrication service. These are the things that increase our demand in market and people prefer us.

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Z - Clips - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You may use Z Clips to hang your components or anything else that you think deserves to be hanged.

Although highly beneficial, there are still plenty of questions regarding how to use it properly which is why LW made sure to compile the frequently asked questions by our customers!

Looking for the frequently asked questions regarding Z clips? Here’s the list:

Z Clips - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. How Do I Use Z Clips?


Z Clips

Z Clips

  1. Know where to put your z clips.

First and foremost, you must know where you will be using your z clips so you’ll be able to properly assess where you will be using it.

  1. Install the z clip on the application.

Then, using two screws, attach one z clip to the item’s back.

Before adding the second screw, make sure the previous one is secure using a magnetic level.

The top part of the object is the finest place to place it.

  1. Start securing the z clip.

A single screw will do for the second z clip’s anchoring.

The z clip is the perfect option since it’s both strong enough to grip and flexible enough to move with your hand.

2. How To Use A Biscuit Jointer To Attach Z Clips

2 - Z Clips and Biscuit Jointers

Biscuit Jointers for Z Clip Attachment

First and foremost, you must know where you will be using your z clips so you’ll be able to properly assess where you will be using it.

  1. Prepare the z clips.

Make sure the z clips you want to connect are all in the same place before you begin joining them together.

  1. Mark where you’ll be placing the z clips.

Dots should be made at each location where biscuits will be served.

Similarly, mark the piece.

  1. Adjust the biscuit jointer’s settings.

Use the biscuit joiner’s settings and stops to adjust the cut depth.

Firmly press the joiner into the pencil marks.

Each piece cut should have a slot cut into it.

  1. Use glue

Apply wet glue or any effective adhesive on each biscuit or apply glue to the slots.

Each position has a space for a biscuit. Fill it up.

  1. Use clamps.

Use clamps to hold the two pieces together.

Before the glue dries, remove any remaining globs with a damp cloth.

When not in use, thoroughly clean the joiner by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. How To Use Z Clips Framing

3 - Z Clips for Framing

Z Clips For Framing

  1. Prepare the canvas and the place.

Make sure the canvas fits snugly into the rear of the frame before you begin.

The stretcher bars and the frame’s wood will compress and expand when the temperature changes, thus a modest amount of movement is necessary.

The canvas will stretch out of shape over time if it is too tightly fitted into the frame.

To prevent any damage you the frame, be sure to work on a level, clean surface and place the frame on a blanket when inserting the Z Clips.

  1. Use a hammer.

To fully penetrate the Z Clip into the board, use the hammer to pound on the end of the clip.

When tapping the Z Clip, it is best to have someone else hold the frame in place to avoid damaging the edge of the frame. When all Z Clips are in place, repeat the process.

  1. Attach.

Place the canvas in the rear of the frame, being careful not to damage it.

Remove all the Z Clips.

The canvas is then secured in place using Z Clips that have been twisted over the stretcher bars and tapped into the wood of the stretcher bars.

 Before hanging the canvas on the wall, you need make sure it is securely attached to the wall.

4. How To Use Z Clips For Whiteboard?

4 - Using Z Clips for Whiteboards

Z Clips For Whiteboards

Here are the 8 steps on how to properly use z clips for your whiteboard:

  1. Attach the template to the wall in the desired location.
  2. Adjust the template’s placement using a level.
  3. Before you begin cutting out the rectangles, make a mark with a pencil on the wall where you want them to go. Once the template has been traced, it may be removed from the wall.
  4. In order to use them, place them so that their holey side is facing outside and their lip is facing up, then line them up along the rectangle’s bottom line.
  5. Zinc anchors (provided) must be inserted into the wall if no stud is present where the screw is to be installed. Once the zinc anchor is attached, a screw may be inserted through the z-clip and into the zinc anchor.
  6. If the screw is inserted into a stud, no extra hardware is required. If the wall is made of concrete or brick, you will need a masonry bit and concrete anchors.
    7. The screws should be uniformly distributed throughout the z-clips.
  7. Make sure the z-clips connected to the markerboard are aligned with the z-clips attached to the wall before placing the markerboard against the wall.

5. How To Install Heavy Item On Wall With Z Clips

5 - Z Clip for Heavy Items

Using Heavy Items for Z Clips

Heavy items in general are difficult to install given the weight and intensity but here’s how using z clips!

  1. Locate the ideal spot on your wall for hanging your object.
  2. Glue a piece of carpet molding to the wall.
  3. Using the other end of the strap, secure the hefty item to the back.
  4. Make that the channel is pointing downward depending. Every hole should have a screw in it, too.
  5. Bottom corners should be given a rubber bumper (1/2 or 3/4 of an inch, depending on how deep you need them to be).

6. How To Install Wall Panels With Z Clips

6 - Z Clips for Wall Mounts

Z Clips For Wall Panel Installation

Installing wall panels using z clips can be quite a tedious and difficult undertaking which is why we wrote the 5 steps on easily installing wall panels using your z clips!

