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CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control.” It is a technique in which computer software is used to operate different machines and manufacture CNC aluminum extrusion profiles.

These machines remove the layers of material from the workpiece to get specific shapes and designs. The workpiece can be of any material, e.g., metals like aluminum, steel, etc., and wood, plastic, glass, etc. 

The device used for this technique is called CNC Machine. This machine controls many operations like thermal, mechanical, chemical, electrical, milling, drilling, turning, etc.

CNC machining is an essential process after the extrusion of metals. LW has been providing the best CNC services to its customers. Our CNC aluminum extrusions are not only elegant but also durable. We have the best quality CNC machines that provide good CNC machining to our products. 

LW CNC Aluminum Extrusion suppliers have experience of 15 years to give better services to our customers. Our employees are available anytime to answer your queries. We provide all types of CNC machining according to the customer’s demands. 

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Wholesale CNC Aluminum Extrusion

  • Reduction of Labor Cost

As CNC machining is an automated technique controlled by computers, it does not require labor. A program operates the machine, and all of its functions are done automatically without requiring any manual work.

Therefore, there is no need for many laborers working on different machines to manufacture CNC aluminum extrusions. 

  • Time-Saving

Computers operate CNC machining. Computers, unlike humans, do not require any rest and can work continuously for a more extended period. Due to this, many operations are done on CNC aluminum extrusions like drilling, milling, etc., saving plenty of time. 

  • Increased Output

CNC machining is an automated technique. It is operated continuously for days without any break. Therefore, LW can produce a large number of CNC aluminum extrusions in less time. It helps in increasing the output of the process.

  • Precision and Accuracy

Computers, as compared to humans, can work more precisely and accurately. Computer-based errors are pretty rare as compared to human errors.

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Advantages of LW CNC Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers and Suppliers:

Wide Selection Choices

LW provides a range of choices to select for their customers. Our team customized the products into different shapes, colors, and lengths. The CNC aluminum extrusions can also be customized into various shapes like t-slots, heat sinks, channels, or any aluminum product. The color choice consists of Black, gold, silver, bronze, and many more.

High-Quality CNC Machinery

Our team ensured the quality of the products and the quality of machinery used. For CNC Aluminum extrusion, high-quality CNC machines are used, resulting in quality products. Our QC department keeps it in check 24/7.

Various CNC Processing Options

LW provides many CNC processing options like milling, drilling, punching, tapping, turning, etc. These help in processing a variety of CNC aluminum extrusion profiles that clients use for many purposes.

Many Finishing Choices

Our team is an expert in various finishing techniques. We provide the CNC aluminum extrusions with wood effect, PVDF, sandblasting, powder coating, anodizing, electrophoresis, milling, and many other options.

Fast Delivery

LW is the best choice for fast delivery services. We provide you fast and on time delivery of CNC aluminum extrusions. Our team works hard to save your time. They also make sure to maintain the quality even after delivery.

Good Customer services

Our LW team is well-trained to be available for our clients 24/7. You can get your queries answered anytime. Our team provides every information regarding the CNC aluminum extrusion to our clients.

Your CNC Aluminum Extrusion Expert

The CNC machining of extruded aluminum enhances its appearance and durability. The CNC aluminum extrusions are much better in their appearance due to surface finishing and are shaped into any design we want. It improves the usage of extruded aluminum products.

  • Sizes: 

CNC aluminum extrusions are available in different sizes. it can be used for all almost all  purposes.

  •  Colors :

CNC aluminum extrusions are manufacured in customized colors and standard colors like White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc.

Applications of Aluminum Profiles

CNC Aluminum Extrusion for Windows Doors
Thick and Thin-Walled CNC Aluminum Extrusion Tubes
Thick and Thin-Walled CNC Aluminum Extrusion Tubes
CNC Aluminum Extrusion for Industrial Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Medical Industry
Decorative Items
CNC Aluminum Extrusion for Frames
Sliding Channels
CNC Aluminum Extrusion for Electronics
CNC Aluminum Extrusion for Transportation

LW the Trusted Platform for Top-Notch CNC Aluminum Extrusion

LW has been a highly trusted company by clients for many years. LW is also known for suitable quality, CNC Aluminum extrusions used to make a variety of extruded aluminum profiles. 

Our CNC aluminum extrusions are made from different grades of aluminum alloys most commonly used are 6000 series. CNC aluminum extrusion is widely used in the metal, medical, aerospace, and aircraft industries.

So, CNC machining produces a large amount of accurate sized and shapes. CNC aluminum extrusions at a time without any error. 

Our CNC machining is the best choice for controlling heavy machinery. 

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