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LW diamond plate tool box manufacturing and supplying Company

We make sure that we manufacture the diamond plate tool box in way that it can be used for a long period of time. 

We have designed it like an embossed surface so that it can easily carry the weight of a person. Your shoes wouldn’t slip on it as for the reason of its embossed surface. 

Our team makes this diamond plate tool box with forged aluminum which means it can easily be molded into your desire shaped product. 

We deal with the aluminum diamond plate tool box, diamond plate tool box for trailers, black diamond plate truck tool box, aluminum diamond plate box , aluminum diamond plate truck tool box, and black diamond truck tool box

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Classification of diamond plate tool box

crossover diamond plate tool box

Crossover diamond plate tool box

The very first type of black diamond plate toolbox is cross over diamond plate tool box .it is made with amazingly welding with great gaskets and fully secured locks. The locks are strong enough to  not open without a consist  of tool trays which can hold tools of truck a holder which is specifically designed for screwdrivers and sliding trays. These aluminum truck tool boxes are very handy and can store all the tools which are needed in time for as truck.

Diamond back cross bin 8

It is a very different type of a truck bed tool box .it is a spacious storage box which can carry a large variety of tools .diamond back cross bin does not take up much space of your bed . There are hooks attach with it which make it easy to instate.

diamond back cross bin 8
secure lock profile diamond plate tool box

Secure lock profile crossover diamond plate tool box

 This tool box is a plan shaped box which doesn’t occupy a large space in the truck bed .there are think linings in this box which organizes the tools in their is designed in a way that it can easily open from both side of the is a best storage box for your truck u can ever have.

Truck bed diamond utility chest

Truck bed diamond tool box is manufactured with strong aluminum alloy. Utility chest is best for the weather changing atmosphere. As it is a strong utility chest it is a best choice for trailers and gives the protection to the tools from rust and damage.

truck bed diamond plate utility chest
wheel well aluminum diamond plate tool box

Wheels well aluminum diamond tool box

 Wheels well aluminum diamond tool box is not a very spacious storage can carry small and light weight tools of your truck .it is also a truck bed storage which can you can easily access from both driver side and also from passenger side.


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Our company has maintained its standard quality since past 15 years. We have never compromised in the quality of material we use for the manufacturing of our products.

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We are giving options for our clients to select more than one design for the diamond plate tool box.

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We are offering freebie services to our clients. Before manufacturing of your product we will help you to check quality and design of the product through giving sample.

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Our 24/7 representative are available for any help which you need. You can ask any query from them.

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We check our products in the every step of its manufacturing; we make sure that our customer gets the perfect product.

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Our company is giving you the choice to select your product in any size, shape and color.

  • Size of diamond plate tool box

The size of these storage boxes depend on the need of client. However we have a standard size of this tool box 13.5inchesx32inches

  •  Colors of diamond plate tool box:

You will find the color of this tool box in grey, black and silver

Applications of diamond plate tool box

diamond plate tool box for truck

LW the Superior Quality of diamond plate tool box

Our storage tool boxes are a great choice for truck bed and trailers. Our quality is well known all around the world. 

We deal with black diamond plate tool box, black diamond tool box aluminum diamond, black diamond truck tool box. 

Our standard size 30 inch diamond plate tool box is a best choice for truck bed. You can customize these storage boxes for your truck and pickups in any size and color. 

Our team will help you to select the product by providing you professional help.

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