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LW Manufacturer is one of the top-most leading companies in China, having the most qualified and well-disciplined staff providing excellent products and services to our customers.

To build customers trust and loyalty, we also provide the best product for them that are made from great passion and efforts.

We also made customized products according to the clients needs and requirements. Depending on the shape and material, we made DIY heat sinks by various manufacturing methods.

The standard and effective methods, procedures used to make DIY heat sink extrusion, forging, casting, and stamping. Other more cost-effective methods are available for making DIY heat sinks.

Get yourself customized or any other heat sink according to the system requirements. There are many types of DIY heat sinks available some of them are given below.

Types of DIY Heat Sink

Extruded DIY Heat sink

Extruded DIY Heat Sink

The extruded DIY heat sink is made from extruded aluminum to make the most of the commercial heat sink. The cost method of an extruded aluminum heat sink is low compared to the other heat sink. Depending on the usage, it has high to low power performance.

Bonded DIY Heat Sink

The bonded heat sink is usually large. The base and fin material is different, a perfect combination of copper and aluminum metal bonded heat sink has improved thermal conductivity and less weight ratio. The bonded heat sink has moderate performance and high cost.

2. Bonded DIY Heat sink
Skived DIY Heat sink

Skived DIY Heat Sink

The skived heat sink is made from copper material extracted through a solid block of metal. They have high thermal conductivity with high-design flexibility, and they can achieve high fin density. They offer high
performance and create more surface area for heat dissipation.

Stamped Heat Sink

The stamped DIY heat sink metal fins are engraved and then joined into the base, generally used for low- power applications. Their production is easy and drawbacks are major.

Stamped DIY Heat sink


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Benefits of a DIY Heat Sink

Dissipates Heat

A DIY heat sink dissipates heat away from the CPU or system and helps the system to cool down before getting too hot or shutting down. It keeps the system safe and secure and free from getting shut down or breaking down.


The DIY heat sink is eco-friendly, they keep the system cool and absorb extra heat thus making the environment safe and secure, and absorb the temperature without changing itself.

High-strength mechanical performance

The DIY heat sink has high-strength mechanical performance, it reduces the stress on mechanical devices like engines and transmitters which increases the durability and life expectancy of the products.

Increase productivity

By lowering down the temperature, increases the efficiency of the system and made them work for hours without getting shut down or power off.

Reasonable price

The DIY heat sink has the most reasonable prices, easily available, and affordable.

Excellent designs

The DIY Heat sink has the most trending and excellent designs available by extrusion of different metals that focus on gaining customers trust and loyalty.

DIY Heatsink

The Effective Cooling DIY Heat Sink

Advanced techniques
Advanced and innovative techniques are used to make DIY heat sinks. The most trending and demanding processes are forging, extrusion, casting and stamping. The others advanced techniques like CNC machining and other procedures.

Customized products
At LW Manufacturer you can also get customized products according to the requirements of your system or device. You can also customize the product shape and size and make a selection of the material required for making the product.

Shipping and packaging
All of our products are made under the supervision of our staff, the delivery and packaging process is done with great concern, and are shipped carefully to the required destination on time.

Applications of DIY Heat Sink

DIY Heat sink in transistor
Thermoelectric Cooler

The High-quality Heat Changer DIY Heat Sink

We specialized in making high-quality and effective cooling DIY heat sinks from different metals that required extra effort and energy to make the best products in the market with competitive prices shaving high demand in the market.

The DIY Heat sink is made with high-graded metal with advanced technologies to make your system run smoothly and to increase the efficiency of production of your businesses.

The DIY Heat sink is suitable to use in office work, institutional systems, or industrial computers as they work as a thermal electric cooler with high thermal conductivity and antimicrobial resistance properties.

We promised to provide you the premium quality products to our valuable customers with great services and assistance in case of any help.

For any query or details, do contact us as we are always there to help our customers.