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LW: Dog Waste Stations Manufacturer

Maintaining a tidy park with dog waste stations is both easy and ecologically beneficial.

Rather than picking up after their dogs in trash cans or behind trees and bushes, your neighbors will be able to do it in public receptacles with our dog waste stations.

Pet waste stations can help you keep your neighborhood clean. Dog waste stations make it easy for dogs to relieve themselves, and owners take care of them on a regular basis.

In addition to helping the environment, the low-cost green pet waste disposal facilities make it simple to clean up after your pet.

Pet trash may frequently be an issue at parks and beaches, but pet waste stations assist you clean up after your pet.

They’re quite simple to set up, so you can put them almost anyplace there are a lot of dogs, such public parks, green areas, and beaches.

Dog waste stations include a removable bag in which you dump the dog feces before tossing it away. Plastic bags are included, and some of them are even portable!

Dog Waste Stations

Keep your yard clean and green by ensuring your pet always has access to pet waste stations. You’ll help maintain the area clean and prevent difficulties with visitors who are sensitive to animal feces.

An essential part of any dog park, pet waste stations serve to maintain the area clean for both people and canines.

They may be used in a wide range of settings, from private residences and parks to restaurants, shopping malls, and other public spaces.

Pet waste stations are supposed to give an alternate manner of disposing of dog excrement while also promoting exercise.

A public park or even a dog-friendly neighborhood is nothing without adequate trash disposal, thus we designed an entirely reimagined solution to this frequently forgotten chore.

Our Pet Waste Stations offer a clean and straightforward method for you and your little furry bundle of joy.


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Why We Should Manufacture Your Dog Waste Stations

We Manufacture High Quality Dog Waste Stations

We should manufacture your dog waste stations simply because we can provide you with a high quality dog poop station, manufactured in a timely manner and that is economical for you. In other words, put us to the test with creating an excellent pet poop station! Our customers tell us that we save them money and time because of our low prices for the quality of their dog sanitation station.

We Provide Owners with Peace of Mind Through Guaranteed Cleanliness

Customers will love your high-quality and functional dog waste stations for park and recreation, security, transportation and healthcare applications. Our dog waste disposal stations are made from durable aluminum that resist cracking, chipping and fading. They’re available in a variety of colors to match any environment. See how we provide owners and managers with peace of mind that their property is clean, safe and sanitary using our dog poop stations.

Customer Satisfaction Is a Must for Us

If you are looking to install dog poop stations in your neighborhood, we at LW can help you. Dog waste stations are a great way to make sure that people who live in the area clean up after their dogs and maintain a clean environment. Our dog clean up stations are made from premium quality aluminum so we can manufacture them according to your specifications and requirements because we want to make you satisfied each time you order from us.

Save Yourself Time and Money Because of Our Precision-Engineering

We customize Dog Waste Stations to your exact specifications because of our precise engineering methods, saving you time and money. All of our products are crafted from premium aluminum materials and are guaranteed to endure. Dog waste stations are a simple yet highly effective way of keeping your community clean and making it more inviting to dogs, walkers, parents and visitors.

Why It Is Essential to Use Dog Waste Stations

Make Your Parks Cleaner, Safer, and More Enjoyable for Everyone!

Dog waste stations provide key benefits for your community: They make our parks cleaner, safer and more enjoyable for all users. They help keep our pets from getting into human food and drink. When dog feces from park paths gets up in our drinking, cooking, and bathing water, it poses a health risk. 

Provide Your Pets with the Highest Possible Quality of Life!

Your pet is a member of your family, and you want to provide them with the best quality of life possible by having a pet waste station for home or a backyard dog waste station. When you install dog waste stations for homes and yards, you’re making it easier for everyone to clean up after their pets. This helps to keep the environment around your home clean, which also helps conserve natural resources and improve the air quality in your neighborhood.

