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Ardent Black Aluminum Fence Making Firm

LW distinctly uses aluminum to manufacture the black aluminum fence for its customers. There is a reason behind using just aluminum for making the fence because it is lightweight and less costly.

Aluminum is easily moldable and can work under different temperatures. Your aluminum fence does not rust or break under environmental conditions.

We can make your fences with any other material you want. We offer a wide range of varieties in the black aluminum fence, which you can use anywhere based on your need.

Furthermore, we also give different color options because they add beauty to the area where you use them.

We have instructed our team to work on strict grounds to maintain your requirement. You’ll not find any inconvenience on our part!  

LW Supply Black Aluminum Fence Manufacturing

Products - Black Aluminum Fence

Black Aluminum Wall Fence
Black Aluminum Wall Fence

If you want a wall and a fence simultaneously, this is undoubtedly for you. Its distinct design provides you with a two-in-one function.

Black Aluminum Fence for Amusement Parks
Black Aluminum Fence for Amusement Parks

These fences look great in the parks giving an aesthetic look to the whole environment and providing the purpose of a door.

Folding Black Aluminum Fence
Folding Black Aluminum Fence

It is a foldable fence, perfect for buildings or houses. 

Black Aluminum Fence for Factories
Black Aluminum Fence for Factories

These are big, and industries highly prefer these fences to store their products or mark some areas.

Security Black Aluminum Fence
Security Black Aluminum Fence

These fences are extensively used for security purposes in different areas like colonies or defense housing schemes.

Black Aluminum Fence for Outside
Black Aluminum Fence for Outside

People use this fence in the housing areas to mark their territories.

Black Aluminum Fence for Gardens
Black Aluminum Fence for Gardens

Like parks, these are a great and of aesthetic use in the gardens.


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LW Black Aluminum Fence – Advantages


Fence materials such as iron or steel are heavy to ship or lift. Our aluminum fence is easy to carry due to the lightweight aluminum used.


It sits accessible on your monthly cost because we give affordable prices for your black aluminum fence.


It easily fits the area where you want to apply it.

Easy Repair

Due to the high-quality aluminum because it does not get damaged easily.

Enhances Beauty

Black aluminum fence is an excellent source of enhancing beauty or aesthetics. It gives a unique and modern look to your houses or buildings.


Because of the genuine raw material, your black aluminum fence is highly durable.

Black Aluminum Fence

A Competitive Black Aluminum Fence Supplier

Fences come in different materials, but LW chose to make them with aluminum because they are long-lasting and un-damaged.

Your black aluminum fence is fade-proof, and it is reliable quality-wise. 

The different sizes according to the other uses are given below:

  • Residential Sizes

For residential or household uses, black aluminum fence are of different sizes. Either these are used above the stairs to keep the toddlers safe, or they are used as mini gates.

Their rail can be straight or of any design you want. The distance between the fence rods is between 3 to 16 inches as per the area. Its width and height are also designed according to the required measurements.

  • Commercial Sizes 

For commercial uses, industrialists like narrow black aluminum fences. The rod gap of the fence is between 3 to 5/8 inches. The length and widths are according to the area of application.

Applications of Black Aluminum Fence

LW manufacturers low maintenance and premium quality aluminum fences that contribute significantly to your needs. Their applications fall in the areas like:

Black Aluminum Fence for Industries
Black Aluminum Fence for Houses
Black Aluminum Fence for Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools
Black Aluminum Fence Alternative for Gate
Alternative for Gate
Black Aluminum Fence for Gardens
Black Aluminum Fence for Schools and Buildings
Schools and Buildings

Customized Black Aluminum Fence

We focus on customer satisfaction mainly because a happy customer enhances the company’s credibility. LW is always mindful of maintaining good relations with its clients. 

The black aluminum fence we manufacture is high-quality and toxic-free with a minimum cost. It will indeed have a positive effect on your budget.

Other than the above liabilities, we provide you with customization services through which you can design your aluminum fence.

You can either change the color, decrease or increase the length, or make any other changes in the dimensions. We give you a free hand to mold your product according to your own choices.

Visit our manufacturing firm anytime or talk to our customer services staff. We can give you further tips for the improvements in the black aluminum fence designs.

Get detailed product details by talking to our business advisors today! 

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