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Manufacturing Extruded Aluminum Profiles

In LW, we only use the latest procedures to make products. 6063 alloy is the best choice for finishing an extrusion process; hence we use alloy 6063 for extruded aluminum profiles. 

Our modern machinery Is best known for the Manufacturing of extruded aluminum profiles.LW   extruded aluminum profiles are the best choice for automotive, electrical panels, and other industrial areas. 

Our team does a variation on the demands of our valuable clients. We are competent enough to make extruded aluminum profiles as we have accomplished 15 years in this industry.

Our trained and well-organized team members are always available for the clients. LW could offer samples which is another advantage of working with us. 

We never compromise on the quality, and our team constantly inspects all the procedures of extrusion aluminum profiles manufacturing from beginning to the end.

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door section extruded aluminum profiles

Door section extruded aluminum profiles

These extruded aluminum profiles are the primary support indoors where glass is used, and it keeps the glass in shape and protects it from sliding or falling.

Hollow beam extruded aluminum profiles

Hollow beam extruded aluminum profile is manufactured by shaping aluminum alloy of 6063 t5 When there is a need for balancing and parallel equipment, this is the best choice. Hollow beam aluminum profiles are mainly used in large buildings and industrial areas.

hollow beam extruded aluminum profiles
RCW extruded aluminum profiles

RCW extruded aluminum profiles

 RCW extruded aluminum profiles are mainly used for curtain walls or railings, and it protects the inside of any area from outdoor elements. These extruded aluminum profiles are made with alloy 6063 t5; hence it is the best choice for standard.

SD extruded aluminum profiles

These SD extruded aluminum profiles are the best used for window frames of different apartments, offices, or homes. The glass windows are more prone to the atmospheric stimulus; hence, they give the best support.

SD extruded aluminum profiles
square extruded aluminum profiles

Square extruded aluminum profiles

The second type of extruded aluminum profile is a square aluminum profile .likewise a hollow beam, and it also gives strength and power to heavy-duty equipment and industrial areas.


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LW is the best choice for Manufacturing extruded aluminum profiles

LW the exclusive product makers

In general we will use aluminum alloy of 6063 T5 to make the extruded aluminum profiles. Our company never compromises the quality of the material it uses during the Manufacturing.

LW, the ambassador of molding products

Our Company has a reputation in making different shapes of a specific product. We offer distinct forms like square aluminum profiles, L –shaped extruded aluminum profiles, single radius extruded aluminum profiles, and many more

Free Samples Provided

Our Company is unique in its ways. We also supply free samples, which shows our enthusiasm .

LW 24/7 helpline

We have a very passionate team who only works for our valuable customers. We are available for help and inquiries.

Strict examines procedure

LW keep the strict inspection procedure for every product before we ship out from our factory, so you don’t need to worry about the products issue.

LW professional in extruded aluminum profiles

LW extruded aluminum profiles produced in lots of shapes and colors.

  • Size of extruded aluminum profiles:

LW provide various size for  extruded aluminum profile . For example, the t slot extruded aluminum profile is 40×80 mm in Size.

 Colors of extruded aluminum profiles:

LW is offering unique and eye-catching colors for extruded aluminum profiles, which are black, white, bronze, dark shades of green, and bronze.

Applications of Extruded Aluminum Profile

extruded aluminum profiles for bridge
extruded aluminum profiles for ladder
extruded aluminum profiles for trailors

LW the Superior Quality extruded aluminum profiles

We make extruded aluminum profiles through up-to-date machinery and procedures. The process starts with the preheating of aluminum; 

This aluminum then transforms into the desired color and shape. When it is in proper condition, the machine cools down its temperature, and at the end, the process of cutting starts; 

In the process of cutting, the particular machine cuts it into the specific Size. This outstanding extruded aluminum profile is made with the 6063-T5 aluminum alloys

LW has a reputation for the best customer service; our professional team members are always ready to help the customers. 

Our Company is best known for its modern procedure of masking products. Our Company manufacture the products of our clients with the latest machines. 

We customize the products according to our customer’s choice.

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