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For the past 15 years, the production of the best quality whiteboards has made us a top-notch brand in the industrial sector. So far, our Folding Whiteboard is among the best-selling product for domestic and public purposes. 

Generally, our large-size Folding Whiteboards are preferred by our customers for their large and spacious capacities. We also make small size Foldable Whiteboard upon request.

Additionally, our Minimum Quantity Benefits allow you to buy our products at discounted prices. So, now is a good time to order your customized Foldable Whiteboard from us.



Foldable Whiteboard Products

1.Foldable Interactive Whiteboard.

Foldable Interactive Whiteboard

This Foldable Whiteboard is a gadget of latest technologies and softwares backed by the internet. It can project the image of the computer screen or a writing to a larger image for clear understanding. It is suitable for a large classroom setting.

Foldable Magnetic Whiteboard

This Foldable Whiteboard is for writing on the front and hinge surface so that you have a total of 5 surfaces. The magnets can be folded to conceal a portion of information. It is mounted on walls. The pen tray and other mounting components are included in the package. It is used in small and large classroom settings. 

2.Foldable Magnetic Whiteboard.
Double-sided Foldable Whiteboard.

Double-sided Foldable Whiteboard

The Foldable Whiteboard is mounted on a tabletop. It has a small structure, and it is for portable purpose. The Aluminum frame keeps the whiteboard held in place and maintains its stability. 

Mobile Castor Foldable Whiteboard

This Foldable Whiteboard has a huge surface area. It can be moved to a desired location with the wheels below it. It has a robust structure which helps in a stable design. It can also hide a portion of confidentiality, and display the desired space.

Mobile Castor Foldable Whiteboard.


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LW Foldable Whiteboard- Benefits


Other than hiding a piece of information, our Folding Whiteboards saves the space because of its foldable feature. It has a sleek design upon closure.


The light weight of our Folding Whiteboards make them easy to be carried to other places. The smart design upon closing it is also a plus for carrying it somewhere else.


Some Folding Whiteboards can be moved to other positions by dragging them. They have wheels that serve this purpose. For example, when the packing time of a stall arrives, these can be moved safely.

Vast Surface

Our Foldable Whiteboard have a surface area for conducting presentations and mathematics equation. It is the best for time management. For example, in health care departments, the shifts of doctors and information about the patients can be recorded.


These Foldable Whiteboards double up an area for writing presentation and lots of information. There are 5 sides to utilize; there are three writing surfaces and the hinge surfaces can be used too.

Foldable Whiteboard.

A Premium Foldable Whiteboard Maker

Here are some qualities you may want to see to find if our whiteboards meet your expectations:

  • Lockable wings

Our Foldable Whiteboards have a locking feature which is good for stability and security. So, the confidential informations is kept safe. For example, many institutions have information available for the staff but not for others. 

  • Interactive

Our Folding Whiteboard increases collaboration and engagement on a project in a classroom.  It enhance communication and note-taking. Other than that the screen sharing allows for writing annotations.

  • Low maintenance

Our Foldable Whiteboard is dry erase so you do not have to clean it often. 

  • Prevent Glaring reflection

Our Folding Whiteboard saves each fold from glares. Therefore, the information is clear and visible for the audience.

  • Multiple use

The Folding Whiteboard can be used for various functions at a time. For example, in a class of different groups, each fold can be used for giving a different exam to all the groups.

Numerous Applications of Foldable Whiteboard

Foldable Whiteboard for Schools and Offices.
Schools and offices
Foldable Whiteboard for Noticeboard Material.
Noticeboard material
Foldable Whiteboard for Interaction.
Foldable Whiteboard in Retail stores.
Retail stores
Keeping information
Foldable Whitebaord for Shielding Information.
Shielding information
Foldable Whitebaord for Presentation Boards.
Presentation boards
Foldable Whitebaord at Meetings.

Customized Foldable Whiteboards

Because our Foldable Whiteboard is used in homes, kitchens and offices, we take great care when making our products.

Kids are often involved with them so we make sure they are safe. Therefore, we use sanitized equipments and instruments whn preparing your orders.

Our Foldable Whiteboard comes in 1 to 5 wings that can be folded to save space. Other than that, we make customized orders of fewer folds upon your recommendation.

Your preference of the kind of Folding Whiteboard is our priority. Our R&D department is committed to manufacturing products of customers’ interests. 

Our Foldable Whiteboard can be modeled in different sizes and colors. So, stop by us to find any kind of whiteboard with us.

Now is the time to contact us for your customized Foldable Whiteboard.