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Die cast heat sinks with maximum heat dissipation function, they could make many components of electrical circuits keep cool.

LW is very good at producing die cast heat sinks , because we’ve been manufacturing them for 15+ years.

It is our goal to suit our clients’ demands by offering them with affordable rates and high-quality goods, which is why our production process has been certified by ISO 9001:2008.

As die cast heat sink has robust aluminum construction, so they have excellent heat dissipation performance .

As a result, die cast heat sinks should be your first option if you want to protect your electronics from excessive temperatures and electric shocks.

Die Cast Heat Sinks

Die cast heat sink is a type of heat sink that is used in electrical or electronic equipment to conduct heat away from sensitive components, such as transistors and integrated circuits. 

These devices operate at high temperatures, especially when they are being used heavily, which can cause permanent damage if they do not have adequate cooling mechanisms in place.

We are a die cast heat sink manufacturer – from design to production, and from prototype to mass production. Die Cast Heat sinks are a common electronic component widely used in computers, notebooks, medical equipment and other electronic devices. 

When your device is turned on, heat flows from the hot to cold ends and causes heatwalls to function as thermal conductors to dissipate the heat from hot chips and components of electronic devices, protecting them from overheat damage.

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LW: Die Cast Heat Sink Experts

Guaranteed Reliability

Why should you pick us above the other Chinese die cast heat sink manufacturers? This is due to the fact that we are a die cast heat sink manufacturing company that has been in operation for many years. LW provide high quality die cast heat sinks and we could delivery them on time.

High-Quality Products

As your die cast heat sink manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality products that solve problems for our customers. Our team is passionate about end-use applications, and has extensive experience in the automotive industry, which allows us to help you find the optimal solution for your application.

China’s Versatile Manufacturer

We are a die cast heat sink manufacturer in China which specialize in metal parts, metal components and metal structures. Our company is one of the leading companies among its counterparts. We have rich experience in manufacturing all kinds of products including die cast heat sinks, plastic molding parts, stamped parts, and machining parts.

Stringent Manufacturing Standards

In the industrial and manufacturing environment, quality is essential to success. We guarantee that each heat sink fulfills our strict criteria, so maximizing the performance of your product and saving you time and money.

Die Cast Heat Sinks

Why You Should Choose LW Die Cast Heat Sinks

Efficient Thermal Management

Die cast heat sinks are widely used in various types of electronic devices, such as computer motherboards, panel boards and other electronic products. The main function of die cast heat sink is to reduce the temperature of the electronic components with high temperature, and prolong the service life of electronic devices.

They Are Built To Last

Heat sinks constructed of aluminum die cast are intended to dissipate heat from a circuit board. They’re designed to endure since they’re created using precision casting technique, which ensures that they’ll operate consistently over time. Heat sinks made of die cast aluminum are used in a wide range of commercial items, including vehicles and industrial machinery. Televisions, computers and mobile phones are just some of the devices that include them.

Common Die Cast Heat Sinks Applications

Computer Motherboards
Die Cast Heat Sinks for Electronics
Die Cast Heat Sinks for Panel Boards
Panel Boards

LW: Wholesale Die Cast Heat Sinks In Bulk

Die cast heat sinks are the best option since they’re made of metal. When it comes to capturing and dissipating heat, die cast heat sinks are distinct from metal stamped-out heat sinks in that they are engineered to do so.

They are long-lasting, non-corrosive, and economical, and they may lower heat resistance by as much as 40% with each application.

All modern electronic devices can overheat and fail if they’re not cooled properly. Large heat dissipation systems and fans are used on servers, enterprise-class computer systems, and high-performance gaming rigs to prevent equipment damage.

But the smaller systems we use at home don’t usually require such advanced cooling solutions – a simple heat sink will usually do the trick!

Die cast heat sinks are the perfect solution for high power density and high temperature applications, such as server farm cooling.

Die cast copper material can handle extreme temperatures better than other materials such as aluminum or even copper.

Die-cast copper fits into a unique niche that is lacking in the current heat sink market today: they are more thermally efficient and safer than some of their counterparts in operation today.