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LW Desktop Whiteboard Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is one of the quality brands in China that supplies the best quality Desktop whiteboards around the world. We have an amazing team of experts that utilize our quality raw material to make the unique and mostly used desktop dry erase boards. We have been selling aluminum made products worldwide for more than 15 years. 

Our advanced technology techniques are used to make the latest designs of desktop whiteboards. You can use them for many purposes in your workplace or home.

They are easy to carry and are easily cleaned so can be used for longer. Our quality control department keeps check and balance on quality of our products. 

Our management team is experienced enough to communicate with our customers 24/7. We have clients from all over the world, so we have our team available for them anytime.

You can clear your doubts before buying the sample by contacting us. We have been ISO certified for our standard services.

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Classification of Desktop Whiteboard

Glass Desktop Whiteboard

Glass Desktop Whiteboard

This desktop whiteboard has a glass surface and is mostly used in offices. It is the most convenient tool to be used in your workplaces. It fits perfectly between your desktop and keyboard, so you can note down anything without any difficulty.

Slope Desktop Whiteboard

This slope shaped desktop whiteboard serves as a best alternate of sticky notes. You can keep it anywhere on your worktable and can note down any important information conveniently. It has a narrow space to keep markers so you don’t have to look for them at the last minute.

Slope Desktop Whiteboard
Free Standing Desktop Whiteboard

Free Standing Desktop whiteboard

These desktop whiteboards are attached with a mini stand. They can also be used as a space divider for your office table. They are also used for the same reason as other desktop whiteboard for noting down the information or to do list or reminders. Just write down your to do tasks for the day and it will help you not to forget them.


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Advantages of Desktop Dry Erase Board

Small and Easy to Carry

The desktop dry erase boards are small in size so they are easily kept anywhere you want. They fits well between your computer screen and keyboard so you can easily use it anytime. You can also keep them anywhere on your worktable due to their small size.

Easy to Clean

.The smooth surface of desktop whiteboards make it easier to clean them. You can reuse it, as many times you want without any difficulty. They are designed in such a way that there is no stain left on their surface after cleaning.

Durable and Long Lasting

The desktop whiteboard is made of quality material that helps them last longer. They are reusable so can be used as much time as you want. They are strong and durable so cannot be easily damaged. They are lightweight so can be stored anywhere around you.

Corrosion Resistant

The corrosion-free properties of Aluminum make Aluminum Boat Edge Trim resist light and heat and prevent it from rusting.

Desktop Whiteboard

Get Quality Desktop Whiteboards from LW

LW has the best quality raw material that is used in the production of desktop whiteboards. We have a quality management department that maintains the quality of our products during and after production. We have various techniques to customize our desktop dry erase boards according to your choice. 

  • Unique Designs:

LW desktop whiteboards are designed into unique shapes and styles that are loved by our customers. We have a long list of designs that you can choose or can have your own design. We customize our products on specifications that you provide.

  • A Range of Different Sizes:

Though, LW desktop whiteboards are small in size but the size can vary according to their use. We have variable sizes of desktop dry erase board available for our customers. You can also customize them in any size of your interest.

Applications of Desktop Whiteboard

Important messages
Desktop Whiteboard for Notes
Taking notes
Making to do list.

Tons of Desktop Whiteboard Production through Advanced Technology

LW is the highly advanced company in China that has the latest technology and up to date machinery to manufacture quality desktop whiteboards.

We produce large amount of desktop whiteboards due to their high demand. We have been working as an ISO certified company for more than 15 years. 

We have highly experienced team that manages all the tasks well. Our team manufactures the desktop whiteboard with best and innovative techniques and maintain their quality even after delivery.

You can get your order at your doorstep in minimum time.

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