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LW: Flipover Whiteboard Expert

A flipover whiteboard is a great tool for teams to have in their office. This can help them collaborate on important projects and ideas.

With a flipover whiteboard, you can collaborate with friends, family or co-workers as you discuss projects and make decisions.

This also helps avoid having to use traditional paper notes which can lead to excessive printing and paper waste – a big problem in today’s society!

For decades, the flipover whiteboard has been the most popular option for a classroom environment.

Being able to change the surface for different activities keeps students engaged and helps to keep them motivated.

Flipover whiteboards are the ultimate collaboration solution. This unique product allows groups of people to work together on a single project in a different way than they could during traditional brainstorming or stand-up meetings.

Flipover Whiteboard

A flipover whiteboard is ideal for schools, businesses and other settings where the traditional whiteboard or dry erase board is not suitable.

This is a great alternative to get the same effect as with a whiteboard on any type of shiny surface, whether it be your office wall or the hood of your car!

Whether you are a student, business professional or employee, a flipover whiteboard is an essential tool that can be utilized in your daily life. Utilize these boards to facilitate meetings, brainstorm ideas and more!

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LW: Flipover Whiteboard Expert

World-Class Quality

We are the best flipover whiteboard manufacturer in China, offering you high quality and efficient flipover whiteboards. We only use cutting-edge products, so we offer the best flipover whiteboard, ranging from 6mm thickness to 7mm thickness. Our machines are made in China, thus ensuring high standard quality and safety. Adding to this, we also offer limitless customization options that are meant to fit your requirements and needs.

15+ Years of Manufacturing

We are a company that has been exclusively manufacturing flipover whiteboards and whiteboard accessories for over 15 years. Our flipover whiteboards come in different size, functionality and material options so that we can fulfill all your needs. With such a rich experience already in the industry, we can assure you that our products are proven and tested alongside our ISO certification and CE certification.

Leading Manufacturer of Flipover Whiteboards

It's not everyday that you come across a product that makes you want to showcase its artistic nature as well as its professional ability. That is exactly how our Flipover Whiteboard is. Featuring a unique design and digital notes, this white board will leave no room for doubt when it comes to logo designs and digital signage. We have an innovative manufacturing process that leaves no room for second-bests.

Cost-Effective Manufacturer

Flipover whiteboard is the solution for any people that are looking for a hassle free way to get their message across. Flipover whiteboards provide a unique, dynamic and informative way to share ideas in the classroom, kitchen or boardroom. The versatility of these boards makes them an ideal addition to any office, classroom or home. Given this, we make sure to only use premium materials that ensure durability and robust products.

Why You Should Utilize A Flipover Whiteboard

A must have for any meeting room.

Flipover whiteboards are useful for a number of purposes, and you can see why business owners and students alike are finding them to be extremely useful. Flipover whiteboards are light, portable and can be brought almost anywhere. They can be used by people of all ages, whether they’re in the classroom or out on the playground. Whether you want something to write on, an outline of a presentation or even doodle things like artwork, flipover whiteboards offer great versatility with its ability to transform into different shapes so you can create multiple uses for them.

The backbone of any office or classroom.

Flipover whiteboard is a versatile piece of equipment that can help you create ideas, projects and documents more quickly. You can use it to give presentations, brainstorm ideas and meet with your team members. These boards are great to take notes while working on a project and writing ideas down

Common Flipover Whiteboard Applications

Flipover Whiteboard for Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms
Flipover Whiteboard for Offices
Flipover Whiteboard for Schools

LW: Flipover Whiteboard Expert

Whether working on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper, it’s simply more efficient and effective when there are less pieces of paper on the table or desk.

If you’re looking for a simple, cheap, portable and effective way to keep track of ideas and project progress this is the solution. Flipover whiteboard holds up pretty well under heavy use in an office or kitchen.

Flipover Whiteboards are the essential tool for any whiteboard user. With the ability to be used in multiple ways, they’re a valuable addition to any workplace.

Not only can they write on them with dry erase markers, but they can also be used as a skateboard by just flipping it upside down.

Their ability to easily transport between locations makes them extremely useful in a wide range of settings.

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