  1. Lay wall clips into the panel clips with the panel facing up so that the back side is facing you.
  2. Measure the distance from the top of the panel to the bottom of the wall clips. (For further information, see the appendix.)

This will determine the length of the bottom of the wall clips in relation to the required panel height.

  1. Draw chalk lines on the wall at the specified heights.
  2. Wall clips should be attached to the wall at the chalk lines. 
  3. Place the panel on the wall at least 34 inch (three quarter inch) higher than the required height and firmly push the panel on the wall. To activate the clips, lower the panel. Make sure all the clips are in place.

7. How To Mount A Tabletop With Z clips

7 - Z Clips for Table Top Mounting

Z Clips For Tabletop Mounting

Mounting a tabletop with Z clips can be quite intimidating which is why we simplified it to just 4 easy steps!

  1. Measure the elevation at the opposite end of the clip by pressing the screw end firmly against a flat surface 
  2. Use a router, table saw, or biscuit joiner to cut a groove on the top of each apron piece at that measurement.
  3. Approximately 8–12 mounting screw pilot holes should be marked through the tabletop by drilling apart and using a depth stop.
  4. Clips should be attached to apron sides and ends in the manner described.

8. How To Mount Acoustic Panels With Z Clips

8 - Z Clips or Acoustic Panel Mounting

Z Clips For Acoustic Panel Mounting

Acoustic panels are great components to the modern-day homes of many people, which is why we condensed the installation process into just 6 steps!

  1. On the wall, mark the placement of the panels.
  2. Keep in mind that the top of the panel must have at least a 34″ clearance.
  3. It’s time to put the Impaling Z-Clips into place, aligning their placement with those on each panel.
  4. Take measurements of the Z-Clip points on the panel’s back and transfer those measurements to the panel’s surface.
  5. Raise panel such that the Wall Bars are above the Impaling Z-Clips at the rear of the panel Drop the panel until the Z Clips in the Wall Bars are completely engaged.
  6. A 34″ reveal will be left between the ceiling and the top of the panel when using this installation method.

9. How To Hang Z Clips

Hanging artwork, signs, and wall panels are all made easier using Z clips, a multipurpose tool. Here are the steps you can take to properly hang your z clips:

  1. Start familiarizing yourself with the z clips.

Pads will be matched to the size and form of the z-clips they are attached to. Make sure the clip is pointed in the appropriate direction before you fasten it to get the most out of it.

There are two black z-clips on the wall, with one pointing up and one pointing down as seen in the figure below.

The tip of  z-curved clip are used for  indication for the direction of movement. Panels with curved ends are easy to install and remove. A one-inch overlap between the clips is recommended.

  1. Establish a starting point.

Mark the bottom in places where it is necessary.

  1. Put the z clips in place.

Please make sure the pad if flat and directing up before attached the z-clip to the panel.

  1. Mark the top

Using a permanent marker, draw a line from the top of the wall z-clip down to the end of the safety wall panel. Then deduct 2 34 inches from this distance.

Use the 3/8 inch screws to attach the clip to the pad. And repeat this method for the bottom set of z clips.

Three-eighths-inch screws secure the clip to the pad. The bottom set of z clips requires a repetition of the previous step, as shown here.

  1. Begin attaching.

Attach the wall pad to the screws that were previously inserted in the wall and secure it in place. Please conceal the hardware behind the wall pads.

10. How Long Does It Take For LW To Manufacture Z Clips

Manufacturing and supplying Z clips can take quite a while depending on the order quantity placed but typically, it takes no more than 1 month!

If you have any more questions regarding LW’s manufacturing process, feel free to message us!

11. What Are Z Clips?

9 - Z Clips

Z Clips

If you have a tiny space, you won’t have to trade beauty for practicality as you would with standard hanging systems.

Because of its sturdiness and adaptability, Z clips may be utilized in a broad variety of settings despite their little size.

12. Where To Buy Z Clips?

You can purchase z clips from us at LW, feel free to contact us for a free quote!

13. Can Z Clips Be Used In Soffit Conditions?

Yes, z clips can be used in soffit conditions given that it’s durable and can stand well on its own against harsh sunlight and weather conditions.

14. How Many Z Clips Needed For Table Tops?

In general, the z clips needed for table tops doesn’t exceed more than 20 but this is highly dependent on how big the table top is and how sturdy you want it to be.

Although, for a more direct consultation and more accurate quantity, feel free to contact us here at our website to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your z clips!

15. Which Is Stronger, J Channels Or Z Clips?

In general Z clips are indeed way stronger than J channels because of how most Z clips are made from aluminum.

However, both are good for different pursposes and it depends on the application.

16. How Much Weight Do Z Clips Hold?

To put it another way, the average weight of a single 1.5″ Z-Clip is 421 pounds vertically, and little over 100 pounds horizontally.

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