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LW has a full-time R&D team that is trained to fulfill everything you need. They do everything they can to assist clients in developing the best product and the most distinctive idea.

 The LW company has a reputation for great quality and a quick turnaround. LW is your reliable partner in China, providing you with custom heat sinks that satisfy all your specifications and standards.

If you have you any custom heat sink requirements for your different project, you only need to send us your design and tell us your detailed requirements. Then we could custom the design based on your needs.

If you want to know more about our products details, welcome to inquiry us now! We will be here for you on 24/7.

The Different Types of Heat Sinks

Each of LW’s aluminum profile brackets were made to fulfill a specific purpose. Here are the 5 standard aluminum profile brackets:

Mill Surface Finish Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Custom Machined Heat Sinks

LW is your one-stop shop for machined custom heat sinks with intricate features, curves, cut-outs, and through holes. Our precision machining capabilities help you save money while not sacrificing performance or quality. We can cool power supplies, telecommunications equipment, computers, and printers, to name a few.

Extruded Custom Heat Sink
Custom Extruded Heat Sinks

Extruded heat sinks are one of the most prevalent types of heat sinks today since they are used for temperature management and are made of aluminum. If you’re looking for an affordable custom heat sink manufacturer that specializes in anything aluminum, LW’s got you covered.

Die-Cast Custom Heat Sink
Custom Die-Cast Heat sinks

Die-cast Heat sinks are made using aluminum as well like extruded Heat sinks and are used to regulate the temperature, often in cooling down. These custom Heat sinks can be used in any application to generates heat.

Custom Forged Heat Sinks

Forged Heat sinks are made from a process called cold forging which basically makes a lot of fins. One of the reasons that forged Heat sinks are used is because of its added benefit of having to use only a singular set die. This custom Heat sink is more expensive to make because of the process but is highly useful.

Custom Skived Heat Sinks

Precision skived custom heat sinks are made by physically peeling the copper foil from a pre-cured copper sheet and then attaching it to a copper core. The skiving procedure results in superior thermal performance since it allows for high fin density and narrow fin heat sink designs. The single-piece construction means no misaligned seams, no epoxy shrinkage, and a robust, solid structure.

Stamped Fin Custom Heat Sink
Custom Stamped Fin Heat Sinks

When heat is too much, custom stamped heat sink with straight fins could disperse the heat efficiently and safely. Convection is used in this heat sink to remove more heat at the same temperature difference. The innovative fin design also maximizes surface area, guaranteeing that more energy is evacuated at the same temperature difference.


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Why Should You Choose LW as Your Custom Heat Sink Provider?


It's natural to feel overwhelmed if you're looking for a custom Heat sink but don't know where to begin. After all, there is a lot of information on the Internet, and questions can quickly mount up. But don't be concerned. Whether you want anything for industrial uses or specialized applications in the automotive, marine, or aerospace sectors, LW will do everything possible to guarantee that your custom Heat sink shines at what it does best.

Highly Trained Experts

LW is a leading custom Heat sink manufacturer. We specialize in custom Heat sinks of all sizes and shapes and provide them at competitive prices. Our team is comprised of highly trained, experienced, and dedicated specialists with a broad understanding of the Heat sink business. Working with us, you can count on receiving only the best quality for all your projects.

Premium Quality Every Time

LW is your one-stop shop for high-quality custom Heat sinks. We manufacture high-quality custom Heat sinks and make every attempt to meet your specific requirements. Our custom heat sinks are built entirely of high-quality materials, assuring maximum thermal conductivity and long-term performance. We have established a bespoke formula for producing the top performing heat sinks on the market based on our years of industry experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Custom Heat sink?

Heat sinks are used in many electronics projects to dissipate heat away from a specific component. 

Traditionally, figuring out the right Heat sink for your project is an arduous task that requires hours of calculating and prototyping. 

Thankfully, LW offers customizing heat sink. You could get all kinds of different colors, shapes, size and design for your custom hear sink .

Our goad it to realize your idea into actual products to meet your different project requirements.

If you have any custom requirements,please let us know and feel free to contact us !

Ways You Can Use Your Custom Heat sink

Custom Heat Sink for Amplifying Machines
Amplifying Machines

Amplifying devices require a lot of cooling, which necessitates the use of a cooling device. Custom Heat sinks provide a solution to this problem by making it extremely simple to remove heat and improve performance.

Custom Heat Sink for Printed circuit board
Printed Circuit Boards

Just like amplifying machines, printed circuit boards also require something that cools it down which can be done by installing a custom Heat sink within the hardware.

Custom Heat Sink for Motherboards

Motherboards are important pieces of technology used for computers worldwide. Known to be prone to overheating, motherboards require a lot of cooling technology which is why custom Heat sinks are often a non-negotiable when building motherboards.

Custom Heat Sink for Laptops

Laptops are portable small computers and just like regular computers they can be prone to overheating and they might burn your legs in doing so. Most laptops are equipped with custom Heat sinks so that they won’t overheat as much.

Custom Heat Sink for Power Transistors
Power Transistors

Power transistors are conductive electronic devices that are used for their polarity. Custom Heat sinks are known to be conductive as well and are known to be equipped within power transistors.

Solid State and Relay

It’s important to consider air temperature and flow in SSRs (solid state and relays). It should be noted that taking away excess heat and regulating the temperature is vital which is why custom Heat sinks are often required.

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