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We recognize that you expect the best level of quality and service, and LW strives to exceed your expectations with each order. With our revolutionary boat windshield frame extrusion, we’re delighted to provide you with a fantastic solution for your aluminum needs!

You may achieve your requirements by using our boat windshield frame extrusions, which allow for increased light production while lowering the demand for power. We offer boat windshield frame extrusions and aluminum to meet your needs.

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Common Series for Your Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion

Boat windshield frame extrusions can be made using a lot of aluminum grades, namely:

1000 Series for Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

The 1000 series, unlike the other alloy classes, includes no major alloying additives. As a result, it is virtually
totally aluminum, yet despite the lack of other alloys, it provides high corrosion resistance as well as strong
thermal and electrical conductivity.

2000 Series Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion
2000 Series for Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

The copper addition alloy in the 2000 Series for Boat windshield frame extrusions is equivalent to steel in
terms of hardness. There are minor element additions, but these alloys include at least 2% copper, making
them extraordinarily robust. These alloys are difficult to weld, but they yield a strong metal that is helpful in
situations that need pure strength.

3000 Series Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion
3000 Series for Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

The 3000 series, like the other aluminum grades, is differentiated by its extra alloy, in this instance, it’s
Manganese. This series is tougher than the 1000 series, yet it retains weldability and corrosion resistance. It lacks heat treatment possibilities but makes up for it in weldability and corrosion resistance.

4000 Series Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion
4000 Series for Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

Because to the presence of silicon as an alloy, the 4000 Series has a lower melting point, making it a good
filler material. This series is heat treatable and has high weldability and machinability. This grade is widely
used in welding operations as a filler material.

5000 Series Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion
5000 Series for Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

The 5000 series is a set of alloys that are mostly composed of magnesium. Other elements, like as manganese
or chromium, may be included in some alloys. Because of their exceptional corrosion resistance, these alloys
are ideal for marine applications like as boat hulls and storage tanks.

6000 Series Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion
6000 Series for Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

These alloys are highly common alloys for a variety of applications in industries such as construction,
architecture, vehicles, and others. Because of their above-average strength, excellent corrosion resistance,
and good machinability, materials in this series respond well to heat treatment and retain their workability
after tempering or annealing when utilized as thin wall aluminum tube.


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Advantages of LW Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

Fully Equipped

Our LW-series boat windshield frame extrusions are made to order for your specifications. We reply quickly to customer inquiries and guide you through the entire procedure. Fitting, manufacturing, and painting all demand a high level of precision, and are done by trained engineers with professional abilities and expertise.

Excellent R&D Team

We have one of the best R&D teams in the world that are on a never-ending mission to satisfy our customer which includes you. Our R&D team separates us from other manufacturers because we aim to impress.

Highly Engineered

Thanks to our equipment and skilled workers, we can provide cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, CNC machine, welding, and assembly. Our boat windshield frame extrusions are intended to meet the requirements of a wide variety of light and heavy construction applications in buildings and industrial activities.

Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion

Your Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions Supplier

LW will provide top-tier boat windshield frame extrusions all the time, here are the things that we take pride in:

Finishes of All Kinds

We offer all the finishes required for boat windshield frame extrusions. Because we have trained staff and aluminum experts, you can expect that we can provide all the finishes you’ll want or need.

Colors of All Kinds

If you’re looking for a color that matches your tastes, we’ve got you covered! Our boat windshield frame extrusions, and other aluminum goods may all be customized.

Shapes of Every Kind

Choosing a shape and length is also critical, which is why we provide a variety of shapes and sizes for your boat windshield frame extrusions and aluminum needs.

Your Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion Applications

Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion for Yachts
Naval Ships

Boat windshield frame extrusions can be seen in a lot of seafaring vehicles and other things.

Small Commercial Fishing Boats

A lot of fishing boats require the use of lightweight and durable boat windshield frame extrusions.

Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion for Jet Skis
Jet Ski

Some jet skis utilize boat windshield frame extrusions to protect the rider from many things that could hurt

Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion for Yachts

One of the many places where you can find boat windshield frame extrusions is in yachts.

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