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LW Premium Quality Hanging Whiteboard

LW is an ISO-certified company in China that is ranked among the top leading companies all over the world. We have been dealing with the manufacturing of high-quality hanging whiteboards for over 15 years.

We use premium quality materials in the production of our products. The aluminum frame around the hanging whiteboard gives immense stability to it.

At LW, you could have a great choice of hanging whiteboards. We have a wide range of hanging whiteboards that comes in different sizes and designs.

They are produced in large quantities because of their diverse range of applications. These are lightweight and highly durable. LW is the best choice if you are looking for premium quality products.

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LW Hanging Whiteboard Product Classification

Glass hanging whiteboard

Glass hanging whiteboard

It is the best choice if you are looking for a hanging dry erase board. It has tempered glass with an aluminum frame. It is highly durable and resistant to scratches and ghostly ink streaks. It gives stylish look to the space and is widely being in offices etc.

Porcelain hanging whiteboard

It is considered the second-best choice for hanging whiteboards. It has a smooth and non-porous porcelain surface which prevents the ink from penetrating the surface of the board. It is the most commonly used form of hanging whiteboard.

2- porcelain hanging whiteboard
3- Melamine hanging whiteboard

Melamine hanging whiteboard

It is a light-duty hanging dry erase board and suitable for personal or occasional use. Usually, use for study rooms and general purposes. These are lightweight and the most affordable form.


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LW Hanging Whiteboard Benefits

Wholesale store

At LW, you could enjoy all the services under one roof. staff s. It will save your efforts and time.

Quality products

LW only sells high-quality products. The quality of our products meets our company standards. You wouldn’t regret the quality of our products.

Economical rates

Our interest is having the best quality product at a competitive price as compared to the other dealers in the market.

Custom made service

LW provides exceptional customization service. You could customize any product in your desired sizes and designs on order.

Lightweight and durable

Our hanging whiteboard and other products are lightweight and highly durable. Moreover, the aluminum we used for manufacturing the products possesses a high corrosion resistance capacity.

Customer-friendly service

At LW, you can have access to 24/7 hours of customer-friendly service. We are always willing to help our customers and provide complete satisfaction.

LW, Hanging Whiteboard Manufacturer Expert

LW is known for its wide collection of aluminum-based products and exceptional services. 

  • Variety of the products

LW offers a wide range of options to choose from. Every product is manufactured in a  variety of sizes and designs. The color range of the hanging dry erase board includes brilliance white, standard white, and several limited edition colors. There is a diversity of size ranges available at LW. From 4×6 feet to 30×30 cm sizes are available. Moreover, it comes in rectangular and square shapes. 

  • Quality Assurance

LW has separate departments to perform a special tasks. From quality assurance to the shipping of the products, every process is conducted under highly experienced management. We offer guaranteed quality as it is our top priority and the factor of our worldwide success.

Applications of Hanging Whiteboard

Hanging whiteboard for calendar
Conference rooms
Hanging whiteboard for schedules
Hanging whiteboard for notice
Hanging whiteboard for educational departments
Educational departments
Study room

A well-known Brand For Hanging Whiteboard

Our hanging dry erase board has a porcelain coating and premium quality aluminum framing that add stability to it.

These have wide applications that increase their demand in the market. Our hanging whiteboards are counted among our top-selling products.

Our R&D department helps our customers to get the products in their desired form. The economical rates and quality of our products make customers prefer us in the whole market.

These are widely used in classrooms, educational departments, and so on.

LW has earned regular customers by always providing them with the only premium quality hanging whiteboard and other aluminum-based products.

We offer guaranteed products and a return policy if our customer finds any flaw regarding the product. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our premium quality hanging dry erase board has high corrosion-resistant and offers an incredibly smooth writing surface.

It is highly scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain due to its non-porous surface. The first purchase will excite you to make our regular customer.

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