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So far, we have manufactured plenty of products and sold them in the market. We have recieved an excellent response from our customers because these are properly utilized.

Our black whiteboard is one of those products that customers cherish after buying it from us.

The black whiteboard can be made useful for a variety of tasks from the home kitchen to the workplace. Our blackboards are Black Dry Erase Boards which is why any color of marker suits them. Their use is not only for adults but it is kid-friendly. 

Our Black Dry Erase Board comes in various sizes. We make customized black whiteboards of your choice with a Minimum Quantity Benefit. 

So do not wait to get started with our Black Dry Erase Board.

Black Dry Erase Board Products

Glass Dry-Erase Blackboard.

Glass Dry-Erase Blackboard

These Black Dry Erase Boards are of smooth glass surface with neon Black Dry Erase Board Makers. This package ensures effortless and stainless erasing. The installment kit has mounting anchors.

Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Blackboard

The black magnetic board is a frameless glass which enhances the room or office presentation. It has easy installation with screws from the front towards the wall.

Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Blackboard.
LED Illuminated Blackboard.

LED Illuminated Blackboard

This black glass board illuminates what is written on it. It is usually used at restaurants to make a cozy environment. Businesses buy it for advertising their products and brands with its eye-catching features.

Enlighten Dry-Erase Blackboard

The Black Dry Erase Board which is a Gloss black marker board. It gives quality writing and erasing experience. It accepts dry-erase and wet-erase markers. With its smooth finish, it allows for neat writing.It has stainless steel mounts and neon chalk markers.

Enlighten Dry-Erase Blackboard


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Black Dry Erase Board- Advantages

Clean surface

The black glass whiteboard has a shiny surface for display at public places and homes. The fluorescent markers look attractive on it. Its ultra-blackness maximizes visibility and clarity making it easy to write and erase.

Frameless features

With frameless boards, you can save much space. By stacking several Black Dry Erase Boards side by side you can create maximum space for writing. Our blackboards are for maximum usage in classrooms and offices.

Teaching made easy

Instead of the use of a projector, the use of colorful markers on the Black Dry Erase Board is more convenient and a cheaper option. It saves electricity and there is no danger of bulbs wearing out as in projectors.


Other than writing, the black whiteboards are used for posting announcements and notes as they are metallic. They can also be used as screens for a movie.


The blank white board is reusable as it is dry erase so you can re-write anything or record scores of a game and modify them by erasing.

Black Dry Erase Board

An Upgraded Black Dry Erase Board

Our Black Dry Erase Board has the following specifications: 

  • Invisible mounting

The black whiteboard can easily be installed with invisible mounting that is presentable and enhances the home decor.

  • Non-toxic

The Black Dry Erase Board and the ink of markers are environmentally friendly.They are made of unpoisonous accessories. So they have no unhealthy effects.

  • Practical

Whether it is on the fridge or a wall, the black whiteboard is handy for writing important details like grocery and other reminders. The structure of blackboard is not too huge and bulky which saves space wittingly.

  • Cost-effective performance

The Black Dry Erase Boards are cheaper than other writing alternatives, but that does not compromise their excellent performance.

Numerous Applications of Black Dry Erase Board

Grocery list
Black Dry Erase Boards as Weekly Planners.
Weekly Planners
Black Dry Erase Boards for Menu.
Black Dry Erase Boards in Classrooms
.Black Dry Erase Boards for Solving Numerical and Equations.
Solving numerical and equations
Food stalls
Black Dry Erase Boards for Visual Presentations.
Visual presentation
Black Dry Erase Boards for To Do Lists.
To-do lists

Customized Black Dry Erase Board

Our products such as the Black Dry Erase Board are manufactured in sanitized environments.

Additionally, we prepare our black whiteboards without any toxins, so they are safe to work with at homes, schools and office environments. 

Our Black Dry Erase Board comes in different sizes and styles such as glass or magnetic. We make personalized Black Dry Erase Board upon orders by you.

Other than that, you can utilize our after-sale services in any possible way. 

Our R&D department is keen to build Black Dry Erase Boards upon request from our customers.

As professionals in the field, our employees help with the after-sale services of our Black Dry Erase Boards.

Therefore, you are welcome to stop by our one-stop facility for the Black Dry Erase Board products of your choice.

So, hurry up to order your Black Dry Erase Board from us.