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LW: Premier Cold Forged Heat Sinks

Cold Forged Heatsinks are an excellent technique to disperse heat generated during energy transmission in electronic equipment, as well as divert this energy away from sensitive circuitry.

Cold Forged Heatsinks provide a variety of advantages over other forms of heat sinks, including increased durability, a smaller profile and weight, a longer life duration, and improved thermal conductivity.

Cold Forged Heat Sinks are among the most robust and effective heat sinks currently available.

When a heat sink is cold forged, a thick, robust material is created that is resistant to damage or fatigue.

These devices include a mix of holes and fins to maximize cooling performance.

Choose these when you want a dependable heat sink for your computer or electronics.

Cold Forged Heat Sinks

Cold Forged Heatsinks are well suited for a wide variety of applications, from consumer electronics to heavy industrial.

The material’s special features help avoid thermal damage and assist in heat dissipation. They are resistant to heat transfer and performance deterioration, making them an excellent choice for industrial application.

Cold forged heat sinks outperform powdered metal heat sinks in a variety of ways because of heat sink cold forging.

They are more compact, lighter, and more capable of dissipating heat than any other sort of heat sink. We have the expertise to back up our claims as the third biggest producer of cold forged heat sinks.

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Cold Forged Heat Sinks


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LW: The Leading Manufacturer of Cold Forged Heat Sinks

Bringing Your Vision to Reality

LW offers you the best quality and price. LW's cold forged heat sinks are extremely popular in many industries. We can provide all kinds of shapes and sizes for your customized applications. Just tell us your unique requirements or show us your drawings, we'll make them for you. Our heat sink cold forging is top notch.

Competitive Pricing and Engineering

LW Engineering is a manufacturer of cold forged heat sinks, aluminum heat sinks and steel heat sinks for computer and industrial applications. LW Engineering utilizes proprietary machinery to produce high quality products, including customized designs. This allows us to meet the needs and specifications of our customers. Our cold forged heat sinks are an excellent alternative to cast iron or other material types because of excellent heat sink cold forging; they're lightweight, thermally conductive and durable. LW Engineering provides both one-off and small run orders at competitive prices.

Highest Quality Always

Our cold forged heat sinks are designed and engineered to provide the best performance and reliability at a competitive price. Our team of engineers works with the best manufacturers in the industry for high quality materials, highest hot & cold surface hardness standards and passivation processes that exceed military specifications

Precision Engineering and Manufacturing

Our cold forged heat sinks are precision engineered to maximize heat dissipation while providing a long service life and low total cost of ownership. They are designed to handle the rigorous environments faced by modern, high-power electronics and industrial coolers. Cold forging heatsink is an excellent choice for precision.

Cold Forged Heat Sinks

Why You Should Be Using Cold Forged Heat Sinks

Easier & Flexible

Cold Forged Heat Sinks offer many benefits over competing products, like larger surface area for greater convection cooling, easier installation and lower tooling costs, in addition to providing a more compact solution that allows for easier packaging on OEM products. These benefits result in lower thermal resistance allowing for cooler running devices with faster response times. Moreover, cold forging heat sinks are excellent choices.

Great Commercial Usage

Cold forged heat sinks do this by acting as a thermal buffer between two objects. These unique properties make cold forged heat sinks ideal for use in motors, lamps, DC voltage controllers and other appliances that experience high levels of heat buildup. These types of products will often be found in commercial settings, such as hospitals, schools, businesses and more.

Common Cold Forged Heat Sinks Applications

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LW: Well-Trained Specialists in Cold Forged Heat Sinks Manufacturing

Cold Forging is the manufacturing method used to create many of your favorite airsoft goods. Cold Forging is a technique for shaping metal by impact rather than pressure.

The hammering motion between the two materials crumples the material together, resulting in much more strength than milling or stamping.

Our heat sinks are intended for use in electrical equipment where heat transmission is required.

They are made entirely of pure copper using a cold forging method. Cold forging is preferable than casting because it achieves 100% contact with the base metal, has a greater density, and is less porous.

Our substance has no trace metals or other contaminants that might pose a health risk.

Our heat sinks are distinguished by an innovative design that maximizes thermal performance via the use of micro-vacuum technology (MVT).

Cold forged heat sinks are designed to conduct and dissipate thermal energy. They are used in a variety of electronic components, because of their ability to both instantly remove heat from an item, as well as distribute it among other elements.

This synergistic combination leads in increased thermal performance, reduced pressure drop, and low back pressure, all of which enable more compact, efficient designs with fewer components.