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Finned Aluminum Tubings are used to transfer fluids from one location to another. 

The finned tubing has a one-piece construction and it is manufactured with a formed shape that offers increased strength and load capacity. Therefore, they are widely used even in heavy gauge sizes.

The tappings on the ends of the tubing allow for quick hook-up at either end. The corrugated design helps to eliminate fluid backflow in your system, allowing for clean transport of your fluids. 

Finned aluminum tubings are used mostly in heat exchangers where the heat transfer fluids can contain corrosive contaminants.

Finned Aluminum Tubings

Finned aluminum tubing is most commonly used in brewery and distillery operations. 

Typically, it is used as a heat exchanger where chilled water needs to be cooled or heated. The finned tubing then acts as a heat sink, which draws the heat away from the water.

Finned Aluminum Tubings The product name is aluminum fin tubes. 

 It is mainly applied to the refrigeration industry and usually has 2mm diameter, 2.5mm diameter, 3mm diameter, 4mm diameter and so on. The price is based on the size of the threads. 

As an important part of air conditioners, it can be seen as a refrigeration equipment with heat exchangers such as compressors and condensers. It is mainly used to ensure convection.

Finned Aluminum Tubing


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Finned aluminum tubings are widely used in Power generation, petro-chemical industry, metallurgical industry, transportation, national defense industry, etc. Our certified supplier has over 15 years of manufacturing anodizing background and strong R&D team.

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Finned Aluminum Tubing

Why You Should Be Using Finned Aluminum Tubings

Cost-Efficient Solution

Finned aluminum tubings are very popular in the manufacturing industry today because of the superior heat transferring capabilities. Manufacturers are also using them for their durability and cost. Finned aluminum tubings are great for use in heavy duty applications, including airplane motors and portable heaters at well sites and on oil rigs.

Stain and Corrosion Resistant

Finned aluminum tubings are widely used in the transportation, chemical, and other process industries because of their stain resistance and abrasion resistance. Both of these properties come in handy in the course of normal operations of heating or condensing unit components such as manifolds, tubesheets, crankshafts, columns, pulleys, etc. 

Applications Where Aluminum Construction Profiles Are Often Used

Finned Aluminum Tubing for Transportation
Finned Aluminum Tubing for Hydraulics
Finned Aluminum Tubing for Brewery and Distillery Application
Brewery and Distillery
Air Conditioning
Finned Aluminum Tubing for Heaters

LW: The Best Manufacturer of Finned Aluminum Tubing

Finned aluminum tubing is a product used for both solar and industrial applications that makes many tasks easier. 

Finned tubings ensure that you will be receiving solid quality aluminum, which is a great alternative to steel since it resists heat and corrosion better than most metal products.

Finned aluminum tubing is a good alternative to seamless aluminum tubings because it combines the strength of rectangular tubing with the high heat conductivity of a fin. 

This allows finned aluminum tubing to be used both in hot applications, including fluid handling and solar systems, or in refrigeration systems where increased heat transfer is required.

Finned aluminum tubing is an example of the kind of different approach that makes this company’s products stand out from the competition. 

When you use finned aluminum tubing, you are providing your pool with the cool water that it needs to be well-maintained, a decrease in maintenance costs that can go directly to enhancing your level of quality of life.

Finned aluminum tubing is specially made to take heat and still allow the fluid a free flow in the tubes. 

The fins are in direct contact with the fluid, which makes it both an excellent conductor of heat and does not require large amounts of pressure or thick walls to contain the fluid.