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The grid whiteboard allows you to draw right on the wall. With a grid, you can create a drawing of any size and scale, connect the marks with lines, arrows and pictograms.

You can use this whiteboard with grid lines as a large dry erase board or to write on with markers and highlighters. Grid whiteboards are great because they offer a lot of versatility and help create a clean-looking space.

Plus, whiteboard with grid lines give people who work in an office with shared walls the ability to stay on top of important tasks that require constant communication without frustrating everyone else on their team.

Grid Whiteboard

The grid whiteboard is a highly modern and versatile board system that can be used in any setting.

Grid whiteboards enable you to perform fast and accurate drawings with a maximum of 10 pens, markers or other drawing tools that are attached to it.

Due to the modular design of the whiteboard with grid lines, it allows creation of virtually any kind of grid-based drawing element on your grid surface.

Grid whiteboard’s bright color schemes make it easy to understand what has been drawn.

Using whiteboard with grid lines can help improve your productivity, as well as increase employee satisfaction during brainstorming sessions and meetings

Grid Whiteboard


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LW: Grid Whiteboard Expert

We Produce Quality Goods

What makes our whiteboard with grid lines stand out from the rest? As more and more companies are relying on creative collaboration between the various members of their teams, the need for a quality tool has never been higher. We’ve made it our mission to serve as your hub by providing affordable, easy-to-use surfaces that provide your team with an innovative workspace.

We Manufacture an Array of Products

We, at LW, manufacture an array of products including our popular whiteboard with grid lines, which is one of the most sought-after office supplies. This grid whiteboard is great for brainstorming sessions and creating presentations, but not just for office designs. The grid structure allows you to write in specific ways, thus allowing your creativity to flow freely.

We Go By Your Definition of Cute and Make It Last

Grid whiteboards offer a variety of options, depending on size and style. They are ideal for high-traffic areas like cafeterias, meeting rooms and computer labs. The grid provides a clean and professional look to your facility, making it a great option for any facility looking to increase efficiency and productivity. They can be configured in rows or diagonally so that they easily fill entire walls when needed.

We Are Committed To Manufacturing The Best Aluminum Products

High-quality, lightweight, and long-lasting materials go into making our Grid Whiteboard. Teamwork between the two sections of a whiteboard's design is what makes it perfect. We make sure to commit to our goal which is to manufacture the best aluminum products in the market and that includes our grid whiteboard.

Why You Should Employ A Grid Whiteboard

Best of Both Worlds

You can have the finest whiteboard in the world,with a grid-style whiteboard, you can get the best of both worlds—an excellent surface for quick work, yet with plenty of space to write down more detailed information. It is important to consider what works for you as an individual when buying a grid whiteboard. It must be sturdy enough for daily use and also large enough for you to update it as your needs change over time.

Flexible, Functional, and Easy To Use

If you want to make a great impression, one thing that you should do is to have a whiteboard. The Grid Whiteboard is a new way to teach and learn. With flexibility, functionality and ease of use, the Grid Whiteboard makes it easy to get your needed business documentation while also meeting your individual needs and requirements.

Common Grid Whiteboard Applications

Grid Whiteboard for University
Grid Whiteboard for Bedrooms
Grid Whiteboard for Offices

LW: Grid Whiteboard Expert

A grid whiteboard is a great tool for brainstorming, organizing information and just generally making sense of your thoughts.

Grid whiteboards are manufactured with precision to meet your exact needs.

The grid enables you to write on multiple lines without the need for backspaces, erasing or pen breaks.

A grid whiteboard, or simply a whiteboard, is an extension of a traditional, fixed-use whiteboard.

It can be used as a wall-mounted or freestanding whiteboard with different size solutions, 1/4″ – 8″ notes inches available.

The main benefit of having a grid whiteboard is that it allows you to draw in the exact portion of the board in one instance and then reuse that space for other tasks.

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