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LW: Bonded Fin Heat Sink Specialists

The bonded fin heat sink is a low thermal resistance heat sink, with high performance and reliable thermal conductivity due to its copper bond structure. 

It has multiple fins which increase the surface area for greater heat dissipation and decrease the overall object size. Its compact design and lightweight make it easy to use in any space.

Every electronic product produces heat, but it’s a problem if it causes the product to overheat. This can impact performance and shorten the life of your product. 

When it comes to dissipating heat and safeguarding your electronics, nothing beats a bonded fin heat sink. Designed to disperse heat from equipment operating at high temperatures, bonded fin heat sinks are an excellent choice.

From powerful server room equipment to search-and-rescue drones, bonded fin heat sinks are economically superior in performance and reliability and help keep your products running at the optimal temperature.

Bonded Fin Heat Sink

High power dissipation chips are well suited for bonded fin heat sinks. The metal bond between the fins improves thermal conductivity and makes for a stronger, more durable construction. 

This allows transistors to dissipate over twice as much heat as standard designs do.

A heat sink with bonded fins has two key advantages. Spreading the load over a broad region improves heat conductivity. Another benefit of linked fins is that they provide a larger surface area for heat dissipation by convection.

In situations where cooling is crucial, bonded fin heat sinks are the best option.

Bonded Fin Heat Sink


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LW: Bonded Fin Heat Sink Specialists

We are committed to providing the best.

LW is one professional bonded fin heat sink manufacturer. We are committed to providing high quality products and superior customer service. Find out why our customers have been choosing us as their bonded fin heat sink manufacturers for over 15 years.

Long-term thinking.

We have the ability to provide you with a real custom solution for your true end product needs. We are a bonded fin heat sink manufacturer, not just one who makes parts and passes them on to someone else for assembly. This is a true value-added service when it comes to bonded fin heat sinks that you simply won't find anywhere else.

Competitive pricing.

At LW, our goal is to deliver great products at a competitive price. We specialize in all heat sink designs, including bonded fin heat sinks, rough welded heat sinks, solid machined heat sinks and cast aluminum coolers. With more than 15+ years of experience and many happy customers, Bonded Fin Heat Sink has become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

We provide for every industry.

Thermal exchange between a heat source and the surrounding environment may be improved by using bonded fin heat sinks, which are intended for this purpose. There are several applications for bonded fin heat sinks, including semiconductor, medical and industrial production.

Bonded Fin Heat Sink

Why You Should Be Using Bonded Fin Heat Sink

Flexible and lightweight

The aluminum composite panel used in the Bonded Fin Heat Sink has a high thermal conductivity and an effective thermal conductivity, making it an excellent heat sink choice. 30-40mm in height and 60-100 in depth are the dimensions of the panel. Overall, the Bonded Fin Heat Sink’s design is straightforward and adaptable. Lightweight, simple to install, quick heat dissipation, and minimal noise are some of its features.

Optimal thermal circulation

In general we use rectangle-shaped package to pack  Bonded Fin Heat Sink, they could be used in the forced air refrigeration and heat pump condenser. The gap between each fin can be 0.15 to 1mm, and the surfaces are smooth with no sharp edges. It has good compatibility with medium or high pressure water systems, it makes use of thermal circulation and heat transfer principle, thus better than the traditional flat type fin disk which requires air volume to increase greatly in order to get the same effect. 

Common Bonded Fin Heat Sink Applications

Bonded Fin Heat Sink for Water Systems
Water Systems
Bonded Fin Heat Sink for Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices
Bonded Fin Heat Sink for Computers

LW: Why We Are Bonded Fin Heat Sink Manufacturing Experts

We are your bonded fin heat sink manufacturer because we offer the highest quality bonded fin heat sinks for your application by in-house engineering, producing and testing. 

Bonded fin heat sinks provide superior performance, lower costs and reliable solutions when compared to conventional heat sinks. 

We have been the trusted bonded fin heat sink manufacturer for more than 15 years.

As a leading bonded fin heat sink manufacturer, we understand the importance of heat sink quality. The efficiency of your computer cooling system is one of the most important aspects in maintaining long-lasting, reliable computing.

 That’s why we strive to provide only the best quality bonded fin heat sinks for our customers—we wouldn’t settle for anything less than you deserve.