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For over fifteen years, LW has been a market leader in the industrial aluminum sector. We understand your requirements and aim to surpass your expectations with each order.

We can create any bespoke aluminum solution, and our cylindrical heat sink manufacturing is no exception.You will benefit from LW’s high-quality, efficient surface-mount heat sinks.

Our cylindrical heat sinks can be utilized in electronic equipment to improve power and thermal management. When used in conjunction with a range of computer components, these heat sinks boost performance while lowering costs!

Aside from its high quality, LW’s cylindrical heat sink is made using extrusion and can be modified to meet the needs of the client. The size and form may be customized to meet the needs of the customer.

Cylindrical heat sinks are intended to transmit heat generated by mechanical and electrical equipment so that it may be discharged and dissipated.

Cylindrical aluminum heat sinks are a practical and effective solution to disperse heat from electrical components.

You need the highest quality cylindrical heat sink available, which is why you should let LW handle all your requirements in manufacturing these devices.

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Advantages of Cylindrical Heat Sinks

Has High Strength

Cylindrical heat sinks can effectively absorb heat while causing no form distortion. The cylinder is made of a strong alloy to ensure product safety and durability. It offers great weatherability, low effect on product temperature, and shock resistance.

Excellent Thermal Regulation

Because of their huge surface area, the cylindrical heat sinks provide excellent thermal control. Furthermore, the material from which they are manufactured is an excellent heat conductor. Because the cylindrical form is more difficult to construct, not many manufacturers can execute this design; nevertheless, we can.

Top-Tier Electrical Conductivity

These cylindrical heat sinks are highly conductive and are available in two materials: aluminum and copper. These heat sinks are superior for cooling a CPU since they conduct heat so efficiently.

Your Cylindrical Heat Sink Top-Notch Supplier

LW will provide high-class cylindrical heat sinks every time without disappointing due to a rigid manufacturing process.

All Kinds of Treatments

Making sure that your cylindrical heat sinks are high quality, durable, and custom fit to your specifications means that we make sure to offer all kinds of treatments.

All Kinds of Sizes

Oftentimes, finding a supplier that can fully customize your cylindrical heat sink can be tough which is why we aim to be your one-stop-shop for anything.

All Kinds of Processing Techniques

We understand that manufacturing takes a lot of precision and excellent equipment, since we’ve been manufacturing for over 15 years now we’ve made sure to apply our experience in all of our products.

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Wholesale Cylindrical Heat Sinks In Bulk

Cylindrical heat sinks are utilized in a variety of applications, such as computers, telephones, and cars. 

Our cylindrical heat sinks are exceptionally efficient at dissipating heat since they are expertly made using innovative production techniques.

A large diameter allows for high heat dissipation, and our cylindrical heat sinks are unlikely to bend in typical use due to their great strength.

They are ideal for a variety of applications such as computers, telephones, and automobiles.

If you’re looking for a great supplier who prioritizes your needs and your specifications – LW’s got your back as we make your order a priority!

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