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We understand that you demand the highest level of quality and service, and LW aims to meet your expectations with every order. We’re excited to offer you a terrific option for your aluminum needs with our innovative extruded aluminum roof rack manufacturing!  

You can cover your warehouse with Extruded Aluminum Roof Racks, which allows for enhanced light output and reduces the demand for electricity. Whether you’re transporting animals, grain silos, or manufacturing equipment, we have a roof rack to suit your demands.

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Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Surface Finishing Options

Extruded Aluminum Roof Racks have a variety of surface finishing options, namely:

Anodized Surface Finish

Anodizing is very popular among handymen. This is because when applied to aluminum products, it may still strengthen and protect the surface. Extruded aluminum roof racks can be anodized to make them more wear resistant, rustproof, corrosion resistant, and generally resistant to minor damage.

Mill Surface Finish Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Mill Surface Finish

The mill surface treatment is a matte anodized finish that allows you to see the aluminum flow over the extruded aluminum roof rack surface during expansion and contraction. We left this finish precisely as it came out of the extrusion process, giving it a unique and realistic appearance while allowing for natural metal variations.

Electrophoresis Surface Finish

Our ground-breaking technique to improving paint adhesion to extruded aluminum roof rack surfaces employs safer, faster, and easier Electrophoresis Technology. This surface finish can increase corrosion resistance, color uniformity, and gloss levels while requiring less post-treatment.

Powder Coated Surface Finish

All our extruded aluminum roof racks come with a powder coat finish as standard. It’s not just for show; it increases the rack’s corrosion resistance and gives it a clean, completed appearance.

Polished Surface Finish

Polished surface finishing is appropriate for extruded aluminum roof racks that prioritize looks above durability. It’s used to generate a lovely sheen that should be re-refined every 2 to 3 years at the absolute least.

Polished Surface Finish Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Brushed Surface Finish

The brushed metal coating on these racks adds a new look to extruded aluminum roof racks while also making them sturdy and rustproof.


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Advantages of LW Boat Windshield Frame Extrusions

Fully Equipped

Thanks to our equipment and skilled workers, we can provide cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, CNC machine, welding, and assembly. Our extruded aluminum roof racks are made of lightweight aluminum employing cutting-edge extrusion and machining techniques. They are strong and corrosion resistant, and may be tailored to practically any architectural or industrial requirement. We provide services such as cutting, drilling, tapping, CNC machines, and many other things.

Guaranteed Product Quality

We promise your complete satisfaction with our service! To fit your needs like a glove our extruded aluminum roof racks includes all the required mounting hardware and accessories.

Free Estimate Consultation

No job is too big or too small for us, as we have over fifteen years of experience. We provide free estimates and consultations for extruded aluminum roof racks to assist you gather the information you need to make an informed decision regarding roof repair or replacement.

Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack

Your Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Expert

All Kinds of Finishes

We provide all the needed finishes for your extruded aluminum roof racks.

All Kinds of Colors

If you’re looking for a color that’ll suit your preferences, we also got you covered! Our aluminum roof racks, and other aluminum products are all available for customization.

All Kinds of Shapes

Choosing a shape is also highly essential which is why we provide different shapes and sizes for your extruded aluminum roof rack and other aluminum need.

Your Boat Windshield Frame Extrusion Applications

Construction Industry

Extruded aluminum roof racks can be seen in the construction industry for support.

Networking Industry Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Networking Equipment

LW’s extruded aluminum roof racks are designed with built-in ventilation on the front and back to aid boost airflow while providing a lightweight, low-profile roof rack making it excellent for networking equipment.

Military Equipment Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Military Equipment

Extruded aluminum roof racks are a very versatile roof rack. If you only want a roof rack for weapons, extruded aluminum is one of the best options.

Recreational Equipment Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Recreational Equipment

If you’ve seen canoes, bikes, and other recreational equipment used in sports, you might’ve seen an extruded aluminum roof rack in use already.


Extruded aluminum roof racks are a good option if you need to transport a large amount of stuff with your car. The weight of bags, snowboards, and coolers is supported by these racks.

Aerospace Industry Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
Aerospace Equipment

Aerospace equipment and device require immense durability while up in the air which makes LW’s extruded aluminum roof racks a vital asset.

Extruded Aluminum Roof Racks

If you’re looking for a great supplier who prioritizes your needs and your specifications – LW’s got your back as we make your order a priority!

Here at LW, you can get high quality extruded aluminum roof racks every time. 

If you have any requirements about the extruded aluminum roof racks, please let us know and send us the details. Then we could arrange the samples for you.

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