Common Dog Waste Stations Applications

Dog Waste Station for Backyards
Dog Waste Station for Homes
Dog Waste Station for Parks
Dog Waste Station for Residential Area
Residential Areas
Dog Waste Station for Residential Area
Dog Waste Station for Pet Shops
Pet Shops

LW: Dog Waste Stations Experts

Dog waste stations provide a hygienic and eco-friendly way to dispose of dog poop. They are placed on every street corner, eliminating the need for people to pick up after their dogs with disposable bags and thus reducing the amount of plastic dumped in landfills each year.

Residential dog waste stations are sturdy, durable, easy to install and inexpensive. Your community will benefit greatly with dog waste stations for parks in place!

Dog waste stations are made from durable materials and have easy-to-use features that make picking up after your dog a breeze.

Dog waste stations are an elegant, safe, and sanitary way to dispose of your dog’s waste. Use our station with a bag or without a bag and insert the disposal bags at the top of the station.

The lid closes automatically as you place waste into your bag, sealing in odors and flies – keeping your dog park clean and helping prevent contamination. 

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Dog Waste Station

A pet waste station is an important part of a dog park. It helps protect the environment, provides users with a convenient means to clean up, and discourages people from walking off with the bagged waste. Thus, we’ve created a list of questions that all dog park owners should ask before ordering a pet waste station for their facility.

Dog Waste Stations - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What Exactly Is a Dog Waste Station?

1 - Dog Waste Station

Dog Waste Station

A dog waste station, also called a dog waste bin, is a freestanding container where dog owners put the feces their pets leave behind.

Dog waste stations usually have a sign telling dog owners to pick up after their pets, a bag dispenser where dog waste bags are kept, a trash can where dog waste bags can be thrown away, and a standard sign post where all of these things are put.

All aluminum dog waste stations should be attached with aluminum hardware so that they can be moved if they need to be.

2. Where Can I Put My Dog Waste Station?

2 - Dog Waste Station Outside

Dog Waste Station Outside

The place where you put your Dog Waste Station should be easily accessible for you and your dog.

Most people prefer to keep their dog waste station near the area where the dog is most likely to do his business.

For example, if your dog has a habit of pooping in the front yard, then that’s where we would suggest putting it.

Pet parks, neighborhoods, and other areas with a high concentration of dogs are common locations for these waste stations.

3. What’s The Most Common Dog Waste Station Specification?

The most common specifications of dog waste stations include those that protect against corrosion, theft and vandalism.

Here’s a table of the most common/standard dog waste station.


Depending on the client – we customize based on your preference.




Up to 10 Gallons of dog excretions!

Item Dimensions (L x W x H )

13.19 x 13.19 x 25.98 inches

Unit Count

1 Count

Item Weight

Average 28 pounds

Item Height

Customizable but approximately 6 feet off the ground standard size 12 feet underground.

4. Does LW Offer Customized Dog Waste Stations?

3 - Customized Dog Waste Station

Customized Dog Waste Station

Absolutely! LW makes sure to customize each and every product to fit every customer perfectly.

Choose from various different styles, four different base sizes, various mounting hardware, and all-weather enclosures, then add a custom logo to your choice of general use or self-cleaning stations.

We offer a wide selection of dog waste stations. The specific station that you choose should fit the needs for your dog park, including style, color and availability of options.

You can choose from a variety of options including: access doors, waste receptacles and signs for pet owners.

5. How Much Does A Dog Waste Station Cost?

A dog waste station is a garbage can with a covered compartment on top for pet waste bags. This allows for easy disposal of dog poop.

These stations are typically made of aluminum and come in three basic designs: a standalone model, those mounted to posts or poles, and those that look like a regular trash can.

The average cost of a dog waste station with these specifications are between $40-$80.

However, it’s important to note that there are various factors that come with pricing. Feel free to contact us for a more specific consultation that’s free.

6. What Comes With LW’s Dog Waste Station?

4 - Dog Waste Station Features

Dog Waste Station Features

LW’s Dog Waste Station is a convenient and sanitary way to help keep your home, streets, parks and beaches clean.

This bag dispenser comes with everything you need to get it installed right away—from aluminum posts and metal brackets, to fasteners and hardware for installation.

