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Why should you use the Dog Poop Trash Can? Simply put, it holds your dog poop so it doesn’t spill. There’s nothing worse than having to clean up dog poop from your yard after a walk or run with your pup. 

With our pet waste can and waste bag dispenser, there’s no need to worry about ever stepping in that stuff again. It also holds water bottles, so you can take drinks on the go with your dogs. 

Make things easier by using our pet waste can bag dispenser today! Dog poop is one of the most dangerous pathogens that can be found in public venues. 

That’s why you should use Dog Poop Trash Can to sanitize your own self. This product is made of high quality materials, easy to fill and clean on the go. 

The best part? It’s lightweight, odor-resistant and comes with a lid that stays in place so that your dog’s droppings stay inside until you dispose of them properly.

Dog Poop Trash Can

A dog waste disposal bag is an essential item whether you are an owner of a large or small dog. This dog poop trash can is convenient to use, lightweight and odor-free. 

It helps to keep your home clean, hygienic and fresh by managing the waste easier. Dog Poop Trash Can is a premium pet product that allows pet owners to keep their yard clean and free of dog waste quickly. 

It’s easy to use and comes with a convenient dispensing system that makes life easier for you. There are a number of reasons well you should use a dog poop trash can. 

Dog owners need to dispose of their dogs waste properly and effectively, but that can present some challenges. They may not be able to find trash cans readily available or in the right place. 

Dog Poop Trash Can


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Why We Should Manufacture Your Dog Poop Trash Can

Manufacturing with Care

We want to make sure your dog poop trash can is manufactured carefully and with the utmost care. That is why we are proud to offer custom manufacturing services, so that your dog poop trash can will meet all of your needs and be designed in a way that you will love.

We Provide Utmost Convenience

We design dog poop trash cans to provide you with a convenient way to remove the solid waste of your pets. These dog poop trash cans are built to hold bags or liners that can be emptied; they're made from durable materials, like stainless steel and plastic, that can handle the weight of pet waste.

Drive to Make the Best Quality Dog Poop Trash Cans

As a dog owner, you will always be looking for the best product for your pet. That’s why we strive to make the best quality dog poop trash cans. We manufacture all of our products in China and focus on quality and long-term durability as well as attractiveness. Our goal is to give dog owners a product that not only meets their needs but exceeds them too!

Stylish and Elegant Design Process

Dog poop not only smells, but attracts flies and pests. You can't leave it on your lawn; you have to get it off your property or risk stirring up the neighborhood's pets. We designed the perfect solution for dog poop disposal in a stylish and elegant way. Our Dog Poop Trash Bag is biodegradable and will decompose in a landfill if thrown away after use - no more stinking plastic bags or cans sitting around your yard!

Dog Poop Trash Can

Why It's Important to Use Dog Poop Trash Can

No To Shared Responsibility of Cleaning Up Pet Feces

If you want your neighbors and visitors to clean up after their dogs, the best thing is to install a dog poop trash can near your front door. This easy solution will ensure that no one steps in dog poop on their way into your home and that you alone are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.

Healthier and Safer Place for Pets

Dog poop can carry a number of diseases, including parasites and worms. By taking care of the business when it’s still fresh and deodorized, you can reduce your risk of being infected. Plus, letting it stay in your yard creates an unappealing sight: dog waste can be unsightly, no matter if it’s dry or not. 

Common Dog Poop Trash Can Applications

Dog Poop Trash Can for Homes
Dog Poop Trash Can for Lawns
Dog Poop Trash Can for Frontyards

LW: Dog Poop Trash Can Experts

Everybody needs a dog poop trash can. It’s important to get the dog waste out of your yard and away from other people because it can affect the health of everyone in your neighborhood.

The majority of groundwater supplies are contaminated with E. Coli, which is found in fecal matter and can have serious health effects if ingested.

Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dog defecates, but not everyone does.

Dog Poop Trash Can are a great way to contain messes so that they don’t become a public health issue.

The simple design makes it easy to clean up after your pup without getting dirty yourself.

It’s also very important to have good quality bags to put those bags in, so they don’t rip and spill when they are carrying the full load of dog waste bags. 

At the end of the day, we just feel like using this product will save time and keep your pooch and our environment cleaner, which is why everybody should own one today!

Dog Poop Trash Can Manufacturer In China

Dog poop trash cans are a need for almost every dog owner, owing to the time and effort required to remove the excrement that their pets leave behind.

Having a dog poop trash can is essential, but it is also crucial to know a few basics about this canine item.

Here at LW, we ‘ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our customers regarding their dog poop trash can orders!

Dog Poop Trash Can - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1.How Do You Keep Dog Poop From Smelling In The Dog Poop Trash Can?

1 - Dog Poop Trash Can

Dog Poop Trash Can

The purpose of a dog poop trash can is to help keep your favorite pup’s poop odor away from people’s noses in the process which makes your dog’s waste odor not a huge problem.

