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Whiteboard is a key to learning, writing, creating, and producing used for every instance, from giving brainstorming ideas to your student to sharing every little detail of your office project, it plays a necessary part in our lives.

The whiteboard comes in different sizes and styles, and some are customized according to the place.

The whiteboard is made from different materials coated with an anti-bacterial coating that protects them from germs and makes it long-lasting even in extreme weather conditions.

LW manufacturer manufactures all kinds of whiteboards made from different materials with a strong coating with long-lasting life capacity and high reliability and strength.

Our extra-large whiteboard whiteboard has a competitive demand in the market because it is a perfect tool for collaborating ideas, gathering brainstorming ideas in a meeting, and many more.

Classification of Giant Whiteboard

1. 4x8 giant whiteboard aluminum frame

4X8 giant whiteboard aluminum frame

The 4×8 giant whiteboard is made from aluminum metal with a porcelain surface that makes it durable and scratch resistant. Their surface is smooth and easy to clean, you can easily write, swipe or rewrite whatever
you want.

6x4 magnetic giant whiteboard

The 6×4 magnetic giant whiteboard comes with an alloy frame. The frameless glass whiteboard frame is very large, which makes it suitable for meetings and presentations. The glass surface is resistant to dents and scratches. There is magnetic steel magnetic allows you to hang notes on them and is easy to install and clean.
36×24 magnetic

6x4 magnetic giant whiteboard
36x24 giant whiteboard aluminum frame

Giant whiteboard aluminum frame

The 36×24 magnetic whiteboard is made from alloy steel with a silver or white color. The surface is smooth and shiny. It is used for decoration purposes, installation is easy and it includes mounting accessories horizontal or vertical.

74x42 white surface frameless giant whiteboard

The 74×42 whiteboard has a frameless invisible mounting that allows you to create a floating uninterrupted surface. The non-absorbent glass has a shiny smooth surface and access to easy writing and cleaning.

4. 74x42 giant whiteboard


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Benefits of a Giant Whiteboard

Limitless Space

A whiteboard provides you with a space for brainstorming ideas, sharing your opinion, and increasing the productivity of work, whether it is related to your school assignment or your work-related project.

A Reliable Remainder

The whiteboard also works as an honest and reliable remainder, you can easily note down all the necessary information and dates on your giant whiteboard that works as a remainder.

Enhanced Engagement

The giant whiteboard is also the cause of high engagement and productivity in the work rate. It helps people to come closer to share their ideas and brings better productivity to work.

Time Management

It also assists us in better managing our time and work. It provides flexibility by managing short school projects or activities related to paperwork in a short period.

Enriched learning skills

The huge whiteboard also helps children to increase their motor skills by giving them a widened space to create, draw and write they provide access to them to enhance their creativity and learning skills.

Increase Work Efficiency

The extra-large whiteboard also helps to increase the productivity of work and enhance creativity in a working environment, making your workplace look more organized and productive.

Giant whiteboard

The Big Interactive Giant Whiteboard

Lifetime guarantee
The LW manufacturer builds all types and sizes of extra-large whiteboards made from high-quality materials that have a perfect coating of enamel porcelain that provides it with an unbeatable smooth and shiny writing surface.

Easy to assemble
Our whiteboard has a strong back structure with adjustable height and durable frames. They are easy to assemble and install, have a high-life expectancy, and require little maintenance.

Customized whiteboard
You can also get the customized giant whiteboard or you can print them from our designers or editor according to the required theme.

Applications of a Giant Whiteboard

giant whiteboard in offices
Giant whiteboard in conference room
Conference room
giant whiteboard at institute

LW Manufacturer- Your ultimate solution

A giant whiteboard serves multifunctional purposes by providing a widened space area the extra-large whiteboard has the solution to your every paperwork-related problem.

The highly innovative huge whiteboard is suitable for office meetings, making presentations, and assigning a task to an employee from every little to large important detail you can mention on the whiteboard.

Our giant whiteboards are now designed using highly innovative techniques with smart features having necessary accessories with unique and attractive designs to meet today’s technology demands.

The giant whiteboard has different kinds and sizes with a generally flat canvas meant for writing display used vertically with a canvas painted white.

For orders or any queries, do contact us as we are always there to assist our valuable customers.