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LW: Handheld Whiteboard Expert

Handheld whiteboards are extremely popular today because they allow you to take your presentation anywhere you go.

They can be used in almost any situation, including during important presentations and face-to-face meetings, or even when you travel to visit clients or potential new clients.

Handheld whiteboards can be a useful tool for the busy business owner.

There are a variety of handheld whiteboards available in the market, so you may want to make sure you’re getting an item that will provide the best value for your money.

Handheld whiteboards are also ideal for meetings where there might be multiple people in attendance.

Our handheld whiteboard is a great investment to get in your business and help improve your presentations and meetings.

The Handheld Whiteboard is the perfect piece of whiteboard furniture for any business. It features a durable 11mm thick surface that won’t fade, crack or peel like conventional paper.

Handheld whiteboards are a versatile tool that can be easily moved and transported, making them ideal for meetings, brainstorming sessions and other activities.

Handheld Whiteboard

Whether you are a student in, or simply looking to capture ideas on the blackboard, handheld whiteboards come in handy when brainstorming or taking notes.

With their ultra-portable and lightweight design, you can take them anywhere you go. These handheld whiteboards take up a small footprint and can be folded up easily for storage.

Handheld white boards can help in various ways for business, such as presenting experience reports, educational presentations and brainstorming sessions.

In addition to these purposes, handheld whiteboards are also used by teachers to communicate with students during lectures and conferences, while they write on the whiteboard.

Whatever you plan to use your handheld whiteboard for, it’s very important that it’s easy to use!


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LW: Handheld Whiteboard Specialist

We offer a complete range of Handheld Whiteboards for all needs.

We offer a complete range of Handheld Whiteboards that can be tailored to your specific needs. We have the most highly decorated industry experience from around the world, so you can trust that we'll design and build you the Handheld Whiteboard that you are looking for - efficiently and at affordable prices.

The best manufacturing processes

With the Handheld Whiteboard, you can create more opportunities for your team to collaborate. With our durable and lightweight design that is easy to move around, you can use it in a variety of locations. You won’t have to worry about the integral build of your handheld whiteboard from us because we ensure nothing but the best manufacturing processes.

We manufacture our whiteboards to pristine perfection.

As technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, the need for a reliable whiteboard has never been higher. With our pristine handheld whiteboards, your team can stay organized and on task with a light-weight, easy to use tool that allows you to mark up documents anytime, anywhere.

Our products are beginner friendly.

We understand that businesses need a product that is durable, easy to transport and is backed by a great warranty. Our handheld whiteboard gives you the opportunity to draw on your laptop, while also being able to write and interact with others from anywhere. Anyone can use it, even if they have no prior experience in using a whiteboard. It is a simple device to operate despite its potential portability and power.

Handheld Whiteboard

Why You Should Utilize A Handheld Whiteboard

Fantastic addition to any workplace.

A handheld whiteboard is a fantastic addition to any workspace. This device adds another work surface, while providing easy access to all necessary information. The large surface area allows easy viewing and writing of text as well as drawing pictures.

A more collaborative experience.

Handheld whiteboards offer the ability to create a more collaborative experience by displaying ideas on the fly in real-time, without the need for printing and retyping. The interactive nature of these boards enables you to have a quick reaction to the latest idea or stimulus, so you can make sure your new direction is correct before moving forward. Handhelds also enable you and your team to be efficient with flipping pages, or even changing bases when needed. With different eras of use, your handheld whiteboard can easily fit within any workflow ranging from traditional educational environments to modern offices.

Common Handheld Whiteboard Applications

Handheld Whiteboard for Note Taking
Note Taking
Handheld Whiteboard for School
Handheld Whiteboard for Offices

LW: Handheld Whiteboard Expert

Whether you’re using it at home or at work, this handheld chalkboard will assist you in recording notes, progress and ideas during your educational pursuits!

Handheld whiteboards are perfect for brainstorming sessions and for impromptu meetings.

They can also be used in classrooms and other educational environments to allow students to take notes and draw on the board, display information, or simply communicate with others.

While they can be used on desktops and even laptops, they’re most at home when placed on a table or desktop.

With a handheld whiteboard, you can create amazing sketches and drawings that are far more engaging.

Easy to set up and store, it creates a place for business team members to brainstorm and discuss ideas.

The ergonomic design tilts easily so users can comfortably write or draw on a large sheet of paper or plastic. Users can even use our erasable marker pen to create permanent notes.