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Dependable Diecast Aluminum Enclosures Manufacturer

The best performance of our Aluminum products has made our Aluminum DieCast Enclosures popular in the market so far.

Our cast aluminum enclosure is used for the installation of electric devices that are used at homes and offices. Larger die cast aluminium junction boxes can also be used in manufacturing sites.

Our Aluminum DieCast Enclosures are available for customization in different styles. As we have previously made orders upon request, our employees have full knowledge of the products we use. 

Overall, our products are manufactured according to the environment they are installed in. Therefore, they are safe to work around. However, we follow your instructions for the customization of your orders.

Moreover, we give Minimum Quantity Benefit to our customers so that they can shop more products at low costs. 

So, get up and order your custom-made products from us.

Diecast Aluminum Enclosures Products

Aluminium Die Cast Enclosures with Internal Ribs.

Aluminium Die Cast Enclosures with Internal Ribs

This is an electronic instruments enclosure box. It is a heavy-duty Aluminum enclosure that has piped walls for PCBs. They are best at work as heat sinks.

General Purpose Die Cast Aluminum Box

This enclosure is also for electronic equipment but it is finished with Vibra. Therefore, its surface is smooth and has no harsh edges that may cause injuries.

2.General Purpose Die Cast Aluminum Box.
Stomp Box Die Cast Aluminum Box.

Stomp Box Die Cast Aluminum Box

The smooth surface of these enclosures allow for adhesion of signatures, These are used in guitars for giving effects. That is why they are smooth for use of the hand. These are available in an octagonal and trapezoid shape.

Type 4X aluminium die cast enclosures

These are thick walled and watertight. The shallow depth allows for maximum space for storage. The gasket in it is for oil and water resistance.

Type 4X Aluminium Die Cast Enclosures.


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LW Diecast Aluminum Enclosures- Advantages


When we take your orders for the Diecast Aluminum Enclosures, we make sure to make them with the look your furniture might have so they do not seem to be odd. Therefore, they enhance the decorative effect in your workplaces and homes.


It is a protective cover for saving the original enclosure from rusting out. The die cast aluminum enclosure would not allow any dust particles from entering that could disturb the function of the enclosure.

Corrosion resistant

Our die cast aluminium junction boxes are rust-free through ages because they are resistant to weather and other harsh environmental factors. Therefore, our cast aluminum enclosures are ever-lasting.

Low Maintenance

The seal on the doors and the finishing of the surface prevent the aluminium diecast box from getting dirty which means that they do not have to be cleaned often. Therefore, their endurance rate is higher.

A Premium Diecast Aluminum Enclosures Maker

The Aluminum enclosures we manufacture have specifications for which they are the best-sellers. Here are some of them:

  • Lap Joint construction

The model of the Aluminium Diecast Box is designed with a lap joint point that blocks dust and water from penetrating the box. 

  • RFI Shielding

The shield on our diecast aluminum enclosures stops any radioactive or magnetic waves from damaging the Aluminum enclosures whether they are from inside the electronic device or the UV rays of the sun.

  • Lasting Finish

Polyester powder paint is applied for its long-lasting finish.  Die-Cast Aluminium enclosures last for longer because of no rust on the surface and proper functioning.

  • Board Mounting

With a low mounting draft angle, the cast aluminum enclosure is easily mounted on the required space.

Numerous Applications of Diecast Aluminum Enclosures

Diecast Aluminum Enclosure for Telegram.
Diecast Aluminum Enclosure for Aerospace.
Commercial industry
.Diecast Aluminum Enclosure for Meter Cases.
Meter cases
Diecast Aluminum Enclosure for Junction Box.
Junction box
Diecast Aluminum Enclosure for Filter Networks.
Filter networks
Diecast Aluminum Enclosure for Switching.

Customized Diecast Aluminum Enclosures

Our Aluminum products and Die-Cast Aluminium enclosures are manufactured in a sterilized environment so that you may not get sick and take full benefit of our products for your devices.

We take into account the needs for which die cast enclosures are used and customize the products accordingly.

As professionals, we offer you after-sale services so that you can work alongside our team members and they can help you figure out the installation of our enclosures.

The Diecast Aluminum Box comes in different shapes and colors. However, the sizes can be varied through customization.