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Why Choose LW Extruded Aluminum Tube Suppliers?

LW could provide the high quality extruded aluminum profile for you. LW cooperation is one of the biggest extruded aluminum tube producer in China. LW is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of aluminum profiles.

LW has expert engineers could provide excellent service and custom extruded aluminum tubing according to your requirements.

LW utilizes modern technology and high-level machinery to produce aluminum profiles to meet your advanced projects. Thanks for choosing your trusted brand LW as your manufacturer & supplier.

LW extruded aluminum tubes are mostly of 6061 or 6063 aluminum alloy with the temper of T4, T5, and T6. It was widely used because it is more lightweight than other metals and easy to custom and carry around.

LW extruding aluminum tube has a smooth surface, making it elegant and more attractive than other metals and easy to clean dust and dirt. That’s why primarily used in decoration or residential/commercial areas. 

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LW Extruded Aluminum Tube

Your Leading LW Extruded Aluminum Tube Classification
Round Extruded Aluminum Tube
Round Extruded Aluminum Tube

LW round extruded aluminum tube could be used for structural support in applications ranging from architecture to furniture. They have high strength and uses in those sites where high pressure is applied.

Square Extruded Aluminum Tube
Square Extruded Aluminum Tube

LW square extruded aluminum tube is popular due to its corrosion resistance, lightweight, and great strength and is mainly used in different fabrication processes, frameworks, support columns, gates, handrails, etc.

Rectangle Extruded Aluminum Tube
Rectangle Extruded Aluminum Tube

LW rectangular extruded aluminum tube is available for different purposes like maintenance and structural . You could use an LW rectangular aluminum tube profile in building construction, railing, and truck frames.


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Benefits of LW Extruded Aluminum Tube

Custom Your Specifications

LW has excellent OEM & ODM service to provide you with unique and innovative ideas for your different products and projects requirements. Best R&D department to customize products according to your application.

Variety of Products

LW provides you with an extensive range of extruded aluminum tubes to finalize the different product based on your different requirement. At LW, different series of extrusion tubes are available.

Quality Assurance

LW owns a brilliant inspection team to check the product quality thoroughly. LW is committed to providing you with 100% inspected. We match the product from manufacturing to shipment.

Protection against Corrosion

LW extruded aluminum tubes are composed of high-class aluminum alloy, protecting against corrosion.

Surface Treatments

LW extruded aluminum tubes manufacturer offers you many surface finishing like coating, mill, sandblasting, electrophoresis, PVDF coating, anodizing finishing and wood effect.

Stable Delivery Time

Cooperated with LW extruded aluminum tubes manufacturer, you could quickly and stably deliver all over the world within 20 days or less.

Extruded Aluminum Tube

Your LW Extruded Aluminum Tube Design Guide

LW extruded aluminum tube manufacturer offers you innovative and new designs for your application. LW provides different size , colors, thickness and shapes extruded aluminum tube.

  • Shapes

LW offers you different shapes of extruded aluminum tube in standard shapes like round, square, rectangle, oval, or customized according to your need.

  • Colors

LW offer you standard colors such as silver, grey, black, titanium color or provide many more on your request.

  • Sizes 

LW extruded aluminum tube is available in various standard sizes. Also, you may get customized sizes to fulfil your business requirements.

Application of LW Extruded Aluminum Tube

Extruded Aluminum Tube for Pressure Vessels
Pressure Vessels
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Cylinders
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Compressed Gas Cylinders
Compressed Gas Cylinders
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Driveshafts
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Automobiles
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Railway
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Building Construction
Building Construction
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Marine Industry
Marine Industry
Extruded Aluminum Tube for Solar and Renewable Energy
Solar and Renewable Energy

LW Extruded Aluminum Tube Verdict

Over fifteen years of experience , LW is your premium quality extruded aluminum tubes manufacturer with a low price bracket in China. LW is the ISO verified manufacturer of aluminum tube extrusions, so don’t worry about our product quality.

LW provide you with significantly after-sale service to his customers. LW is always here to guide & facilitate you in every matter. LW offers you a one-stop service including drilling/milling/tapping/bending/cutting/welding/ assembling or customized according to your demand.

LW extruded aluminum tubes manufacturer accepts low minimum order quantity (MOQ) requests. You could get extruded aluminum tubes with a high durability rate from LW,  because our aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rustproof ability that extends the product life.

Except the three standard types of extruded aluminum tubes, LW also could provide customizations service like, triangle, hexagon, or pentagon shaped tubes.

Thanks for selecting the LW aluminum profile manufacturer. For any questions or guidance, please contact us!

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