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Why Choose LW Conveyor Aluminum Profile Manufacturer?

LW supplier & manufacturer provide you with reliable & best quality conveyor aluminum.

We have a brilliant engineering team & professional R&D department to customize any product to your specifications and manufacture LW conveyor aluminum profiles using top-level machines and modern technology.

LW manufacturer comes with the high durability of LW conveyor aluminum and promises his customers to provide top-class products.

With LW, you can resolve all your difficulties at a one-stop station. LW offers after-sale service to its customers to facilitate our customer’s needs.

LW company is certified with ISO & owns an excellent inspection team. So don’t worry about our product’s quality.

LW has Friendly staff to facilitate our customers.

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LW Conveyor Aluminum Profile

LW Conveyor Aluminum Profile Product Classification

Extruded T Slot Conveyor Aluminum Profile
Extruded T Slot Conveyor Aluminum Profile

Sixty series have 6061 aluminum extrusion for an assembly line in industries. They are solid and ideal enough for a machine frame.

Conveyor Aluminum Profile Roller
Conveyor Aluminum Profile Roller

LW aluminum conveyor roller has high strength, and the primary purpose is to transport goods from one place to another.

20x80 Conveyor Aluminum Profile
20x80 Conveyor Aluminum Profile

It is widely used aluminum. Present in slot size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. T shape profile and use in transportation tool.

9090 Conveyor Aluminum Profile
9090 Conveyor Aluminum Profile

LW 9090 aluminum conveyor has a T shape and is used for guarding machinery and linear system.

Normal Silver Extruded Conveyor Aluminum Profile
Normal Silver Extruded Conveyor Aluminum Profile

It has a square shape and has a grade 6000 series. Use in workbench, conveyors, and machine guard.

Brush Conveyor Aluminum Profile
Brush Conveyor Aluminum Profile

Grade 6000 series and has a square shape. Available in length 50-6000mm & used for decoration purposes.

80 Series Conveyor Aluminum Profile
80 Series Conveyor Aluminum Profile

Eighty series have 8080, 80120, 80160 extrusion profiles. They are applied to the edge of the framework and work stations and conveyor system.

Conveyor Aluminum Profile for PVC Belt

The Deck frame is 4590 aluminum extrusion, and the leg frame is 4545 aluminum extrusion.


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Benefits of LW Conveyor Aluminum Profile

Excellent Engineering Team

LW aluminum has a professional engineering team to meet your needs and an R&D department to produce an aluminum profile for you.

Quality Guarantee

LW conveyor aluminum is ISO certified company and has the top best inspection team. So do not worry about the product quality.


LW aluminum extrusion supplier & manufacturer build the products with the best materials.

One-Stop Service

LW provides you with a versatile range of products and gives you innovative ideas & designs for your project. Customizes the products to your specifications and saves your time.

Stable Delivery Time

LW supplier delivers the product on time (within 20 days).

Care Center

LW conveyor aluminum supplier offers a friendly team to resolve your problems even after the sale.

Conveyor Aluminum Profile

Your LW Conveyor Aluminum Design Guide

LW Conveyor aluminum provides brilliant and innovative designs for your project. With LW, you could obtain high-quality, reliable aluminum products at a reasonable cost. We have a versatile range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

  • Different Colors

With LW, you could customize any color for the aluminum profile that you need. Aluminum has silver, bronze, grey, nickel, black, golden, and champagne wooden.

  • All Kind of Sizes

LW conveyor aluminum supplier provides aluminum profiles in bulk with various sizes to meet your necessities. You quickly find suitable size from our company.

  • Various Shapes 

We provide different shapes of aluminum extrusion to facilitate you—our professional engineering team also customizes the forms of products on customers’ demands.

Different Applications of LW Conveyor Aluminum Profile

Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Conveyor Aluminum Profile in a Building
In a Building
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Airports
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Agriculture Sector
Agriculture Sector
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Warehouse and Logistics
Warehouse and Logistics
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Packaging Industry
Packaging Industry
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Mining Industry
Mining Industry
Conveyor Aluminum Profile for Transporting

LW Conveyor Aluminum Profile Verdict

LW aluminum supplier & manufacturer provides high-quality and best industrial aluminum profiles to meet your necessities and project specification. 

We have over 15 years of rich experience in providing premium quality aluminum profiles.LW could OEM & ODM and custom all-aluminum profile according to your specification.

Our experienced and professional team will resolve all your worries and guide you in every aspect. LW conveyor aluminum is ISO certified brand. Also owns the best inspection team, which checks or adequately inspects every product. 

LW conveyor aluminum is an experienced and one of the best manufacturers & suppliers of high-quality conveyor aluminum profiles. Our items have perfect handling, stable with high tensile strength. LW conveyor aluminum is usually used in many sections.

Our humble and gentle sales team is always there to help you.

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