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The plenty of years of manufacture of our Glass Whiteboard has made us a standard among the contemporary glass dry erase board manufacturers.

Therefore, expectations of a perfect Glass Whiteboard are a must by our customers. That is why we ensure that we manufacture the glass dry erase board of your choice. 

Our Minimum Quantity Benefit is for buying our glass dry erase board at lower costs and guarantee. 

The glass writing board is usually utilized indoors and outdoors so, we prepare a suitable glass markerboard for use at home, offices, playgrounds, and schools.

So, order your customized glass board now.

Glass Whiteboard Products

1.Magnetic Glass Whiteboard.

Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

This Glass Whiteboard can be used for presentations and jotting points. It can also be used for attaching announcements. It gives a professional look to the room or office.

Calendar Glass Whiteboard

With large daily planning boxes on this glass writing board, anything written on it can be seen from a far distance. It is for keeping organized and setting goals. It is a monthly calendar for writing your appointments and for tracking birthdays.

2.Calender Glass Whiteboard.
Glass Mobile Rolling Whiteboard.

Glass Mobile Rolling Whiteboard

This Glass Whiteboard fits in any place with a slim structure. It is moveable and strong. However, the locking system in the glass dry erase board keeps the whiteboard secure in one place when you need. It is a super convenient type as it allows more space for explaining presentations.


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LW Glass Whiteboard-Advantages

Stain resistant

The writing on the glass board is easily erasable without stains on it. So, you can be sure that erasing do not cause ghosting effects on our boards.

Clear crystal

The Glass Whiteboard is in contrast with the writing on it. The writing is clear and easily-read on the clean surface of our glass boards.

Minimalist look

The mounting pieces of the glass writing board are all assembled in the back to create a fresh space and to give a beautiful accent to the room it is installed in.

Magnetic back

The Glass Whiteboard has a strong magnetic attraction so, it can be used for attaching papers, markers, and notices on it.


The glass white board can not only be utilized for writing purposes but also for attaching important notices and announcements in a classroom setting. It can used for multi-purposes.

An Upgraded Glass Whiteboard Maker

Some specifications of our glass boards are as follows:

  • Modern

The frosted surface of the Glass Whiteboard is suitable for use in commercial offices, advertisement offices, and home offices. With frameless structure and mounting parts hidden, it gives a neat and clean look.

  • Clean Erasing and writing

The glass board is stain resistant to writing. The eraser cleans crystal clear, with its markers providing high contrast and easy understanding of the text.

  • Reusable

The Glass Whiteboard can be used for several functions. From writing notes to solving equations and writing weekly plans, the glass board is suitable for use.

  • Unique style

This glass markerboard has a professional look with a clean finish and clear reflection with contrast of the best color markers.

  • Safety glass

The tempered surfaces of the Glass Whiteboard are long lasting. They are finished and are safe to work around without getting hurt.

Several Applications of Glass Whiteboard

Solving Numerical
Glass White Board for Commercial and Domestic use.
Commercial and Domestic use.
Glass Whiteboard in Architecture.
Glass Whiteboard for Hospital.
Glass Whiteboard in Classroom
Graphic Design
Glass Whiteboard for Art.

Customized Glass Whiteboards

We serve our customers to the best of our abilities by providing them with customized Glass Whiteboards that are prepared in a disinfected environment.

Our frosted glass whiteboards are popular for their clean surface and neat presentation.

Therefore, the glass board we make is something you will not regret investing in. There are different colors and sizes available for you.

However, the most popular Glass Whiteboard is the largest size. Most of the customers buy it in two sets to make a large writing space for their homes, offices, and architectural sites.

We grant an after-sale service to our customers so that they may use the glass board with a clear understanding of how to use it. Our professionals are present full-time for this purpose.

We make your priority our top concern when making your Glass Whiteboard as per our R&D department instructions. 

Other than  the glass dry erase board, we sell other products of daily use that you may need for your daily commutes.

So, do not forget to touch base with us to order your customized glass board in time.