However, if you are looking to add an additional layer of protection from dog waste smell, here are the things you can do:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on top of the surface with the odor and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • Spray air freshener to remove the odor temporarily.
  • Place a nearby charcoal filter for it to absorb the odor.
  • Throw away the dog poop on a regular basis.

2.How Do I Use My Dog Poop Trash Can?

It doesn’t matter where you put the dog poop trash can; it should be right next to where your dog frequently poops whether outside or inside.

2 - How To Use A Dog Poop Trash Can

Proper Usage of A Dog Poop Trash Can

Place a fresh, clean litter on top of the clean waste. Have fun!

3. Can I Compost My Dog’s Waste After Putting It In The Dog Poop Trash Can?

Yes, you can compost your dog’s waste and the remaining poop in your dog poop trash. You can also just dispose of them with the regular trash like all other waste.

3 - Dog Poop Trash Can Composting

Dog Poop Trash Can Composting

Simply remove the bag and take it to the bin that is near your home.

4. Are Dog Poop Trash Cans Fly Proof?

Yes, the Dog Poop Trash Can is fly proof.

Once the lid is installed on top of the aluminum trash can, the opening is sealed with a rubber gasket and lock.

This helps to keep outside insects out of your dog waste container, flies and other flying insects out of your dog waste area daily.

5. Can Dog Poop Trash Cans Keep Maggots Away?

Yes, dog poop trash cans are known for keeping maggots away from your dog’s feces.

The dog poop can is the most effective way to keep maggots out of your yard. The dog poop trash can prevents waste from getting into the trash can, which results in less opportunities for maggots to breed.

6. Do Dog Poop Trash Cans Attract Rats?

Dog poop trash cans are intended to keep your yard clean, but they also work to keep animals like rats out of the garbage.

7. Do Dog Poop Trash Cans Keep Insects Away?

The dog poop trash cans do keep insects away from your home, however there is always a chance that one could find its way into your trash can.

We suggest placing a trash bag or cloth over the opening of the can for added protection.

8. Can I Put Dog Poop Trash Cans In The Car?

Yes, you can put a dog poop trash can in your car. They are usually lightweight and compact enough to keep anywhere you need them.

4 - Dog Poop Trash Can for Cars

Dog Poop Trash Can in Car

You will love the ease of use and ability to quickly clean up after their pooch at the comfort of your own vehicle!

9. Can I Put Dog Poop Trash Cans Outside?

Yes, you can. LW’s dog poop trash cans are perfect for on-the-go use and should be placed away from where the pet is.

5 - Dog Poop Trash Can Outside

Dog Poop Trash Can Outside

We suggest placing away from your house and downwind to avoid any smells or pests getting near the door.

The trash cans have a scent eliminator built right into them, so there will be no odor coming off of them if kept in an area where pets frequent, such as dog parks or off leash areas.

10. Can I Put Dog Poop Trash Cans In The Rain?

The dog poop trash can is a completely sealed container that protects your yard and keeps the waste in.

It’s made from BPA free, non-toxic materials that are strong and durable enough to be used in rain, snow or hot sun.

11. Can I Put My Dog Poop Trash Cans Near Children?

Yes, you may safely place your dog poop trash cans near children and dogs. Our dog poop containers are designed to be used around your home or kids.

6 - Dog Poop Trash Can Used By Kids

Dog Poop Trash Used By Children

They’re also made with odor reducing liners and liner bags so they don’t smell like anything.

12. Can You Mount Dog Poop Trash Cans Near A Fence?

Mounting a dog poop bin near a fence is an affordable and simple way to keep your yard clean. Dog poop trash cans with a quick mount are great for securing the top of a fence.

Just slide it into place and lock it down with a sturdy screw. If you want to keep an eye on the contents of your dog’s waste bins, you’ll love our dog poop trash can mounts that stick straight up out of your pet’s paw pads.

7 - Dog Poop Trash Can Mounted Near Fence

Dog Poop Trash Can Near Fence

If you’re looking for a built-in mount, contact us regarding this specification so we can have it accomplished and included in your order!

13. What Bag Sizes Can My Dog Poop Trash Cans Hold?

The bag sizes that dog poop trash cans can hold are dependent on the size of your dog poop trash can.

8 - Dog Poop Trash Can Trash Bag

Dog Poop Trash Can Trash Bag

Our Standard Dog Poop Trash Can bags are 10 gallon and 12 gallon sized, they hold up to 20 pounds of dog waste. This trash can is designed for use in any standard home trash can with or without a lid.

If you need something bigger or a more compact build for smaller trash bags, contact us and let’s get to work!

14. How Do I Properly Dispose Dog Poop After Putting It In The Dog Poop Trash Can?

It is very important to dispose of the dog poop properly after putting it in the dog poop trash can, because if you do not, it can turn into a smelly smell problem.

9 - Dog Poop Trash Can After UseDog Poop Trash Can After Use

The first step is to allow the garbage bags to fully fill with dog feces so that there are no spaces left in the bag.

