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Anodized heatsinks are an excellent solution for a wide variety of thermal management applications.

They may be used to raise or lower an object’s temperature, depending on the direction of heat transfer through the heatsink.

Their color is eye-catching, and they come in a variety of sizes to meet any demand. They provide that additional touch of panache with no drawbacks!

Anodized heatsinks are a component of a computer’s cooling system.

They are meant to absorb and transmit heat generated by the computer’s components in order to keep it from overheating.

Anodized heatsinks are required on every motherboard with an integrated graphics card or chip set, much more so if you want to use your computer for gaming or other graphically heavy applications such as video editing software.

Anodized Heatsinks

Anodized heatsinks outperform standard heatsinks in a variety of ways.

Most importantly, anodizing forms a very hard oxide layer on the heatsink’s surface that enables substantially greater heat dissipation than standard thermal epoxy coatings.

Anodizing heatsinks ensures that your product generates less waste and performs better.

This implies that manufacturing quality is critical. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your product’s performance while minimizing waste generated by anodizing heat sinks.

Anodized Heatsinks


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LW: The Superior Manufacturer of Anodized Heatsinks

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Aluminum heatsinks are widely used in a variety of industries, as they are highly reliable and very cost effective. With more than 15 years of experience manufacturing electronic components, we offer high quality anodized aluminum heatsinks at competitive prices. We provide heating solutions for applications in many industries including automotive, electronics production and telecommunications. Our team is waiting to assist you with your heating needs!

Various Options to Choose

If you are looking for high quality heatsinks to use in your heat-generating equipment, you should consider contacting us. We specialize in making heatsinks using a variety of different materials and colors. Our reputation for being a trustworthy manufacturer stems from our ability to quickly deliver top-quality products on schedule and at a competitive price. Our experience with anodizing gives us a competitive advantage over other manufacturers who may use less efficient methods of production.

Unique Anodizing Process

We are the go-to source when you need heatsinks to mount these components. Our unique anodizing process enables us to produce heatsinks with a wide range of colors and finishes, including bright metal finishes such as gold and silver. Our team of expert engineers works closely with you to design and manufacture your heatsink exactly as you require it.

Worldwide Excellence

We can help you in your need of anodized heatsinks. We are a manufacturer of electronic parts and components, especially anodized heatsinks. We have been doing business for many years. With our rich experience and high quality products, we have gained the trust and support from our customers via international markets.

Anodized Heatsinks

Why You Should Be Using Anodized Heatsinks

Dissipate Heat Excellently

Anodized Heatsinks are used in many different ways from laptop computers to marine applications. They are sturdy, low profile and ruggedly constructed. These heatsinks can be used to dissipate up to 40 Watts of heat from a device! They are ideal for PCBs and other electronic devices that require mounting flexibility on it’s motherboard. There are various uses for these heatsinks as well including automotive, marine, medical and even aerospace industries. 

High Airflow and Low Noise Levels

Improve cooling performance and prevent heat damage with this stylish anodized heatsink fan. Designed to be used in computers, PC cases, and anywhere else where the heat needs to be taken away, this heatsink fan is made from aluminium and has a black anodized finish, it will not corrode or rust over time. Using a brushless DC motor to provide high airflow at low noise levels and high efficiency.

Common Anodized Heatsinks Applications

Anodized Heatsinks for Trucks
Lightning and Power Industries
Anodized Heatsinks for Communications Industry
Communication Industry
Anodized Heatsinks for Cars
Anodized Heatsinks for Aerospace
Aerospace Industry

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Aluminum heatsinks that have been anodized are utilized in a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, automotive, communications, and military.

They are constructed of extruded aluminum and have a hard anodized coating for extra scratch resistance and protection.

Heatsinks made of anodized aluminum are lightweight, robust, and simple to produce. Contact us now to learn more about our anodized heatsinks.

An anodised heatsink is most often used to disperse heat generated by a chip or integrated circuit (IC).

Anodized heatsinks are often used in the electronics industry to protect the sensitive portions of high-temperature components and circuits such as high-voltage diodes, transistors, and other active chips.

The primary benefits are their light weight, machinability, and low cost in comparison to more sophisticated technologies such as copper clad laminates.