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A processor heatsink is a device that disperses the heat from a computer while sitting on the top or inside of the computer.

While working continuously for several hours, the CPU generates a lot of heat that might results in the shut down of a system so to make your pc work efficiently we all need a processor heatsink to make our computer work properly and run efficiently.

LW manufacturer being one of the top leading manufacturers and suppliers in China with years of experience excels in manufacturing top-most quality products.

You can get here the advanced Cpu cooler heatsink that makes your system cool and help them to work efficiently without getting shut or down.

Categories of a CPU Heat Sink

1. Low profile CPU heat sink

Low profile CPU heat sink

The low profile CPU heat sink is an ideal cooler for small factor build. Their high compatibility doesn’t
overhang the ram. Fan with PMW support and low noise Adaptor , it could control speed . At the same time,
it could be ultra-quiet operation.

Black CPU Heat Sink

The black CPU heat sink comes with a heat pipe of direct contact technology that radiates the heat out of it
efficiently. It has a smart fan sensor for protection from jams that resist the cable to get snugged or tangled.

2. Black CPU heat sink
Premium CPU heat sink

Premium CPU heat sink

The premium CPU heat sink is designed with 6 heat pipes and 2 fans providing excellent cooling services for
your system. There is a highly PMW supporter fan with a low noise adapter for automatic speed control.

Dual fan CPU heats sink

A dual fan CPU heat sink comes with a dual fan that cools the CPU up to 250w TDP, unlocking higher
performance by keeping the system cool. The cooler has high compatibility and easy installation suitable for
almost all types of modern computers.

Dual fan CPU heat sink


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Benefits of the CPU heat sink

Avoid malfunctions

A CPU cooler heatsink doesn’t only help it to cool down the system, but it also boasts the productivity of the processor and avoids malfunction and buffering.

Thermal stability

Thermal stability is another great benefit of processor heatsink this keeps your CPU cool and protects your system from overheating. The CPU cooler heatsink processor has an advanced cooling fan that regulates the temperature.

Easy to install

The processor heatsink is easy to install and maintain. Their installation is easy and doesn’t require much time therefore easy to operate.


The CPU heat sink is reliable and trustworthy. You can only install them in your pcs and it protects them from getting shut or going less powered.

Multi uses

A processor heatsink has many uses and it is being used in many industries to cool down the CPU and GPU, as well as to control electronic devices like transistors and lasers.

CPU heat sink

Certified-based product at your doorstep

  • Custom-made heat sink

We can make custom-made CPU cooler heatsinks on demand according to the specific needs of your system. Our staff engages with our appreciated customers to provide them with the best quality products.

  • High productivity and manufacturing solution

Our technicians have the manufacturing solution you can get any kind of help with your processor heatsink from our high-quality staff and there is a high rate of productivity in our warehouses.

  • Multi facilities

You can get the customized processor heatsink also there is a free sample and design available for our customers. OEM/ODM services are also available or you can new design solutions as well.

  • Competitive prices

High-quality products are available at competitive prices in the market. On your demand, there are different
kinds and sizes of CPU heat sink available in our stock.

Applications of CPU Heat Sink

CPU heat sink in laptop
CPU heat sink in pc__
Processing Unit
CPU heat sink in transistor

LW Manufacturer- Superior quality with reasonable prices

LW manufacturer a certified-based company in China provides superior quality products with reasonable prices at your doorstep.

There are many varieties of products of different kinds and sizes available with innovative designs and techniques, and an on-demand supplier facility is also available.

All the products are made under the supervision of experts and there is a full inspection of the processor heatsink, provided after the inspection the products are delivered to the desired location with fast packaging and shipping services.

The CPU heat sink is one of the major demands in the computer industry due to its application.

You can get the top-most quality products at LW Manufacturer that provide reliable and durable processor heat sinks.

You can also consult our technician or experts in terms of any guidance or manufacturing solution as we are always there to help our customers.

For order or any query, do contact us!