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Why to choose LW Extruded Aluminum Providers & Suppliers:

LW is one of the dominating manufacturers of aluminum extruded profiles in China.

Our Engineers are committed to provide excellent products one according to the desires of our customers.

Our extensive services include aluminum fabrication, finishing, coating etc and customized shipping.

We make sure to supply you with best OEM and ODM service. With fifteen years of experience LW saves your time and costs efficiently by providing you with one-stop service.

Moreover we plan particular profiles for extruded aluminium to ensure manufacturability, useful and stylish targets on requests.

LW Extruded Aluminum Product Classification:

LW provides you with various selections in order that you can choose according to your desire or requirement.

T-slot Extruded Aluminum
T-Slot extruded Aluminum

LW T-slot uses 6000 series aluminum alloy in manufacturing. It is used in decoration, robot frame, machinery, automation part, etc.

Triangle Extruded Aluminum
Triangle Extruded aluminum

Our LW triangle extruded aluminum is aluminum 6061, 6005, 6063, 7005, and 6082. And has a temper of T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, and T8.

Hexagonal Extruded Aluminum
Hexagonal Extruded Aluminum

 LW hexagonal extruded aluminum is prepared from aluminum alloy 6061, 6005, 6060, 6063, 7005, 7075, etc., widely used for decoration and heat sink.

Oval Extruded Aluminum
Oval Extruded Aluminum

LW provides you with oval aluminum extrusion made up of 100% alloy like 6000 series. Its standard size is 3mm to 6mm but can custom on your request.

I-Beam Extruded Aluminum
I-Beam Extruded Aluminium

LW I beam extruded aluminum is composed of aluminum alloy 6061. Due to its high strength often used in trailers, trucks, automobiles etc.

.T-Bar Extruded Aluminum
T-Bar Extruded Aluminum

LW T-bar extruded aluminum prepared from aluminum alloy 6061 & 6063 or other alloys upon request. Moreover it exhibits high resistance to heat and corrosion.

Angle Extruded Aluminum
Angle Extruded Aluminum

It is mainly made up of aluminum alloy 6061 and 6063 in T5 or T6 temper.

Custom Extruded Aluminum In Bulk From LW

Variety of shapes:

There are different kinds of extruded aluminum shapes available for you. Like Square, I, U, T, C, Z, L, H, round, flat, rectangle, hollow, t-slot, sector and any other customized design.

Diversity of Colours

LW provides many standard colours of extruded aluminium shapes like gray, bronze, black, blue etc and any other on your demand.

Various sizes:

We provide all the variety of sizes including 15/16 series for producing door/window, sound enclosures and racks, 20 series great for machine and robot guards, 30 series for building industrial aluminum frame structures, 40 series for office furniture and display racks, 45 series for panel mount racks, 50 series for 3D CNC framing, 60 series for machine bases 80 series for conveyer system and 100 series for building blocks and frameworks. You can find suitable size as per you requirement from our company.

Wholesale LW Extruded Aluminum In Bulk

LW extruded aluminum is light in weight so easy to lift and transport.

It is supported by altering divider thickness and inside support. That’s why extruded aluminum is reasonable for open air operations.

Aluminum extrusions have the property of flexibility due to which they are appropriate for applications that need complex and empty shapes.

LW Extruded aluminum is versatile and can flex beneath overwhelming loads and it can moreover spring back from an affect.

Extruded Aluminum has the layer of oxide film due to this property it doesn’t corrode like other metals for instance iron.

Hence it has excellent electrical conductivity and pretty much less expensive than other materials like copper so it can be economical choice for the projects involving electricity.

Applications provided by Your Professional LW Aluminum Extruded Suppliers:

.Extruded Aluminum Transportation
.Extruded Aluminum Wheel
Extruded Aluminum Electronics
Extruded Aluminum Electrical components
Electrical components
Extruded Aluminum TelecommunicationExtruded Aluminum Telecommunication
Extruded Aluminum for Decoration & framing
Decoration & framing
Extruded Aluminum Machinery equipment
Machinery equipment
Extruded Aluminum Building
Extruded Aluminum Sports

LW Trusted Company for Aluminum Extrusion:

LW is the most leading and reliable company from over years providing you with variety and feature products. Our aluminum extrusion are made up of different grades of aluminum alloy mostly use 6000 series.

LW with expert team of Engineers produce premium quality extruded aluminum shapes in different size and colors. LW never compromise on quality, offers you low MOQ requests and the best after-sale service also.

As it don’t conduct a magnetic charge so it’s useful where magnetic fields come into play.

In the event that your venture is pertinent to regions where you would like it to shield it from light & radiations at that point extruded aluminum is the prime choice. 

For any query and to place order feel free to contact us.

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