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LW can help you design and build the perfect extruded heat sink. Looking for a heat sink?

Check out our extruded heat sinks online catalogue to find a great selection of profiles with varying thermal properties, dimensions, and heights. 

With our extensive range of profiles that vary in thermal characteristics and lead times, LW can assist you in designing and building the ideal extruded heat sink. 

Take a look at our online catalog right now! If you’re looking for a quote, don’t be afraid to message us and we can guarantee that you’ll receive a reply in less than 24 hours!

Different Fin Configurations of Extruded Heat Sinks

Different series to meet your various requirements.

Straight Fin Extruded Heat Sink
Extruded Straight Fin Heat Sink Configuration

Straight Fin Heat Sink is a form of extruded heat sink with fins that run the entire length of the sink. This pin configuration, for example, may be seen in crosscut heat sinks, and while it is not sliced at fixed intervals, it does more efficiently draw heat away due to its significantly higher surface area.

Pin Fin Extruded Heat Sink
Extruded Pin Fin Heat Sink Configuration

Straight fin heat sinks are an example of pin fin extruded heat sinks. One of the most prevalent forms of heat sinks are pin fin heat sinks. They can come in a variety of forms, but they always have pins that protrude from a rectangular base.

Flared Fin Extruded Heat Sink
Extruded Flared Fin Heat Sink Configuration

Flared Fin Heat Sinks are distinguished by the fact that their fins are not parallel, which means they are effective at reducing down flow resistance. Depending on the heat sink orientation, this heat sink will allow your product to have thermal performance. This heat sink is suitable for use with graphics cards, CPUs, and embedded processors.

Why Should You Go with LW for Extruded Heat Sinks?

Industry Experts with Fast Response Times

LW is your one-stop shop for any extruded heat sink, anywhere. We've been in the industry for more than 15 years, and our crew knows what they're doing. That is why we promise outstanding service: our highly educated professionals are always delighted to assist you in finding the correct product for your needs, whatever they may be. So, if you have any queries, simply fill out the form on our professional website, tell us about yourself and your project requirements, and we'll react soon - generally within 24 hours!

Guaranteed High Quality

LW is your best destination for whatever sort of heat sink you may require. We are a reputable and dedicated manufacturer and distributor of extruded heat sinks, so you can rely on us to provide the finest possible support with anything relevant to our company's field of expertise.

We Aim to Please

LW's team is standing by to assist you. We offer a unique extruded heat sink design service that is tailored to provide you with the best possible outcome. Our great customer service backs up your service, giving you piece of mind. We are a company that values its clients because we want them to be as pleased with the quality of our products and services as we are.

Fabrication Capabilities for Extruded Heat Sinks

CNC Drilling Extruded Heat Sink
Drilling Machine (CNC)

We use different types of equipment for high-quality drilling to produce top-class extruded heat sinks

Cutting (Sawing)

This is a process that is used a lot in creating prototypes and cutting up materials. Cutting is perfect for extruded heat sinks because of how its fast and low-cost.

Sanding Machine Extruded Heat Sink

True to its name, sanding is the process of using sandpapers or equipment that sands extruded heat sinks.

Epoxy Bonding Extruded Heat Sink
Epoxy bonding

Extruded heat sinks require a lot of good epoxy to bond in a standard that is appropriate and high-quality.

Electrical Discharging Machine Extruded Heat Sink
EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining)

EDM is used to customize the extruded heat sinks and fit your wanted specifications. Electronic Discharge Machining is the process of using electronic discharge to shape.

Deburring Machine Extruded Heat Sink

Deburring is a process that uses deburring equipment to improve the quality of your extruded heat sinks. This process is vital towards attaining pristine heat sinks.

Fly Cutter Machine Extruded Heat Sink
Fly cutting

Fly cutting is a technique procured to achieve a flat surface. This technique is utilized in milling machines so that you won’t have to worry about not achieving perfect dimensions for your extruded heat sinks.

Stamping Machine Extruded Heat Sink
Stamping (High Speed)

Stamping is also a method used to improve thermal regulation capabilities. We stamp at high speeds because this allows your extruded heat sinks to be the best that there is in terms of performance.

Counterboring Extruded Heat Sink

Counterboring is used to make placement a lot easier. Using a coaxial hole, counterboring is used for extruded heat sinks because it makes placement seamless.

Allpication Of Extruded Heat Sink

Different application fields to meet your various requirements.
Amplifying Device Extruded Heat Sink
Amplifying Devices

Amplifying devices involve the usage of a cooling device since they require a lot of cooling. Extruded Heat sinks address this issue by making it relatively simple to remove heat and increase performance.

Motherboard Chipset Extruded Heat Sink
Motherboard chipsets

Motherboards are critical parts of technology that are utilized in computers all around the world. Motherboards, which are prone to overheating, need a lot of cooling technology, which is why Extruded Heat sinks are frequently a non-negotiable when manufacturing motherboards.


Computers are prone to overheating and may burn your legs as a result. Most computers are fitted with extruded heat sinks to reduce overheating.

Circuitry Extruded Heat Sink

Heat sinks are required to keep the microchips cool on circuit boards. Extruded heat sinks are employed in a variety of electronic circuits and have a uniform cross-section.

Solid State Relay Extruded Heat Sink
Solid State and Relay

In SSRs, air temperature and flow must be considered. It should be noted that removing excess heat and regulating temperature are critical, which is why extruded heat sinks are frequently required.

Refrigerator Extruded Heat Sink

Anything that requires thermal regulation, extruded heat sinks can be found in it. Just like your typical refrigerator, it’s not uncommon to discover heat sinks inside of it because it helps a lot in regulating the temperature.

Custom Aluminum Profile in Bulk

With over 15 years of rich experience for producing aluminum profile products, you could get an expert in aluminum extrusion profile manufacturing.

LW could custom any kind of aluminum profile like 20 series,30 series, 40series,50 series ,60series and 80 series with different thickness. They could meet your most of project requirements.

You could get 100% support for your whole project . LW as a professional aluminum profile supplier, we could provide professional after-sale service for your company. LW had passed ISO certificate, you don’t need to worry about the quality issues. Please send us an email and get our fast quotation.

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