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While using a whiteboard at your workplace, you tend to follow the day-to-day routine mentioned on your whiteboard according to the organized data on your dry-erase board.

Whether it is about following the weekly schedule, or a monthly presentation you have to complete it by the end of the month.

To perform all of these activities, a safe and healthy custom dry erase boards is required that helps you to manage the workload. To help you to carry out the task the LW manufacturer comes with a custom

Whiteboard printed with digital images and unique design and color to make your whiteboard look organize and attractive.

We deal in all kinds and sizes of custom whiteboards that are personalized into custom printed whiteboards according to your choice and design.

The custom dry erase boards which we are manufacturing is printed by dye-sublimation process hence, there is no chance of whiteboard getting scratches or discoloration.

Classification of custom whiteboard

1. Custom black dry erase board

Custom black dry erase board

The custom dry erase boards is made from a magnet. It is used for multi-purposes help in organizing dates or lists, there is no need for sticky paper. We can simply mount magnetic black dry erase board on our fridges or wall which help you to organize day-to-day tasks.

Custom transparent whiteboard

The custom whiteboard transparent is perfect for dry-erase markers giving you a fresh and smooth writing surface. It resists ghosting and staining and has a high-life expectancy as compared to old-style whiteboards.

2. Custom transparent whiteboard
Custom green whiteboard

Custom green whiteboard

The green whiteboard is custom-made in particular sizes according to the customer demand. It can be mounted on walls, mostly used in homes, classrooms, or offices.

Custom pink whiteboard

The custom-made pink whiteboard is custom printed whiteboard, you can customize the pink board with images, artwork, and text. They can easily be mounted on your wall and helps you to remember important task.

Custom pink whiteboard


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Pros of custom Whiteboard

Increase productivity

The custom whiteboard increases the work rate, and the ease in communication and organizing data helps the workers get the tasks written easily on dry erase board, leading to a high production rate.

Save time

The custom dry erase boards help to manage the work and time limit. The daily reminder on custom dry erase boards is help to achieve the targeted goal at the given time.

Professionally designed

The custom whiteboard can be designed professionally according to your business requirements. You can prioritize your weekly schedule, and daily routine by simply printing on the whiteboard.

High-life expectancy

The custom whiteboard has a longer life, and the digital design printed on it also last longer, and the printed designs cannot be damaged or deformed so, it can be an excellent decision to publish a whiteboard for business purposes,

Improves presentation

A colorful printed custom whiteboard can make your presentation more attractive and engaging as compared to a simple old-styled board. The eye-catching color and printed design can catch the client's attraction making them interested in your work.

Get your whiteboard printed and customized with our in-house designer

  • In-house designs

Our in-house editor and designer exclusively personalize your custom printed whiteboard according to your business requirements. The qualified workers create artwork or digitally designed your custom dry erase boards according to the customer demand.

  • Coated surfaces

They are perfectly coated by the DIY-sublimated process directly into the steel whiteboard surface providing stability and durability to the custom dry erase boards, making it scratch resistant and providing it a smooth shining surface.

  • Custom graphic and logos

You can also customize the logo of your company on the whiteboard, or you can add graphics and artwork of your choice on whiteboards by our in-house designers.

Applications of custom whiteboard

Custom whiteboard in classroom
Custom whiteboard for industrial use
Aluminum Deck Trim

Custom whiteboard for industrial use

As the custom whiteboard helps to arrange data in a more organized way, increases the production rate, and helps the staff to get more engaged.

All of these activities result in a high production rate making our work grow and enhancing the quantity and quality of work.

LW Manufacturer deals with all kinds of custom whiteboards that are customized according to the needs and demands of clients.

You can also order printed and digital whiteboards with customized artwork according to the designs and colors of your choice.

Our in-house editors and designer can also assist you to print the visual-aid logo for your corporate business, or customize a board for homes, offices, or educational institutions in custom dry erase boards.

The custom printed whiteboard is of high quality as they are made from high-grade material that provides them a smooth and shining writing surface and markers can easily be dry or wiped off.

For any query and details, do contact us as we are always there to help our respectable customers.