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Reasons to Choose LW Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

The material used by LW cutting aluminum extrusion gives the best quality product to the customers. LW provides you a broad variety of products, so you can choose easily according to your need.

In order to cut aluminum extrusion, we have different equipment which includes single head saw cutting equipment, automatic corner cutting machines. These machines won’t make mistakes while cutting even those lengthy cuts.

We have aluminum fabrication facility, punching press, CNC, welding machines and the precision cut to specific length. The different cuts you can get with these facilities are: T-slot aluminum extrusion, C-beam aluminum extrusion, aluminum channels and aluminum railing sections. 

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LW Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

LW Cutting Aluminum Extrusion Products

Cutting Aluminum Extrusion Round Tube
Cutting Aluminum Round Tube

LW uses carbide triple blade in order to cut round tubes. To get the desired length we cut the length far from 1.25 inches. And to get good cuts, we lubricate the cutting tool to prevent sparks and slipping of blades to get smooth cutting process.

Cutting Aluminum Angle
Cutting Aluminum Angle

Firstly, choosing the right blade for cutting is needed. Wood cutting saw will be required in this case with carbide triple blades. For blades, choose a narrow kerf. Lubrication of tools comes next in order to avoid sparks and slippage. Then, secure the aluminum piece to secure for cutting aluminum extrusion.

Cutting Aluminum Heat Sinks
Cutting Aluminum Heat Sinks

The cutting aluminum extrusion is very advanced in making aluminum products. We offer you the high graded extruded heat sinks. They are available in the ranges 0.4mm to 20mm. They are also available in various colors.

Cutting Aluminum Extrusion Windows and Door Profiles
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion Windows and Door Profiles

Extruded windows and doors are very popular nowadays. We use wood cutting saw with carbide triple blades in order to cut aluminum extruded windows and doors.

Cutting T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion
Cutting T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion

LW could cut T-slotted Aluminum Extrusion with high quality. To cut T-slot aluminum we use a saw for reverse carbide triple blade. This is used in the building structure and CNC purposes.

Cutting Solar Panel Frames
Cutting Solar Panel Frames

We use WEGOMA machine for solar frames length cuts. We provide services for the placement of the solar module and their parts.

Cutting Extruded Car Roof Rack
Cutting Extruded Car Roof Rack

The cutting aluminum extrusion has the best extruded car roof rack for different automobile. To cut aluminum sections like this, we use carbide triple blades.

Benefits of LW Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

One-Stop Service

The cutting aluminum extrusion supplier provide the best services to the customers. By purchasing our products, you do not need to go anywhere else as we provide the best services to our customers.

Stable Delivery Time

Nowadays, timely delivery is also a main concern for many people. The LW cutting aluminum extrusion supplies provide quick delivery all over the world. By delivering on time, we save your time and costs.

Variety of Selection

Everyone’s choice is different; therefore, we provide wide variety for your selection. You can choose designs, length and custom cuts as per your need.


LW cutting aluminum extrusion products comes in a large variety for customization. We give a lot of customization options so you can customize your designs.

Excellent Support Service

The support service depends on the team work. The LW has the best support service for our customers. We are available to your service 24/7.

Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

The LW cutting aluminum extrusion always fulfils the expectations of the customers. Following are the different design guide for your convivence: 

  •       Sizes

The LW cutting aluminum extrusion offers small cuts according to the size you desire. Moreover, the size can vary like 10mm to 4000mm with angled 90 degrees.

  •       Colors

The LW provide the best quality cutting aluminum extrusion products with different colors for your choice. Usually, the colors used are Brown, silver, white, golden, etc.

  •       Length 

If the required length is more than 400mm/15.75’’ we use WEGOMA cutting machines which can tolerate range in +/-0.1mm. As the length required is less than 400mm, we use full automatic corner cutting machines within the same tolerance level of +/-0.1mm.

Different Applications of Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Construction and Building Material
Construction and Building Material
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Industrial Use
Industrial Use
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Machinery and Equipment
Machinery and Equipment
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Electronics
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Automobile
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Energy
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Horticulture
Cutting Aluminum Extrusion for Medical
Office Furniture

Cutting Aluminum Extrusions Profile Verdict

LW provides best aluminum product to the customers with awesome services. We are the top-rated aluminum supplier in China. We have the best experienced team of engineers. We offer the best service for you ,once you cooperate with our company, you could feel our efforts in the whole process. 

We have the experience of more than 15 years. That’s why we are on the top of the aluminum suppliers in China. We also offer the largest range of the aluminum products to our customers.

The LW cutting aluminum extrusion series products also have the most effective support team which gives the reply quickly on your questions. You can easily contact our support team or also can email us.

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