To be more specific, your dog waste station comes with a steel post base, a station sign, a bag dispense, a can with lid, two pieces of steel post segment A, one piece of steel post segment B, 3 boxes of dog waste bags, 2 pieces of bag dispenser keys ,some nuts, screws and other accessories.

After installing the station, simply place your dog waste bags in the dispenser and let your dog walk from one side to the other—it’s that easy!

You won’t have to worry about running out of waste bags again or carrying them with you on walks anymore—just grab some bags out of the dispenser when needed.

7. How Long Can I Expect My Dog Waste Station To Arrive From LW?

LW’s dog waste station is typically shipped within 2 weeks of ordering and should normally arrive in less than 5 business days.

However, shipping time does indeed vary depending on the location of where the order will be delivered to. Many other factors could also affect shipping time but we will make sure to communicate.

8. How Do I Use My Dog Waste Station?

5 - Using a Dog Waste Station

Using a Dog Waste Station

Here are the steps you should follow in order to properly utilize your dog waste station.

  1. Place the dog waste station in a convenient place and fill the dispenser bucket with fresh bags.
  2. Once the dispenser bucket is filled, slide it across from the door hinge so that your dog can easily access it when entering or exiting their run.
  3. When dogs pass through the gate, they will automatically grab a bag out of their own dispenser bucket.
  4. Take care to ensure that your dispenser bucket is always full of fresh bags—an empty one will discourage use due to unpleasant smells!
  5. The poop goes through an automatic self-cleaning process that eliminates bag tearing, mess, and odors.

9. Can I Keep My Dog’s Waste From The Dog Waste Station As Fertilizer?

Dog waste stations are an excellent way to keep your yard clean and also green. The trash bags come in bio-degradable material that helps break down pet waste by microorganisms into nutrients.

You can definitely keep your dog’s waste in the Dog Waste Station as fertilizer! However, you should be aware that not all types of dog waste are safe for use as fertilizer in a garden or lawn.

Some types of dog waste have harmful bacteria or parasites, so it is best to keep them out of your soil.

10. How Does A Dog Waste Station Work?

Dog waste stations keep your property clean and safe by reducing the risk of dog-related accidents from happening.

How does a dog waste station work? These dog dispensers are odorless, easy to use, and convenient for dogs and owners alike.

A dog waste station is a multi-use system that offers pet owners a convenient place to dispose of their dog’s waste, without having to carry around poop bags.

Dog owners simply deposit their dog’s waste into the disposal bin, and then close the lid.

When it’s time for the bin to be emptied, an automated mechanism automatically opens the lid and disposes of your dog’s waste in an underground receptacle.

A dog waste station is a receptacle for dog excrement, which is typically manufactured from galvanized aluminum.

These stations are usually attached to a wall, fence post, or street sign. Many models allow users to fill their own bags using a dispenser located at the bottom of the unit.

After placing the waste in the bag, you simply seal it up and dispose of it properly — no need to touch the waste again!

11. What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Profiles?

Below are some of the advantages of aluminum profiles:

  • It has excellent corrosion resistance due to both hot and cold treatment processes.
  • The world’s aluminum reserves are plentiful, and the earth’s aluminum content is high.
  • Good ductility and elongation, which can be alloyed with a wide range of metal components to generate high-quality light alloy materials
  • Good yielding ability and strong deformability are advantages for production.
  • Excellent casting qualities.
  • It produces excellent results in terms of surface treatment.
  • It is an excellent and recyclable metal material with stable chemical properties, is non-magnetic, and can be recycled and reused.
  • Elastic coefficients are small, there is no spark in collisions, and friction is minimal.
  • There is no metal pollution, toxicity, or volatile metal in the surface oxide layer.
  • It has outstanding performance in short-distance power transmission due to its good thermal characteristics and electrical conductivity.
  • it can also be made to any shape and design
  • Aluminum profiles are also lighter than steel profiles.

