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In terms of strength-to-weight ratio, hexagonal aluminum tubes may be employed in several applications.

It provides great performance and value at a lower cost than other structural metals, from the smallest structural components to the biggest beams.

It is advantageous in locations where weight or strength are critical, such as transportation, to use hexagonal aluminum tubing.

Aluminum hexagonal tubing is both dependable and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for many applications. Table legs and door frames are only two of the many ways this product may be put to use.

Because hexagonal aluminum tubing is simpler to cut than round or rectangular aluminum tubing, installation costs are lower when hexagonal aluminum tubing is used instead.

Hexagonal tubing prevents heat from spreading and distributes weight more evenly in locations where it is being installed.

Hexagon Aluminum Tube

Hexagon aluminum tube offers several advantages over traditional round aluminum tubing for the construction of frames, furniture and other building structures. 

Hexagonal aluminum tube is an innovative design that’s being used in more and more products—from bikes, to furniture, to cars. 

It’s a lightweight material that is easy to manufacture, can be twisted into different shapes, and is extremely strong.

It has excellent corrosion resistance and high malleability, making it great for undercarriage components. It also has low friction so it doesn’t generate additional heat when rubbing against other hexagonal tubes. 

This means that for the same amount of force, you will get a greater acceleration in motion when using hexagonal tubes instead of round ones.


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LW: Hexagon Aluminum Tube Specialists

Top-tier aluminum manufacturer.

Whether you’re looking for a hexagon aluminum tube manufacturer or distributor, remember that the tube should be high-quality and of the best grade. You can find many similar products in the market, but when it comes to the type of material used and how precise the product is measured and manufactured, we are the best option.

Nothing is impossible with us.

As a premier hexagon aluminum tube manufacturer and supplier, we at LW provide a broad range of hexagon aluminum tubes including round, square & rectangular tubes, pipe and seamless tubes along with custom-made according to client's requests. Our products can be used for the purpose of welding, construction and transportation industry.

Latest manufacturing techniques and technology.

We are a top-tier manufacturer of hexagon aluminum tubes in China and we are specialized in the production of this kind of products, offering a wide range of sizes and specifications to our customers. We use the latest processing techniques to ensure that each tube meets the highest quality standard. If you want to find more details of the hexagon aluminum tube, please contact us.

Surface-finished with precision and high-quality.

A tube is a hollow cylinder. Hexagon aluminum tube is a particular type of tubing that includes closed ends perpendicular to the plane of the tube and parallel sides at other ends. The hexagonal shape makes it easy to form cold extrusion blanks, which are then cut into shaped pieces for different applications.

Why You Should Be Using Hexagon Aluminum Tube

Easy to bend and form

The Hexagonal aluminum tube is a very strong material, yet easy to bend and form. It is used in a wide variety of applications from automobiles to home-decor. It has high corrosion resistance and can be polished to be used as jewelry or art pieces. Hexagon aluminum tube is used in high-pressure water systems, aircraft designs (fuselage), and the storage tank industry due to its heightened strength ratio.

Performance and durability.

Hexagon aluminum tube is widely used in construction and machine industry, such as scaffolding, fence, balcony railing and other building decoration material. Due to its excellent performance of light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and long service life, this product has been preferred by many customers all over the world

Common Hexagon Aluminum Tube Applications

Hexagon Aluminum Tube
Machine Guards
Hexagon Aluminum Tube for Industrial Fences
Industrial Fencing
Hexagon Aluminum Tube for General Construction
General Construction Applications
Hexagon Aluminum Tube for Vehicles
Hexagon Aluminum Tube for Aircraft
Aircraft Designs
Hexagon Aluminum Tube for High-Pressure Systems
High-Pressure Water Systems

LW: Why We Are Hexagon Aluminum Tube Manufacturing Experts

Hexagon tube has an innovative shape, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for industrial fencing, machine guards and general construction applications.

Hexagon tube is one of the most versatile tools in the construction industry.

It can be used for everything from scaffolding to structural support, making it an incredibly valuable resource for any project.

We have the capacity to produce over 5000 tons hexagon aluminium tubes per month to meet different market demands.

We use the most advanced manufacturing technology to ensure that our Hexagon Aluminum Tube products will be surface-finished with precision and high quality.

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