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Corrugated aluminum pipes are a great alternative to PVC or copper pipe when building a new water source. Not only is it easy to install, it’s durable and cost-effective too. 

Our corrugated aluminum line of tubing is constructed with lightweight, easy to handle aluminum. To ensure you get a quality product, each length is pressure tested without fail. 

Corrugated aluminum tubing is a smart application for replacing traditional PVC and CPVC pipe applications—and at a higher density that makes it stronger than conventional pipe. 

We offer both rigid couplings and adhesive couplings to ensure you’re getting the right materials for the job. So next time you’re looking for piping solutions, turn to us at LW.

Corrugated Aluminum Pipes

Corrugated aluminum pipes are the best choice for transporting fluid (gas or liquid) under harsh conditions. 

Aluminum is a light yet strong alloy which is corrosion-resistant, has good fatigue strength and its expansion is almost half that of steel. 

The corrugated frame acts as a jacket/protectant to insulate the pipe’s walls from temperature and pressure changes.

The high tech glass insulation liner prevents heat transfer to the outer shell, which keeps a consistent temperature inside the pipe, prolonging its lifespan. 

Corrugated aluminum pipes have great tensile strength and are flexible enough to achieve curve entry and make replacement easy. They are immune from corrosion from soil gas and water seepage.


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Specialized Manufacturer

At LW, we know you want quality Corrugated Aluminum Pipes and a reasonable price. Our long standing relationships with mills around the world allow us to create a full line of high-quality products, including Corrugated Aluminum Pipes. We specialize in value added services such as precision cutting, bending, and finishing. You can trust our vertically integrated manufacturing process to deliver the best products, on time and at a reasonable price.

Experienced and High-Quality Always

We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing high quality Aluminum Corrugated Pipes. Our Aluminum Corrugated Pipes are widely used in the engineering industry, construction industry and automotive industry. Since we produce all of our products, we can provide you with high-quality products which are ideal for your project.

In-House Experts and Engineers

With our own factory specializing in producing corrugated aluminum pipes, we can offer you not only the best quality, but also a very good price . We manufacture all kinds of aluminum corrugated pipes according to the drawings or samples from our customers.

A Companion for Growth

From the idea on the drawing board to the development of a model, we use the most advanced CNC equipment, High-precision processing, and reasonable structure. As a manufacturer, we are committed to 100% quality control process, To ensure product quality, reasonable prices and reliability.

The Benefits You Could Get By Using Corrugated Aluminum Pipes

Attractive and Useful

Today, corrugated aluminum pipes are used for everything from residential to commercial installations. They are more durable than their hot-rolled counterparts, and are attractive additions to a home’s exterior or a business’s façade.

Extremely Lightweight Material

Corrugated aluminum pipes are extremely lightweight, making them easier to transport than traditional steel pipes. Their corrosion and scratch-proof finish ensures that they’ll last. They’re built to connect with other corrugated aluminum pipes as well as with our line of steel and plastic pipe connectors.

Where You Can Use Corrugated Aluminum Pipes

Corrugated Aluminum Pipes for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Applications
Corrugated Aluminum Pipes for Residential Buildings
Residential Applications
Corrugated Aluminum Pipes for Drainage Systems
Drainage Applications
Corrugated Aluminum Pipes for Roofs
Roofing Systems
Corrugated Aluminum Pipes for Air Ducts
Air Ducts
Corrugated Aluminum Pipes for Downspouts

LW: Stellar Corrugated Aluminum Pipes Manufacturing

Corrugated aluminum pipes are ideal for use in plumbing, air ducts, and other building structures in a commercial environment that require the lightest, strongest material available. 

Corrugated aluminum is made from pure aluminum, not just aluminum coated with plastic or resin. 

The thin, rounded aluminum sheets that have been used to make corrugated products are very light in weight yet also very strong.

These pipes are two layered, hollow, bent steel sheets separated by an air cavity. 

They’re easy to handle and store, as they don’t take up much space. In addition to this, corrugated aluminum pipes are available at a cost effective price for your construction needs.

Corrugated aluminum pipe is a member in the family of building products consisting of water tanks and corrugated metal sheets. 

If desired, they may be used in many ways: as decoration in hotels or restaurants; to install heated containers and tubs; to create a canopy or tent; as well as for work such as setting up air conditioners, ventilation systems and other things like that.

Corrugated aluminum pipes are used for all types of applications. 

In architectural and structural applications, they are primarily used as scaffolding, planes, and supports. In civil engineering applications, they are used to build bridges and roads.