Next, you need to fold the bag down and tie off the opening of the bag with packing tape.

15. How Long Does A Dog Poop Trash Can Last?

Dog Poop Trash Cans last as long as a lifetime! But it’s important to remember that the longevity of a dog poop trash can is heavily affected by proper maintenance, weather conditions, and where you place it.

10 - Dog Poop Trash Can

Dog Poop Trash Can

Normally, Dog Poop Trash Cans are the right size and shape to hold all your dog waste cleanly and they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our dog waste trash cans will keep your home or yard tidy all summer long.

Made from durable aluminum, our dog poop trash cans are built to last a lifetime of use, coming in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that fits your décor best.

16. Will My Dog Poop Trash Can Corrode Quickly?

No, your dog waste trash can does not corrode or rust.  The best parts of this trash can are the round shape and the fact that it’s made from durable aluminum.

11 - Dog Poop Trash Can No Corrosion

Dog Poop Trash Can No Corrosion

The design is durable, so it won’t corrode or crack after long-term use. The material is designed to withstand harsh pet urine and feces, withstanding the elements of nature, such as rain and humidity. The poop can also have a sturdy bottom rather than a flimsy one.  

17. Can Dog Poop Trash Cans Get Easily Knocked Over By My Dog?

The dog poop trash can and dog waste bags can easily be moved around, but the can will not get knocked over by my dog or cat.

12 - Dog Poop Trash Can Near Dog

Dog Poop Trash Can Near Dog

No more concerns of worry that your dogs can knock over or throw it at another person.

18. How Do I Clean My Dog Poop Trash Can?

Cleaning your dog waste trash can is easy. Simply unscrew the lid and empty your dog waste in the trash can, then replace the lid and screw it back on.

The motion tightens the water tight seal around the opening to keep odors contained.

13 - Dog Poop Trash Can Cleaning

Dog Poop Trash Can Cleaning

Moreover, you can easily clean your pooper scooper with soap and water, or you can use a stick to clean the bottom of your trash can.

For a more detailed explanation on how to properly clean your dog poop trash can, here’s a rundown of the steps:

1. Empty your dog poop trash can.

Before you clean your dog poop trash can, it has to be fully empty.

Don your rubber gloves, take out your dog poop as normal, and then go a step further, being sure to remove any residual particles or debris that may have fallen into the can itself.

2. Begin rinsing your dog poop trash can.

Next, fill a basin full of water and run a few cycles over your dog poop trash can. If you have access to a garden hose, this is the most convenient method for washing your can.

It’s also possible to use the tub to wash your garbage can if you don’t feel like hauling it outside.

3. Spray and deodorize your dog poop trash can.

To disinfect the dog poop trash can, spray the interior and exterior with a disinfectant spray or an all-purpose cleaner after it has been rinsed.

Make sure your dog poop trash can smells fresh by putting approximately half a cup of baking soda in the can and shaking it around to get rid of the scent.

Allow the cleanser and/or deodorizer to rest for 5–10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water.

4. Scrub ‘till you can!

Scrubbing the can is the next and most difficult step in the garbage can cleaning procedure.

Just remember to clean the exterior of the dog poop trash can and its lid as well as your sponge, microfiber cloth, or bristles brush!

5. Final rinse and then let it dry.

19. How Much Does Dog Poop Trash Cans Cost?

Aluminum dog poop trash cans are more costly, but since they are easier to make, dog poop trash cans tend to be less expensive.

However, it’s important to note that the actual cost for dog poop trash cans are dependent on a variety of factors including: size, customizations, aluminum alloy grade, quantity, and many other factors.

If you’re looking for an accurate estimate of how much your dog poop trash can will cost, feel free to contact us here at LW for a precise cost breakdown on how much your dog poop trash can will end up costing you.

20. How Long Does LW Take To Ship Out My Dog Poop Trash Can?

Typically, as soon as LW receives the payment for your dog poop trash cans, these are immediately shipped out as soon as possible.

However, please do know that there could be several instances where shipping out your order could have complications due to weather, problems encountered by the shipping company, and many other things that are out of our control.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any order complaints and we’ll make sure to immediately remedy this situation with all that we can.

21. Does LW Offer Standard Dog Poop Trash Cans?

Yes, LW offers standard dog poop trash cans that are available for purchase and shipping almost immediately.

For more questions regarding the specifics, please contact us here at LW for any inquiry you may have and we’ll be happy to answer.

22. What Are The Customization Options Available For My Dog Poop Trash Cans?

14 - Dog Poop Trash Can Customized

Dog Poop Trash Can Customized

LW offers the following customization options for your dog poop trash can:

  • We can print your company/brand’s logo somewhere in the dog poop trash can.
  • We can customize the color of your dog poop trash can.
  • We can customize the height, weight, and dimension of your dog poop trash can.

Feel free to contact us for more!