The Custom Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer

The perfect Custom Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer and Supplier

LW is providing its customer with 100% pure aluminum material. We are here to boost your business or home products using LW’s custom aluminum extrusions.

Our expertized team makes sure to create the best version of custom aluminum extrusions provided to us by our customers. We can take aluminum from the very initial stage and make the desired design. 

LW can do it through different techniques and procedures like extrusions, fabrication, machining aluminum, tooling it, anodizing, and assembling them.

Our custom aluminum extrusions can be a new design given to us by you, or else, we can guide you with our engineering expert team on how to custom make a cost-saving custom aluminum extrusion.

Connect with us any time you want a premium aluminum extrusion!

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profile

Extruded Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

Extruded Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

We help you design the idea and prototype the aluminum extrusion profiles and aluminum extrusion profiles accoesroies.

Like aluminum angle, aluminum tube and so on.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Tubing

Aluminum tubing has many shapes that can be custom-made on your orders.

These shapes are oval, square, round, rectangle, oil tube, capillary tube, cylinder tube, telescope tube, microchannel tube, pump tube, airfoil tube, thin-wall tube, large tube, and other customized tubes.

2 Custom Aluminum Extrusions Tubing
T-Slotted Custom Aluminum Extrusions

T-Slotted Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Using our latest tooling technology, LW will provide you with T-slot custom aluminum extrusions.

You can assemble it for machine guards, workstations, clean rooms, office furniture, safety enclosure, etc.

Window and Door Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profile

99.7% pure aluminum ingot raw material is used to make high-quality custom aluminum windows and doors.

Also, it goes through 6 testing labs inspection before dispatching.

4 Window and Door Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profile
Custom Aluminum Extrusions Heat Sink

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Heat Sink

It is widely used in many industries like architecture, IT, consumer, medical, power conversion, etc.

It is suitable for use as a power heatsink amplifier, power supply, and industrial control.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Fabrication

LW has the latest fabricating equipment through which custom aluminum fabrication can be done manually and automatically.

Laser engraving, CNC, bending, welding, and cutting or drilling are aluminum fabrication procedures.

6 Custom Aluminum Extrusions Fabrication
Different Types of Custom Aluminum Extrusions Bars

Different Types of Custom Aluminum Extrusions Bars

The different types of bars include a flat bar, a square bar, and a round bar.

We could custom them based on your requirements.


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Advantages of LW's Custom Aluminum Extrusions

24/7 Customer Service

We provide the best possible customer service to our customers. In general, LW could provide professional technical support, after-sales service,dies drawing and manufacturing. Also, LW is a one-stop service provider where you can make all aluminum-related work possible.


Having different machines for different tasks makes LW well-equipped and robust. We have production lines, including extrusion, electrophoresis, anodizing, powder coating and paint production lines.

Consistent Quality

By aligning our significant production tasks and delivering them on time, we consistently provide quality custom aluminum extrusions to our customers.

Short Lead-Times

We deliver your ordered quotations within the specified time. Prioritizing our customer's needs, we provide a shorter lead-time to you.

LW Custom Aluminum Extrusions Expert

  • Wall Thickness

LW provides the thickness of custom aluminum extrusions as per the customer’s requirement. From large extruded aluminum to the fine smallest, and thinnest-walled custom aluminum extrusions.

  • Shape

We carefully design the shape of the custom aluminum extrusions. The rightfully designed aluminum extrusions are designed as T-slot extrusions, cylinder shapes, telescopic tubes, microchannel tubes, and many more. First checked upon the tolerance of the aluminum, and then the form is molded as per the customer’s demand.

  • In-House Operations

All in-house secondary operations are done on time. These include cut-to-length, CNC machining, anodizing, and assembling.

Applications of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Building and Construction
Building and Construction
Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Automotive
Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Furniture
Electrical Industry

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer

With over 15 years of aluminum industry experience, LW is a proud aluminum manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide customization to its best.

Aluminum extrusion is the process of making aluminum profiles in which We carefully design the mold and manufacture the desired aluminum extrusions within the specified time.

Also, we give you advice about customization and how you can better make your desired product. From selecting aluminum alloy to heat treatment procedures and then profile designs for your product, LW is there to help you out.

Contact our 24/7 customer team for more queries and more consultations.