12. Are Dog Waste Stations Effective At Keeping Neighborhoods Clean?

6 - Dog Waste Station in a Neighborhood

Dog Waste Station in a Neighborhood

Dog waste stations are an effective way to keep local parks and streets clean.

A dog waste station is a centralized area for owners to pick up bags, and allows dogs to eliminate properly by providing them with a private spot in which to do their business.

Dog waste stations can also help improve the health of both humans and the environment by reducing exposure to dangerous bacteria that live in dog feces left on the ground. 

In communities where a large number of dog owners do not clean up after their dogs have relieved themselves, a dog waste station can help keep sidewalks, trails, and parks free from unsightly and potentially unhealthy deposits.

13. How Many Dog Waste Stations Do I Need?

Dog waste stations come in a variety of multi-unit packages. The number of units necessary will vary based on the size of your property, and the number and variety of dogs that will be using the stations.

However, at least one station per 50 feet is recommended for properties where dogs are allowed.

You will need to determine how many dog waste stations you need by the number of dogs that use your location, this is best determined by using an average for the number of visits per day or week.

For example, if dogs are visiting a location for 2 hours a day, but come in groups and only two dogs may be there at one time, consider 4-5 Dog Waste Stations per day.

If there are 10 or more dogs visiting at one time (such as in a busy urban park) consider 8-10 Dog Waste Stations per hour. 

For high-traffic areas, consider installing multiple dog waste stations for quick and easy cleanup.

It’s important that the station itself is not vandalized or tampered with as this would make it difficult for others to use.

If you do install multiple dog waste stations, they should be kept at least 100 feet apart to ensure accessibility without making anyone walk a long way.

14. Can I Place My Dog Waste Station Directly Under The Sun?

7 - Dog Waste Station Under The Sun

Dog Waste Station Under The Sun

Absolutely! The Dog Waste Station has been designed to withstand the hot sun and other elements.

Additionally, its unique design keeps dogs at a comfortable distance from each other and won’t scare them away.

Please be advised that you must take the precautions necessary to prevent damage to the dog waste station and place away from direct sunlight so that the material will not warp or melt.

Unlike our other models, this model can withstand direct sunlight without any issues.

The high-quality UV-resistant aluminum is made to last and will not fade, crack or warp in the sun.

15. Can I Place My Dog Waste Station Outside Even When It Rains?

Yes, you can place your dog waste station outside even when it rains. The products are made with heavy-duty aluminum does not rust or fall over when needed.

They also come with their own bag dispenser so you can refill them with ease. The aluminum material keeps moisture from penetrating it and rusting out the aluminum components

The waste bags are also water resistant, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your Dog Waste Station will be ready to act as your partner in cleaning your dog’s feces!

We do recommend you store the station indoors during freezing temperatures and/or heavy rain or if left outside for extended periods (longer than a day).

16. How Long Does A Dog Waste Station Last?

A dog waste station is truly a one-time investment, because it will last for years. The amount of time that the metal lasts depend on its usage.

If you have your own dog waste station, you don’t have to purchase a bag every time you need to pick up after your dog.

This eliminates costs and allows you to be more eco-friendly. Also, there are no added chemicals like bleach or harsh chemicals used in this process, which makes it safe for your family pet as well.

This can depend on the materials used to make the station, conditions where it is placed and if you keep feeding it. However, in general it should last between 8-10 years.

17. How Do I Take Care Of My Dog Waste Station?

8 - How To Take Care Of Your Dog Waste Station

How to Take Care of Your Dog Waste Station

After you have completed the assembly, it is up to you to take care of your dog waste station by cleaning and sanitizing as needed.

Cleaning will remove solid waste and any odors, while sanitizing will kill germs and microbes. Some owners choose to use enzyme or chemical solutions to clean and sanitize their stations.

Take care to keep your dog waste station clean and free of debris. This will ensure that it can be easily identified as the designated area for dogs to be emptied, and that it will last you a long time. 

Remove the waste bag and empty its contents into the waste container regularly throughout the week. Then, exchange it for a full bag and tie it off.

A monthly sanitizing is recommended to keep your station clean.