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Folded fin heat sink is one kind of the most common and efficient heat sink design.

It provides a wider surface area, greater cooling effectiveness, and lower noise levels than many other heat sink kinds.

In addition to the features listed above, it has extremely low production costs, making it highly cost-effective over time.

Due to their low pressure drop and strong thermal conductivity, folded fins are ideal for removing heat.

In contrast to basic parallel or radial finned devices, folded fins provide a larger surface area for heat transmission.

As a result, heat is transferred from the source to the cooler medium as air travels through the device.

Folded fin heat sinks are more efficient at convection than aluminum extrusion radiators of the same size.

Folded Fin Heat Sink

Folded fin heat sinks have been employed for many years in a wide range of applications due to their exceptional thermal performance and durability.

However, it is becoming more difficult to satisfy the growing demand for faster processors.

In this instance, folded fin heat sinks are seen as a means of improving performance. Increasing the thermal performance of a CPU is one of the most prevalent applications of folded fin heat sinks.

This may be accomplished by expanding the heat sink’s surface area or decreasing the thermal resistance between the heatsink and its cold plate.

In order to cool down electrical devices and appliances, heat sinks with folding fins are necessary.

Aluminum, copper, and other metals with strong thermal conductivity are often used in the production of heat sinks.

Many manufacturers of heat sinks choose to produce them in their unassembled, unfinished condition.

Folded Fin Heat Sink


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Producing high-quality, dependable goods.

Customers choose our firm because we make dependable and high-quality items. Whether you need a heat sink with folding fins to cool your CPU, cooling fans, or other electrical components, the quality of our goods will exceed your expectations. We have been making heat sinks for over 15 years and continue to provide the highest quality products on the market.

One-stop store for heat sinks with folding fins.

All of your folded fin heat sink needs may be met by us. Whether you want a bespoke heat sink with folded fins or high-volume manufacture, we can assist you. With a vast array of goods and services in this industry, we are able to provide items of the highest quality at an accessible price.

Leading-edge manufacturing technique for folded fins

We are committed to your success by delivering the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions in the industry for folded fin heat sinks. Our knowledge enables us to tailor-make goods to match your specific requirements. Folded fin heat sinks are available for situations where normal designs are inadequate.

Exceptionally crafted items.

Our folded fin heat sinks are designed to keep your product running cooler for longer. We use a patented method to maximize the surface area of every fin. This leads to superior thermal performance, superior internal structures, and a more durable final product. With our experience and commitment, you can be confident that your goods will operate at optimum efficiency for many years.

Folded Fin Heat Sink

Why You Should Employ a Folded Fin Heat Sink

Meets Your Precise Heat Dissipation Requirements

Consider the advantages of a Folded Fin Heat Sink to fulfill your precise heat dissipation requirements. The self-contained device permits simple installation and speedy replacement. Your folded heat sink will be the perfect solution and addition to your next project that requires precise heat dissipation requirements. 

Reduced Weight For All Applications

Folded Fin Heat Sinks (FFHS) have a high heat transfer coefficient to manufacture. FFHS are more compact than heat sinks with fins, allowing for a decrease in the size and weight of a cooling system or any application that requires the usage of a folded fin heat sink. Furthermore, the enhanced heat transfer coefficient improves their performance at low temperatures.

Common Folded Fin Heat Sink Applications

Folded Fin Heat Sink for Circuitry
Folded Fin Heat Sink for Computer
Folded Fin Heat Sink for Electronics

LW: Folded Fin Heat Sink Experts

A folded fin heat sink, or FFHS for short, transfers heat from a heat source to an air-moving surface by convection or radiation.

As the fin heats up, hot air will rise and exhaust out of the fins thus creating a kind of natural fan blowing on that surface.

This action provides passive cooling for electronics such as computer processors, microcontrollers and hard drives driven by motors.

You won’t regret using a folded heat sink for every electronic application that you use because of how efficient, reliable, and cost-effective it is in making each and every project worth it!

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